Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Already!?

I can't believe it is already 2012..well 13 hours I mean. Where did 2011 even go!? I feel like these last few months has just flown by. I am not exactly sure how I feel about my 2011. It's hard to think that far back and remember exactly what you did. So I'll try....

My friends and I did start having a girls night every other week...and then it stopped with the holidays :/  I really enjoyed them because I feel like our "others" have a night every week that they set aside and get together to bullshit, how they do it every week I have NO idea. But why shouldn't we get together and strengthen our friendships? I hope we start it up again, but sadly I think even 2 times a month is too much sometimes! I guess that is how you know when you're getting old. God, even as I write that I cringe. How is 2 times a month during the week too much for friends? I take that back. Maybe its just because we do it during the week? I dunno....I'll post in the group later ladies :) (Positive)

We went to Arizona with some great friends. I had so much fun and I realized that I really do like to travel. The hope is to go somewhere once a year. That's the hope. Here's to crossing fingers that it happens. One valuable lesson learned on this trip? Don't vacation when all the girls on the trip are PMSin...just saying ;) (Positive)

My sister moved to a rock. A dangerous rock....with a amazing view. She needs to move home. Now. enough said. (Negative.)

So many of my friends and family have had babies!!!!!! Or should be having them (ahem Staci!). I have finally gotten over my fear of floppy baby head syndrome and can hold newborns. Score for me. (Positive)

I found out that we are nowhere near closer to being able to have a baby of our own than we were 7 months ago. Thank you very fucking much insurance. So that won't be in our cards for 2012. Still an open wound on that one. I just have to believe that Fate decided that we have too much to do before we have babies. That is the only logical explanation in my head for the insane crap our insurance has pulled on us. Stupid Fate. (KIDDING FATE!!! Don't Karma me on that one.....I hope you aren't reading this. Shit.) (So anyways....huge negative on that one.)

We found out that having two dogs is a horrible horrible idea. God that was a horrible depressing 3 months of my life. Warren. I shudder to even type that name. he was clearly the Devil's dog at one point. I shouldn't say that because he had a really hard life, which was evident by his limp, his attitude to strange men (barking and snarling), his intentional not peeing on our 45 minute walks and then going on the carpet as soon as I jumped in the shower, and him almost biting the face off of a lady we gave him to. Sigh. Not to mention how Bernie changed when he was here. My cuddle bug of a dog, who jumps in bed with us at 4am (which is funny when I read my friend Leslie's blog and she talked about kids doing that...who needs kids?! We have a giant dog to do it!) was coming no where near us. I hated how he changed and we learned that this is for sure a 1 dog household. (so another negative...unless you count that we bought a spot cleaner to clean up Warren's pee. Best investment ever.)

I found Pinterest, and have opened a whole new window of my creative brain. I love it. I now have a craft room, a Cricut, and a goal. (I'll talk about that in my post tomorrow:) I have found that I really love to do crafts, and organize things. I guess I already knew that, but Pinterest has helped me embrace it.....and cooking. SO many good recipes on that site. Thane likes it too. :)  (Positive)

I gained like 40 pounds. Not literally but sure as shit feels and looks like it. I work in a workout facility for God did that happen!? Well, I know how it happened. I plan to fix it. (huge negative.)

I came to a new realization on how important my family is to me. Thanks to my sister moving to a rock. When she was home for a week or two we spent more family time together than we do in most months. It was great. We got together to just hang out and watch a movie. We never do that. I have seen my nephews more in the past month and a half than I usually do in 6 months. That is ridiculous. Yes, they live 45 minutesish away, but I need to make more time to go see them...and my parents. (Positive)

I should go clean, but I am pretty comfortable on my couch, with Bernie using my stomach as a pillow. (It is pretty comfy now apparently with that extra 40 pounds on it) I just decided I'm going to make 2012 more eventful. Maybe I'll make a list! I love lists. A To-Do list for 2012. I'll blog about it! Bah! Ok. yup. Doing it. Jan 2. That is what I will do. I have to clean my house today...and make a cake for tonight. I don't even want to go back and tally the things I wrote about and see if there were more positive or negative things, because it doesn't matter. I'm sure I forgot a lot of positive things,  because that is how I roll. The important thing is is that I have Thane, Bernie and my family and friends...and this year I got to spend more time with them. I plan to spend even more time with them in 2012. 

So here's to making 2012 the best year yet!! Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for reading to the end. ;)


Friday, December 9, 2011

16 Days of Christmas: Home for the Holidays

It is so crazy to come home to SG now. Things haven't changed. At all. A few new stores have come and gone..but in general everything is the same. I really cant imagine living here anymore. I love having Walgreens 3 minutes away...and I love my life in MH. It feels like that town is more my home now, but to be honest, nothing will even be like my parents house.

I love coming to their house. It is so framiliar. They keep saying they want to move, and I hate it. I can't imagine having Christmas in some strange house...with some strange living room. Ick. I love it here. I told my hubs tonight that I wouldn't want them to move because I feel like this is the "central hub" for all my high school friends. SG is where we have bridal showers and baby showers...I like being able to come home to see my friends and then go home to my parents.

Am I rambleling? I just had some 151 proof rum. Jennifer smuggeled it home in her life vest and one in her cowboy boot. It was awesome.

In short: Christmas at my parents is the best. My mom over does it on the decorations and I loooove it. Just wait til I get a house guys....I'll be the same way. Will I have 30 trees? No f'in way. 15? Maybe.

Peace out...

18 and 17 Days of Christmas: Christmas Programs.

So I know I know....I didn't blog on these days. I have a great excuse though! Wednesday my sister came home from St Thomas! So I went to the airport with my family to get her :) Then we went out for drinks....and I stayed at my other sister's I had zero time to blog. 

Last night.....God I was exhausted. I was literally so tired my head hurt and I wanted to cry. Fml. I packed to come home and wrapped presents and went to bed as soon as I could. This week has been super long at work and I guess it caught up to me.

So anyways....I will do TWO blogs today to make up for it :) 

Today's topic: Christmas programs. I had mine at work on Thursday. The Blue Stars rocked the stage. I have 5 kids in my 3 yr old half day preschool. Ok, so an half an hour before the show I get a call and find that one of them has a really high fever. 10 minutes later....a call that another one is throwing up every where. Awesome. I'm down to 3. So...I take them to get ready and one of them has a meltdown like it is the end of 2012 and she is Mayan. So ok..she doesn't go on stage. Down to 2 kids. On stage one kid refused to sing and the other did her whisper voice instead of singing. 

Sounds horrible right? No...I loved it. I was SO proud of the two that were on the stage that I think I had the biggest smile ever on my face. As I am sitting on the ground trying to get L to sing loud and stop hit me. I am going to be THAT parent. I am going to be that mom that goes to her kid's Christmas program in the ugly sweater that I fail to see how it is ugly with reindeer antlers and blinking lights on. I might even spice it up and wear a Santa hat with a jingle bell on the end so I can bob my head to the music and contribute to the song.

Yes my friends...I will be that parent, and I'm jacked up about it. 

That is all for now. My family just got here :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

19 Days of Christmas: Christmas Lights...

are on my top 10 list of favorite things at Christmas time. If they are done right. If you literally do one bush and that is it...whats the point? I will be the first to admit....our lights suck this year. I am used to icicle lights and last year I took them down and threw them in a clump. DUMB idea. I didn't even try to get untangle them.

So new idea....I wanted old fashioned lights. Mom found out and gladly passed on the lights from their house. Perfect!! Now I don't have to spend $11 a box and still have the same aweosome effect. No. Wrong. She gave us 13ish strands of lights and on many of them there were at least 5 lights either straight up broken or burnt out. One stand, the filament burst and started to smoke while I held it. No deal breaker though..I was pushing through. Deal breaker? When I plugged in an entire strand and a HUGE spark came out of the outlet. Deal breaker! My fire phobia kicked in high gear and I called the Bread Winner, the guy who brings home the bacon, and asked him if I could get new lights so our house wouldn't burn down. He said.....sure. :) 

Then my adventure began. I threw on some boots to add to my beautiful old sweatpants and huge sweatshirt look. I threw on a stocking hat because my hair was a hot mess and set out to the MH to find some lights. Mission Impossible. For real. World of Variety-Zero. Walgreens-As if. Co-op-not the right ones. Ugg...Target trip on Purple Saturday (ya know..the day after Black Friday?) shit..sounds good. So I had to go to Target looking like a piece of white trash the day after a bender...luckily Erika came with me..and bought me a Starbucks. So even though people saw me and thought "oh..she must be homeless." they then saw my Starbucks and were like.."ohhhhh she can afford $5 a coffee...she is just lazy." Perfect.

So anyways. We now have LED lights that just go above our garage, and along our sidewalk like...and around a GIGANTIC tree. Thane's question about the tree was..."didn't we already put lights in that?" Why yes we did babe...2 years ago, and they are still there. You find them! So lights added. The tree looks great, but I feel the house is missing something. If I had a ladder and wasn't scared of falling off of it onto the concert, I would go along our roof line. But I don't, and I am. So forget it. 

Luckily, our neighbor does this nice little candle thing around his dumb little garden, and has one of those spiral tree things I really want. When you come up to our house the way I come home from looks like it is in our yard and it looks great with the house. So..I'll just claim that.

In short, if you want to see amazing lights drive on 151 towards Dodgeville and right after the first MH sign look to your left. The blue trees, you can't miss them. SO amazing. This guys does more every year. If you haven't seen them.....go check them out. Worth the drive. 

I need sleep. Tomorrow is going to suck. 


Monday, December 5, 2011

20 Days of Christmas: Cookie Making...

sucks. We all had a really good idea! "Let's have a girl's night and make cookies! It is an activity that sucks when you do it by yourself so it should be way more fun as a group!" Lies. It still sucks. Or at least after the first hour it does. By time you get to batch four and cookie number 210 everyone is pretty much cashed out. On cookie 1, you take your time decorating it..making it pretty. By cookie 20 you are dipping it in the cookie 178 you are taking a spoon full of frosting, slapping it on the cookie, splashing some sprinkles and "Screw it."

I will say. I had a good time. Hard to believe by how I just bitched, but I did. I love my friends. They are fantastic people  2 of them are literally about to pop her baby out! I can't wait :) This will not help the baby fever that seems to be setting in again. Sigh. Anyways, making 4 huge batches of cookies and chocolate covered pretzels would have really sucked monkey butt without them. 

So as short as this blog may be. I am done. I'm tired. I emailed pictures to myself to add..buuuut they aren't delivered yet. They must have taken the pony express way not the world wide web way. Shit. So 20 days til Christmas....and I made cookies. Sweet life. <3. 

ohh last check....

Sunday, December 4, 2011

21 Days of Christmas!!!

21 Days of Christmas....21 Days of Christmas!!!!! (You have to sing that in tune to the ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas song....just an FYI.)

You may be thinking, "But Pam...newsflash...There are 25 days in December before Christmas." Why yes smartass...I know. But I was too lazy to start blogging about this on the 1st, so you get 21 days. Soooo sorry.

I want to make this Christmas different. How? I have no idea. A friend of mine posted that she is doing the 25 days of Christmas with her kids...which is cool. I don't have kids though..soooo that doesn't work. I could do it with Thane..but we are both exhausted all the time, or he is working..soo I'll do it on my own! So. From now until Christmas I plan to do something that is Christmas related everyday, take a picture of it..and blog about it! (I want to get in the habit of blogging again so this may help :)

So Day One: I did this last night, but I'm counting it for today because I think it rocks. I made decorations for my house. I have been finding a buttload of ideas on Pinterest, if you're not on Pinterest you need to be, and I decided that now is the time to start making them. I made time yesterday to do so, because I have decided that if I want to do something fun for myself I do have time..I just have to make time. So instead of cleaning the entire house yesterday, I cleaned part of it and finshed my Chirstmas cards and did some decorations.

So. Usually when we get Christmas cards I tape them to a wall in our living room. Problem: I use scotch tape and our walls are textured so the cards fall down. Aaaannnoying!!!! SO this year I was creeping around on Pinterest and I found this. (Her blog is awesome too by the way...I spent almost an hour reading it the other day.) So anyways....I like the sign at the top, but I wanted to put my on each side of our Christmas tree so I did this...

"Wow Pam!! How'd you do that?! It is so amazing!!!" Aww you guys.....well it was easy. I went to World of Variety and bought some red Christmas ribbon, with stars on it, for $1.49 and clothes pins, which were a HUGE rip off....$5 for 50 clothes pins!? P-A-Lease! Ugg. Anyways...I painted 20 clothespins green and then made red dots on them with a Q-Tip and voila! I did paint 2 pins red with green dots to put on the bottom to make the ribbon lay straight.

On to craft 2. I found this all over Pinterest and couldn't wait to do it. The day after Thanksgiving I bought 10 plastic ornaments from Target and got to work. I went to Michaels to get a few different colored ribbons to match the ornaments and went to town. Super easy as well. You just stick one part of the ribbon through the ornament hook, which actually easier said then done if the ornament hole is tiny. Anyways...pull through and hot glue together! Then you have to ask your husband to hold the extra ornaments while you hang them up. The challenge here is to make sure that he doesn't mix up the ribbon color order while holding them. Easier said than done. This was the hardest part :) So here is my version...

So I love this one because all I had up here last year were the snowflakes, and I didn't feel like it was enough. HA! Fixed!!

Hope you liked my crafts :) I do!! Today's craft: Make a Christmas Tree card...that I will never use because we do picture cards for our Christmas cards...but whatever. Maybe I'll get a head start and I can sell them next year ;)

Happy 21 days til Christmas!!!!

Peace Out-

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Can't Believe My Weekend!

I got SO much done. Maybe not a ton, but I finally got our garage clean!!!! That is a HUGE accomplishment. It hasn't been clean since they started to build this house. That was at least 5 years ago. It was so gross. I think I almost filled an entire garbage bag with dirt. I know it is stupid, but I am excited to get it organized now. I need to go to Menards on Wednesday to get utility carts. Is it horrible that I am jacked up for it? Yes I know...I'm officially old. 

I have big plans for 2 other, no 3 other, projects in our house. I thought of them this week as I was trying to clean the shit out of this place. I decided we are getting rid of the desktop computer and desk in the guest room and I am putting in a cube shelf unit instead. I swear, that damn desk is like a magnet to crap. The most random shit end up on that desk and I'm sick of it. Plus, if I get the cube thing I can put cute baskets in it and have one more spot to put picture frames and nick knacks. :)

I also am back to wanting to paint the kitchen. Alicia had really good ideas, but the problem is Thane. He is being so picky about what we do to the kitchen, which I understand totally, but ugg. He is concerned about what we do to it and how it will effect the selling of the house in the future because it is a central location in the house. Someone suggested sage green...another suggested charcoal (which I actually thought about too) but ugg I don't know! It's such a huge decision because people will always see it when they come over!

SO anyways, I got almost all the laundry done. I had plans to clean the basement for the Halloween party, but that will have to wait until next weekend. I got most of the upstairs clean for Staci's shower and I plan to move furniture next Monday and clean the carpets. Man I have a lot to do! 

Peace out home fries...hope you had a great weekend. :)


Monday, October 3, 2011

Mom of the Year

And the Mom of the Year Award goes to!!!!!!! THIS GIRL!!!! Why you ask? Ohhhh ya know. I was so busy talking to TT that I neglected to notice Bernie's entire head hanging out of the back window in my car and I proceeded to roll it up on his neck! All of a sudden Bernie starts dog screaming and I'm like ohmygod! What did he do to himself?!?!?!?!?! I turn..Nope! I just suck at life and almost killed my dog. I gave him a pet and he bounced back pretty fast though :) He doesn't hate me either..he has been following me around since I got home.

We were at a friends beeeaaautiful wedding this weekend in Milwaukee and during our downtime we hung out at a random bar.We were there for almost 5 hours all together and we loved it. :) Anyways, we met this guy who was there with his wife and I was assuming their son, big time wrong. I finally asked this guy why he was at a bar that was 30 minutes from his house and he tells us that they are actually separated  and he is there trying to patch things up with her. For over a year. From what I wasn't going well. She decided to spend more time with her gay roommate (not her son by the way) than trying to talk to her estranged husband. It was so sad. He was clearly trying and she was still super pissed at him about something he did.  The entire time he was talking all I could think was "Oh sad. I never want that to be me and Thane." It was horrible. I still don't understand divorce. I know there are a few reasons where there are no other options, but for anything do you let it happen? I literally can't imagine my life without Thane. I can't imagine not coming home and laying on the couch next to him. 

How is it that at one point in your life you are so madly in love with someone that you pledge your love for them in front of all your friends and family, and then 22 years later you decide you can't live one more day under the same roof? After 22 years you can't work it out?!!? The guy we talked to..they had to have gotten married so young, probably around 19 or 20. Statistically, marriages last longer if you marry after 25. I like that stat. :)

Well that is the end of my rant for the night....sorry to unload. I just had one of those epiphanies today, you know. I realized once again how lucky I am to have Thane. He is pretty fantastic. <3.


Thursday, September 29, 2011


As I was sitting on my couch watching The Middle while Katie sat making a book I realized that one day we will have teenagers. What if they turn out like Axel? or god....Sue? Seriously, take a second. Can you really picture us all old and having teenagers!? When you think about having kids you really only think about them as babies, toddlers, and maybe elementary school...never as teenagers. Why? I think it is because we want to fool ourselves into thinking that having kids is a really good idea, so we block out the times when they will suck the most. 

Anyways, bad news. I got the dress today. There is no way in hell it will be fitting. FML. Seriously, I used to be skinny. I swear you guys. I used to be not this bad. How in the hell did I let this happen? Stupid Oreos. I will say that I am proud of myself that I have started to workout again and I have been fairly consistent with it. I did not go today because when my break came, all I could think about was sitting down and getting off my feet for just 10 minutes. God my feet hurt today. We were supposed to go for a walk tonight...buuuuut the ridiculous winds and pelting rain kind of put a damper on that one. Ugg. So anways, now I have to try to find a new dress. Super sad part: I love this one. It is adorable. :( I told TT I'd keep it until we go and see if I can squeeze my ass into it without busting the zipper out. 

Brighter note: 19 days of Halloween starts soon!!!!! I love me some Halloween movies. Not the super scary ones, but ya know. Speaking of! American Horror Society starts next week!! On FX I think? Every preview I see of it makes it look even better. I can't wait. Maybe I should google it and make sure I didn't miss it. Ugg that would make my night. 

I'm going to head over to pintrest now. Check ya all later :)


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Fat Girl Struggle...

My head hurts. A lot. I think its because I didn't have coffee this morning? Ugg fml. I'm going to bed at like 9. For real guys...for real. I would go to bed right now, but lets be real...New Girl and Raising Hope are on right now. I'm not going to bed. 

HA! Is she really washing her shirt in the beday!? However you spell it? That is awesome. Looove this show. Ok, Steph is right. I'm not giving up this show.

New fat girl struggle: I have to fit into a dress that I may have ordered a size too small. By Nov 9th. Whoops. I would love to understand why clothing people all think that "plus size" dresses have to be ugly black drapes? I do NOT want to wear a black drape. I would go buy a friggin curtain and wear it like a toga for a LOT cheaper. Sttt. Even though I'm fat....I still kinda have a figure. Figure it out designers. UGGG. Just because I'm not a 10 anymore, doesn't mean I'm ready to wear a mumu in public. At home maybe...but in public no.

Good news though: The tooth sticker chart is working :) Good idea Katie!! I changed my workout up today. 30 min on the elliptical and then 15 on the treadmill. I rock at life.'s 9. I am getting worse at what I blog about. Sorry guys. I'll get better soon. I promise. I'm just trying to get back into blogging everyday :)

Love you guys!


Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Friday!!!! Let's Get Crazy!!!!!

WWWOOOO!! Pull up a blanket and join me on the couch!! I got my frozen orange beer...and my RedBox movie that I never ended up watching. I didn't check the TV guide, bc if I had I would have saved a dollar and watched the Criminal Minds mini marathon.Stupid me. It has been a pretty good night thought. I am doing absolutely nothing..and lovin it!! 

I am fighting falling has been a very long week. When I get home I don't want to do anything so our house is once again a mess..but not as bad as usual. Ugg..and my left nostril is stuffed up. It drives me NUTS when only one is stuffed up. It's even worse because when I get sick from the kids at work..I am sick for months. Literally. Months. Thane always tells me to drug up, but I don't really like to. I'm not like all "herbal medicine duuuuuude" but I don't know...I just don't like to take it. I should though. When he drugs up he feels great. If worse comes to worst...we still have some oxy from Thane's hand surgery ;) hee hee....kidding. Kinda.

I have a busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow is a big apple day. I am getting together with 2 friends to make as many apple dishes as possible. For sure apple crisp..mmmmm. God I love apple crisp. Oh wait, did I mention that I get to sleep in tomorrow!??!?! WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOO!! Thank god you guys. I love sleeping in. It is in my top 10 things that I love to do. Anyway, apple day. It is going to rock. We are going to an apple orchard and I plan to get a caramel apple AND apple cider.

Sunday is Eric's BIG 7th birthday party!!!! I can't believe he is 7 already. Kids these days, they grow up so fast. I should prooooobably go get his birthday present :)

Is it sad that I have nothing going on in my life that is interesting enough to blog about? (besides apple day and Eric's bday that is!!) Are you guys still reading? Sorry!!

Did I even write that I am finally reading Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult? Finally. I borrowed it from my sister in law. It is amazing. She is so talented. It is about how a couple was infertile and they tried everything, including freezing embryos. They end up getting a divorce because he can't handle another miscarriage, and yada yada......the wife turns into a lesbian. She wants the embryos for her and her new wife. he doesn't want ensues a court case. I'm almost done. I can't wait to see how it ends. She usually has some sort of a twist in it. After I finish it..its on to The Help. If I ever finish it. :)

Have a good Friday night ya'all!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lamest Post Ever

I may possible have the most immature husband ever. Literally ever. HA! Man I wish I could share ;) 

I just bought our Halloween costumes!! I changed my mind and went with the easy route, but whatever. I like it. now I just have to find what Bernie is going to be. he is going to win the trophy this year so it has to be good. Suggestions? 

I weighed myself to day..I've lost 2 pounds! boom. Maybe I will look even better in my Halloween costume than I thought :) I was going to do a big blog tonight about the "confessions of a chubby girl" buuuuut I have lost motivation and energy. Maybe I will on Friday since Thane won't be home..or Saturday since Thane won't be home. Oh whats that? "Pam are you seeing your immature husband at all this weekend?!" No. I'm not. He is working. :/ Which sucks..buuuut is also good because I have dropped a lot of money lately. Thanks Erika and Tanya.

So thanks to all of you who are telling me I'm perfect as I am...but lets be serious. As I said on FB, tell that to my jeans! I am on Day THREE of working out in a ROW! BOOM! I may literally rock at life. 

Ok, well. I'm exhausted. I'm going to go finish watching Modern Family in bed and then fall asleep. At 9pm. Old? Yes. I'm ok with that.

PS. Title= I'm super tired but I had to post so I don't give up again! sorry guys :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wendesday is Going to be a Rough Night..

So it is premiere week people and I have already missed one!!!!!! UGGGGG. Mike and Molly was on last night and I recently, literally on Sunday, just deleted my recording schedule for it. FML.

Tonight was New Girl and Raising Hope. New Girl is HILARIOUS. If you didn't watch so next week. The girl from Elf is the main character and she plays the perfect character for her look. I love it. Raising Hope is pretty may be one of the shows I give up this year though. I have SO many shows right now!!

Tomorrow will be a problem. Modern Family AND Criminal Minds are on at the same time. With my awesome DVR you can only record one and you have to watch that one. What's the point!? Maybe I should give up Criminal Minds thought. Have you guys seen it? My God it's messed up. It literally has made me so leery of other people. I thought I lost my drivers license the other day and for a second I was seriously worried that someone was going to find it at Millers and come murder me is some insane serial killer way. The next second, I found it buried in my purse. Still..lesson learned. Take a break from Criminal Minds. 

haaha..see I think I'll give up Raising Hope and then it ends like that. Epic.

Anyways, there is no way I'm giving up Modern Family!

Ok wait. Side note. Thane has been home for an hour now. Hasn't noticed my hair cut. It's not like I just trimmed it...I cut off like an inch or 2 and put a lot of layers in it. Ok wait. I'm going to go in the hall and just stare at him. Be right back. Ugg. I forgot. Ok I can't type what just happened.haha. Bottom line. He didn't notice. 

Back to the shows. On Thursday there is Bones, but that seems to be it. Why can't they move Criminal Minds to Thursday!? Oh and on Wednesday, there is a new show called "I hate my teenage daughter" or something like that. That just sounds like good tv!

Ok. Time to relax. Day 2 of working out!! Yaaa me :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Antwone Calling Ms Pam!!!

hey hey hey!!! Look at me! Two days in a row! I'm BACK! far at least. 

I just started the 365 day Photo Challenge again. I had to stop after day 19 last time because I realized how boring my life was. Like today, I put up a picture of a tooth sticker. Really Pam? That is your life? BUT that tooth sticker meant that I worked out today, and I am super proud of that. I actually looked forward to working out. I'm not sure if it is because I wanted to get on that treadmill and just rock out ooorrr if I just needed a break from work. Either way, it got me in the gym! So I guess it's not that bad of a picture..right?

I debated between the tooth picture and this one...

this was our craft today at work: Cell Phone Photo Frames. It was pretty funny because I'm trying to explain to them where the buttons go and I just sighed and was like "ok..its a Blackberry." I heard some OHHHHs!!!!! I have never seen my kids SO into a stupid craft. They all had it done within like 10 minutes and then proceed to call people. I heard "ANTWONE CALLING MS PAM. ANTWONE CALLING MS PAM!!!!!!!! ANTWONE CALLING MS PAM." Now I'm laughing...I was not laughing at that point (only because he was literally yelling it and his table was so loud, but whatever.) I had kids "playing" Angry Birds and other kids playing some other random games. Someone tried to text me. I love it. I had kids walking around the room talking on their phone. I'm surprised they didn't run into each other they were so absorbed. 

I've started to really plan Staci's baby shower. Man I wish I had more money..and a bigger house. We are going to be kinda crammed in our little house..but I have plan. Let's hope its ok :)

That is all for tonight. See you all tomorrow!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

6 Weeks til Halloween!!!

Ahhhhhh lazy Sundays. how I love you. Let me count the ways...
1. I can sleep til 11.
2. I can spend all day going between cleaning, doing laundry, and taking naps.
3. There is always some sort of a tv marathon on. (Today was Storage Wars. Sweet life.)
4. well that is kinda it I guess....

So I'm going to start blogging again. For real this time. I have no excuse not to anymore...I don't have much going on until October hits.

I have decided that Thane and I are going to start bidding on storage lockers. What a great idea. You go buy someone else's shit and then turn it for a profit! HA! Smart people. I think if we were to buy a storage locker in Mount Horeb, I'm sure it would be full of small gnomes and little trolls. So maybe we would have to travel a bit, but oh well!! Let's do it Thane!!

Speaking of travel...we are going to Arizona!!!! We are taking a vacation in November with some fantastic friends. I am beyond excited. 4 whole days off of work?!!? Yes please. I am even more excited because this is our second trip in our marriage and here I was worried we would never go anywhere! First Vegas, now Phoenix, next is Ireland!! haha..probably not but whatever. 

I decorated today for Halloween and decided that I need a lot more decorations! I'm going to try to hit up St Vinneys and Savers this week to see what they have out. I may check n see if they have their ugly sweaters out yet too ;) Tis the Season!! 

I am too lazy to write anymore. I'll be back tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Whats That?! Can it Be?!

a blog from Pam?!?! WHAT?! It has been forever!!! I am so sorry my loyal followers! All 3 of you!! I'm back! For today at least.

I had so many thoughts on the way home today and I kept thinking "Oh, I should change my status to that!" After the 10th time of that thought I decided maaaaybe I should blog tonight.

I have so much going on in my head right now I am not quite sure how I am sleeping at night, except that maybe pure exhaustion helps. For the life of me..I can't think about any of those 10 things I wanted to upgrade my status to now..ugg.

I did have a fantastic shopping experiene today though. I was really tired after work so I decided against doing my errands. I was just going to come home and veg, until I talked to Thane. Turns out he wasn't going to be home til 8, so whatver...I'll go shop!!

I go to the Hospice Thrift Store to look for books for my classroom and I find a Hootie CD for 1.99!! Background: Everytime I am at my moms and I close my bedroom door I see the cd rack behind it..the very CD rack that holds a Hootie case and an Alanis Morissette case- both that are empty. It drives me nuts! They are such good CDs!! So needless to say..I saw Hootie and I got pretty pumped. It isn't even scratched!!

Next stop: Old Navy to return some pants and a coat that are too big :) So I return them and the guys all like "Oh! Good thing you're here. We give an extra 10% on Tuesdays!" I NEVER shop on a Tuesday. Cha-ching! I end up getting a way better coat and 2 pairs of pants for work.

Next stop: Target: I literally needed 3 things. Well, I needed 1 thing and then I found 2 more that were just perfect. So anyways...grab a Mt Dew bc I am falling asleep on my feet and I look at the lines. Literally 6 checkouts open, all with at least 4 people in them. FML. I am about to go search for the shortest line with his man appears out of no where (or the stationary aisle..who knows) and goes "I can take who is next here!" He is in MY aisle where I JUST got a Mt Dew!! BOOM!!!!

So lesson learned today? Fate has a way of making things even. My day may have been super hectic and way stressful...but at least it gave me a great shopping trip!

So anyways..I have been crazy busy. So many things going on. Erika's wedding is this weekend!!!! WOOO!! Finally!! I am so pumped...I can't wait til Thursday night when it all begins. Is it normal to be pumped for a rehearsal dinner? I don't know..but I am!

I am going on a vacation! Auntie TT's parents have a house in AZ and we are headed there in November. I need a vacation in the worst way. Not just a day off of work. A full-blown, out of state out of mind, vacation. I am beyond excited for it. Besides the fact that I am leaving...I'm going with some fantastic people!!

Ok...gunna go eat and have some Ms Pam time.

Peace out Peeps.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Never Leave Without Saying I Love You.

I haven't blogged in TEN days! What the hell Pam?! Apparently I have been way to busy. So here we go. 

I just finished watching The Lovely Bones. I have read the book, but man. They did a great job on the movie. It was so trippy, and insanely creepy. It makes you think a lot though. Life can be gone in a split second. One bad decision. This is part of the reason that no matter how hard I try, I can't leave the house or go to bed without telling Thane I love him. I can be madder than shit at him, but I still force out that "I love you" because you never know when it could be the last. Not that you want to think about that, but I do. Whenever he leaves the house for work I tell him I love him and to be safe. Apparently he doesn't listen to the "be safe" part, hence his hand. 

Ugg ok. I'm done with that. Erika's bachelorette party was this weekend! We went to the Brewers Game and then came back to hit up a few bars. It was fantastic. The Brewers won. My friends and I got on the Brewers website. People got drunk. I ate Dippin Dots. Our shirts rocked out. We played pin the torpedo on the sailor. No one puked. I learned a lot about my friends ;) and had a great sleepover. I can't wait for the next one!!! Who's next you guys?!?!?!?!?!?! I know what is next. THE WEDDING!!!!! WOOOO!!! I'm gunna rock that shit. I will probably be that bridesmaid..after I give my speech of course Erika!

This is short, but I want to read for a little bit. Later peeps...I'll write more this week! I promise!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Day in the Life of Bernie

Oh what a crazy Friday night I have had!! I came home from work and took a nap (so now it is 11:37 and I'm not tired at all even though I didn't go to bed til 1 last night. Ugg.) Then we went to Main Street for supper. I don't know why I suggested it...their food really isn't that fantastic. Kind of wasted $22. was a date. I liked it :) We got home and I had to look up some card designs for the wedding and baby shower I have this weekend. 

Both of the cards I made are pretty simple, but I still like them. Sometimes simple is better. I forgot to take a picture of the wedding picture.lame. It was the way simple one I can make it again without much trouble. 

I just decided I'm going to write a book. A Day in the Life of Bernie. This is a rough draft.

Pg 1. Hi, my name is Bernie. I'm a fat Weimarainer. My mom calls me "big boned" but I know she is just trying to make me feel better and not develop an eating disorder. I'm fat..and I like it. 

Pg 2: My days are pretty busy. I have a lot to do, and not much time to get it done.

Pg 3/4: My day starts around 5:10am, when mom and dad start moving around a little bit. Usually one of them gets up at this time, so I know that I can go outside and get some fresh air and pretend to pee. For some reason, they don't always get up this early...I don't think their alarm clocks go off, so I step in to save the day! If it is 5:30 and they aren't up yet..I pace around their bed a few times making sure that my collar makes a lot of noise. Sometimes if that doesn't get them to do anything, I shove my nose really hard on one of their arms. When this doesn't work either I give up and climb into bed with them. Like I said, I'm fat so when I crawl in bed between them they make room for me to crawl up and share a pillow. Once one of them FINALLY gets out of my spot, I take it over and try to spread out as much as possible on that side of the bed so my other parent still thinks someone is next to them. The things I do for these people...

Pg 5/6: Once mom and dad go to work I have the whole house to myself. Depending on who turned the TV on for me, I either sit on the couch and watch ESPN or the news all day. I like it when the news is on because then I can watch The View at 10. I love Barbara. I spend the day moving from couch to couch, licking my paw where ever I want, and watching TV. Sometimes I grab a toy to gnaw on..I love my toys. 

Pg 7/8: Around 4:30 I prepare myself for the return of mom and dad. They expect me to get into something while they are gone. I was really good at getting in the garbage for a while. Man..they loved that. They would come home and shout for joy when they saw aaalllll the coffee grounds I was able to pull out of the garbage and put all over the carpet. I am probably the most thoughtful dog ever. For some reason dad put this thing they call a "child lock" on the garbage drawer, so now I can't open it. I moved on to the side cupboard...there is bread in there!!! Dad put a stupid lock on that door too. Sometimes they leave the creamer out for me so I have a snack. Anyways..I find something quick to grab from the kitchen and put it in the living room and then perch myself on the back of the couch waiting for them to come home.

Pg 9/10: When mom and dad get home I get SO excited and grab a toy. I run to the door to make sure they see me and know I am still there. I think they would worry if I didn't show up at the door.. I don't want to make them worry. I spend the rest of the night licking my paws so that dad can yell at me to stop. It is the highlight of his night...he would probably be bored without me. 

Pg 11/12: I start to nap around 8 and then move to cuddle with mom and dad when they go to bed. I'm kind of a cuddle slut. It's my mom's fault. 

Pg 13/14: That's my day in a nutshell. It's a hard life...but someone has to do it!! 

New York Best Sellers list? I think so.

If you made it this far to read what I am typing rock at life. 

<3 Pam

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Ghetto Side of Ms. Pam

I was talking to my coworker the other day and realize that I forgot 2 very important things on my bucket list blog. I don't know how I did this.

I am too lazy to look back and see if I wrote this, but I want to go to Ireland. I would have loved to go there for our honeymoon...iiiiif we had the money. I highly doubt we will ever have the money, but that won't stop me from dreaming. I would love to go for our 20th anniversary or something fantastic like that. Or it'd be even cooler to go for an early anniversary and go in March for St Patrick's Day. I also want to go to Australia, but Ireland first. (I am like 1/12th Irish, unless you ask my dad who claims I am 100% English, which is not possible bc my mom's family is not from England. Oh dad.)

The other thing on my bucket list may shock you. So if you don't want to be shocked stop I would love to punch somebody. In the face. You may be asking "Pam seriously? What the hell is wrong with you? Who puts that on their bucket list?" Well I do. Deal with it. My friend James let me slap him once, he didn't want me to punch him, but he let me slap him for real. So I tapped him...and he got mad. "No. Slap me!" So I did. Twice. (you can't do one cheek and not the other!) It was awesome. 

I was really close to punching someone once at a concert. It was our first Jason Aldean concert and we were in the front 2 rows, but some drunk girl and her friends were trying to get in front of us by kindly throwing their elbows into our sides and pushing us. So all the people around us bonded and we linked arms so the girls couldn't get through. (Petty? Maybe, but god they were annoying and rude!) At one point, I was so mad that the "ring leader" of their group (who was totally wasted) was right behind me tying her shoe on the ground and I may have accidentally shoved my foot behind me and kicked her over. Opps. Ok so now you're thinking "PAMELA! What?!" (you may have even said that using an mocking accent..cough Ashley and Sara cough) Ya I did it. When I get pissed I turn a liiiiiittle ghetto; FYI for anyone who plans to help me with this goal. 

So anyways, this girl (I love this story by the way) gets up and like doesn't even realize that I had kicked her bc she was so drunk. So now they start really trying to get in front of us and shoving us, and they are now getting riled up. Since we are still arm linked they get pissed, this drunk girl SPITS on me and they walk away. (I'm about to swear turn away...) I realize she spit on me and I'm all like "Wooooaaahhhhh did that bitch did not just SPIT on me!?!? the lady next to me checks my HAIR, "um..ya." Oh I was off. I chased this girl through the crowd (not knowing that Erika and the other girls with me took off too). I was so angry I saw black. Yes black, thats bad you guys. I literally grabbed her, pulled my arm back....and then my friends pulled me away. SOOOOO close! God she deserved it. Seriously? Who spits on someone? Dumb people who deserve to be hit. That is who. 

So ever since then..its on my list. In all reality, I hope I am never that angry again and get to the point where I would hit someone, mostly because I don't want to go to jail. My job is a little more important to me than that. Although, with that said..if someone is messing with my friends or out. I got their back and I am not pretty when the Milwaukee side (that I acquired in the 5.5 yrs of going there) comes out.

Now that I wrote that all out, I wonder if it is on my bucket list already?  Ugg whatever. I got a Smurf today at McDonalds!!! So sweet. I told Thane that if he loved me, he would go buy a Happy Meal every week just so I can get Smurfette. Let's see if he passes this test. ;)

Peace out homefries..

<3 Pam

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My View on Teen Mom...

Dear Amber on Teen Mom- you suck at life. You are trying to move because people in your town are not harassing you at Walmart? What did you expect??! You are a horrible you think that Gary is going to let you take Leah to whatever town you are moving to!? No way lady. UGG. How is he going to make sure that Leah has clean clothes and diapers? Stupid girl. 

On that note- I can't imagine how hard it would be to have a kid when you're in high school. I know a lot of people do it now...what else is there to do in small towns besides drink and have sex? Well, apparently when I was in high school we had a lot more going on so we didn't have to worry about that. You wouldn't be able to go to all the football/basketball games you wanted to because you'd have a kid to do something with. I don't think I would have been able to play volleyball, which was one of the things I lived for while I was in school. I can't imagine how upset I would be! I'm still too selfish at 26 to have a kid..and I am like 10x less selfish now than I was at 16! I literally get sad thinking about all the stuff I would have had to miss. I know my parents would have helped me out...but only to the point that they should have as grandparents. They would not have stepped in to be the parents, which I think would have been the right thing for them to do!

I can see where these girls come from where they still want to go out and have fun with their friends..they are 16-18! They are doing what they are programed to do! Party and live life. sex people! My kids will wear a chastity belt from the age of 11 on. Don't go "oh Pam! 11?!" Ya. 11. I work with kids..I know what goes down. I was blown away by the things my 8th graders that I coached had to say. They made me blush! So yes. Chastity belt.11.No grandbabies for me until after a fantastic wedding...when they are 30.

And now Caitylin and Tyler?! How are they 17 or 18 whatever and never had a job?! I had to get a job so that I could get a car. Or did I get a car because I had a job? I don't remember. I just know that my mom got really sick of having my dad drive her to work because I had to use her truck everyday. :) If any of you are under 16 I recommend you using that one to get a car. It works! So anyways, these 2 moved into their own house and they just now realize that they need jobs. did you think you're going to pay your bills? Sometimes I wonder about them...

Oh Amber blah blah. You suck. but Leah's Halloween costume is adorable.

Ok and Maci? Why would you want to have a joint party with your baby daddy?? That seems like the worst idea in the history of bad ideas. 

Ok I'm done, I wanna go read for a bit. Later gators!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

What a Week...

Whew!!! What an awesome weekend!!! I don't think I have logged this many friend hours in a long time and I loved it. I haven't blogged since like Wednesday? Maybe Tuesday? I don't know...I've been having too much fun. :)

Wednesday night..I missed a dress fitting appointment with my friend Erika and Tanya bc I had to talk to some parent about their child being uber inappropriate. Ugg. So they came back after the fitting to kidnap me and take me to the bar. We discovered something FANTASTIC...$1.50 MGDs!! It was Ladies Night! Main Street has a bunch of new specials because the bar is constantly dead and they are trying to get people to come back. Well I'm coming back! It was also Mexican Night! Winner winner chicken dinner! Best quesidillas EVER. It gets better....the bartender apparently takes shots starting on his 3rd hour being there...and then every hour after. Why wouldn't he give us free shots!? Jackpot!

Thursday night...Back to Main Street. We played 7-14-21 and I had to buy. That sucked, but my one purchase lasted the whole game! Which is sad because that tells you how many games we played. :/

Friday night...we all went to a tractor pull in Mazo, which apparently was the place to be! I was kinda bored so I focused my night on other things :) I think I was pretending that I was 19 again this week :) Everyone needs that now and again..The tractor pull was actually pretty cool. the first round sucks, it is tiny tractors. Then the trucks start...and then after that the huge loud tractors begin. I may sound country..but it was fun to watch! I don't understand why someone would put so much money into it though...I'd expect the payouts to be few n far between.

Saturday was by far the best time. Mud Volleyball!!!! We got second place!!! (Maybe it was out of 3 people, but whatever. We rocked.) I can not believe how long it took to clean off, with cold water, and a hose where only the "pressure washer" setting worked. Uggg...but whatever. It was worth it.

Sunday- family get together with my mom's side. I love was a fantastic time. My cousin is pregnant and ridiculously cute. :)

Such a fantastic 5 days...and now tomorrow back to reality. Monday. I hate Mondays. I hope I am in a better mood tomorrow than I was last Monday. GRRAAARRRRRRR!! Now I'm out. Shark Week is starting!!!!

Ps. Thanks to those of you who voted. Majority said you would buy cards from me...the other said Maybe So...which I think means no. :) I'm working on getting a few cards made and then see what happens. Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When Zombies Rule the World

I saw a title in a forum I check "Zombie Attack" and instant reaction: I would give up. Plain and simple. If I knew the world was ending and that the new way of life was a Zombie life. I'd give in.  Ok, so first....don't act like it won't happen. We have all seen I am Legend. It is coming. 2nd...don't pretend you would be the Will Smith of the world. you wouldn't and there is NO way I would be. I would for sure be one of those really smart zombies who adapt to the sunlight and are able to eat people while handing from my toes. That is how cool of a zombie I would be.

You may be wondering why I would just give up and get snacked on. Well it is simple. It is easier. I really don't want to spend the rest of my life running from zombies. I can barely handle scary movies anymore...I can't imagine having to live in one. And let's get serious I can shoot a gun accurate enough to hit a zombie in the head. (we all know that is the only spot you can hit zombies and have them die.) So I'd be screwed.

Whenever I watch zombie movies or movies where a bunch of people are dying I think " Ehh..why try? You're on a island...where a ship doesn't come for another 4 days. You think that crazy SOB who is chopping people up is going to just forget about you? Nope. I don't think I'd go run in front of him and sigh and be like " win." That'd be dumb too..I think in that situation I'd at least try to hide, but zombies ruling the world? No luck.

On another note...if some zombie or crazy SOB was going after Thane or any of my friends, or any of my kiddos...I'd bust up on them. They would get the wrath of Ghetto Milwaukee Pam. No doubt. You don't wanna see that side of me. Trust me. Zombies n crazy SOB would not have a chance. Grrr...

Hope you are all smarter after this one ;)

<3 Pam

Monday, July 25, 2011


Day One of eating better and I did good! KJ. I stuck to my lunch and my apple for snack, so of course I get sent home early and I get home just starving. Thane had a bag of Doritoes laying out...but I feel asleep before I could eat any. Thank you sleep! (I had a really bad headache due to the fact that I had zero caffine today. Opps.) I woke up....grabbed the bag of chips to put it away and all of a sudden it pops open...grabs my hand..puts chips in it and stuffs it in my face!!! WTF?! I WILL be writing to Doritoes to yell at them. So whatever. I did good at supper...I didn't eat as much as I usually would. Took another head was still pounding..and I wake up to my kryptonite. Thane was going to try to eat them while I was sleeping, but my 6th sense, my spidey sense, picked them up. Oreos.

Uggggg Oreos. We go way back. They single-handedly took my fantastic streak at Weight Watchers out. No joke. I was down 10 pounds and then Thane bought a new bag of the double stuffed goodness. I ate one, accounted for the points and was good. Except, we all know you don't eat just one Oreo. No no. Impossible. I proceded to eat 2 more. No biggie....until you figure out the points. It was like SEVEN points. SEVEN!!! For 3 Oreos?! No..clearly I can not be a part of something that doesn't allow you to eat Oreos at your own free will. Literally have never gotten back on track with Weight Watchers bc of that fateful day in the kitchen.

I just went for run number 2 this week! I can feel it in my legs, which tells me how out of shape I am..but also tells me that I at least did a good job running yesterday and didn't waste my time! I am going to try really hard to fit into that dress tomorrow. I will damnit...I will! Speaking of that...I should probably go put it in my car so I don't forget it. God that would suck. And my blender. I am making smoothies with the kids tomorrow for Cooking Time with Ms Pam ;)

I decided that Bernie isn't the best running partner. Once we get out there and get going he is great...he pretty much pulls me along when I'm tired. It is the getting on his leash to go part that he lacks in. Today he got his harness on...and then went to hide by Thane. Really Bernie?? I think you can afford to go for a run too. The vet and grandpa called you fat. I'm just looking out for you buddie..

That is all for tonight..I'm going to go back to drooling over people's scrapbook rooms on :)

<3 Pam

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Bucket List Sucks...

I was trying to think of something sweet that I could blog about tonight. After much thought I have decided to create a list of things I would rather do than work tomorrow. Here goes.

Things I would Rather Do Than Work Tomorrow:
1. Anything.

Shit....that didn't really work.

Maybe I will share/create a bucketlist. Here goes.

Pam's Bucket List:
1. Get a real job....(hopefully I do this before I die. Cripes)
2.Go to Ireland.
3. Finish Decorating our house.
4. Sell cards on ETSY (bet you guys are sick of hearing that one!)
5. Have 4 kiddos...and enough money to not drown in debt becuase of it.
6. Be a size 10 again.
7. Finish The Secret Life of American Teenagers on Netflix....
I'm bored with this. Obviously I don't have real goals....Awesome. Now I'm depressed.

I bought a Self magazine tonight. I saw some pictures of a fat bridesmaid in a random wedding and I don't want to ruin Erika's wedding pictures! I went for a run within an hour of seeing those pictures. I went to the store to buy a bunch of fruit and veggies. I don't want to eat anything from KJ this week. We eat a HUGE lunch everyday and it is not agreeing with me. I plan to join the 9 Rounds gym this week, since we have to try on our dresses on Tuesday for our first fitting. Ugg. If they would just answer their damn phones and tell me if they have a shower or not at their gym! Is it so hard to answer a phone?! Apparently.

We had a pretty good weekend. Went out to eat at the Gritty with Tanya n Docken. then went to see Horrible Bosses. Fantastic movie by the way:) I was "that person" in the theatre..who laughs way to loud when no one else does. Opps. The Gritty's chicken quesadilla is the most amazing thing I have ever eaten. I want to go back just to get more. Which doesn't help with the whole needing to lose weight before 9-10-11. Ugg....the horrors of beign fat! I wish I was one of those girls, like half of my friends, who naturally had skinny genes. I know some of them work for it...but many don't. I hate them. Ok..that is a total lie. If I hate you I don't talk to obviously I love you my skinny friends. Sigh. I'm going to shut up now.

Today I set up my scrapbook room! I also made a new card.....I now have 3 types that I will hopefully sell. Still a long way to go, but I am determined now. You guys have all been so supportive and I love it. Thank you!!

Ok. I'm going to go let Bernie out so he stops staring at me and pushing his nose on my arm. Ugg its cold. then I'm going to go read my Self Magazine to stay motivated. :)

Peace out guys...have a good Monday!
<3 Pam

Friday, July 22, 2011

Pet Peeves Aren't Real Pets...

So we are just sitting the pre-op room. Waiting for Thane's doctor to become "back on schedule." Ugg. I understand..but it sucks. We had to be here at 12:45, so we thought surgery was at 12:45 right? Wrong. Surgery was supposed to be at 2:15...nice. I know what you're thinking, "Oh had to be there that early so they could do the pre surgery stuff, like take his vitals, put in an IV, make him put that fashionable robe on, etc." No. We did all that. It took like 30 min. *Grumble Grumble*

So my blog today will be about my pet peeves. I have a few of them. Enjoy.

Peeve #1: Parents who let their children do whatever they want.
 Obviously something to do with children would be my #1 peeve. I deal with these children on a regular basis. You would think that I am talking about one child..but no. There are too many to even think about naming them all. I guess I just don't understand why some kids have no concept of what the word "no" means? Were so many parents' parents THAT horrible/strict that they have to be so laissez faire with their kids? Is it the whole "I want my kids to have what I didn't have" syndrome? I get that with many things. I didn't get to have...ok wait. I don't know what I didn't get to have. I was the youngest and therefore really spoiled. BUT I don't think you can tell.(unless you are my sisters, I'm sure they can tell..sorry guys..I'm immature around mom n dad for a reason.) My parents didn't give me everything I wanted..they still said no. While they did give me a lot, and I appreciate that, I am still a well rounded person who knows how I should act in public, when to say please/thank you, when to hold the door for someone etc. So many kids don't know those simple things!!! Once I was going to give a kid something and I was like "What do you say??" (Please or thank you..i don't remember which I was going for.) They literally stood there with a blank look on their face, so I prompted like 3 more times....such a confused look on their face and then I got a "now?" UGGG!!

Peeve 2: People who interrupt me while talking with another person.
Ok this also has to do with kids. Sorry. I remember specifically when I was younger my mom was on the phone and I wanted a Swiss Cake Roll or some shit like that. The conversation when like this:
Me: Mom. (poke in arm) Mom. Mooooooom. (wave hand in front of her) MOM!
Mom: (calmly into phone) Hold on a second. (covers phone with hand) PAMELA I AM ON THE PHONE! WHEN I AM TALKING TO SOMEONE YOU NEED TO WAIT!!!!! (as if the hand over the phone really worked for how loud she yelled.) (turns back to phone) ok so anyways...
I literally still think about that conversation anytime a kid does that to me. I actually tell my kids at my summer job that when they need something and I am talking to another adult or kid that I know they are there. They can tap me once, I know they are there and will turn to them when I am done talking. Sometimes, if they interrupt my conversation..I will turn to them and tell them they need to wait..and then make said conversation last just a liiiiittle bit longer to prove my point. I'm a bitch like that....

Peeve #3: People who don't listen to me when I talk.
I swear..sometimes I do have interesting/important things to say. I really do. I truly dislike trying to talk when I'm in a large group of people. The things I have to say always seem to not matter and get lost in someone else's story. Maybe I am too sensitive about it, but I think it stems to my stutter problem. If I am trying to say something, damnit give me a second. Also to that effect, if I am trying to say something and obviously can't get it out of my mouth and you know what I am about to all means SAY IT!!! It is such a relief when I don't have to say that word. For instance. I can say Miller Lite, but you put me at a bar having to order it and those 2 words get stuck in my throat every damn time. People make fun of me for it..but I refuse to order it. It made living in Milwaukee really hard where they only serve that at some bars.

Peeve #4: Inconsiderate people.
I have a lot of pet peeves..sorry. This one really pisses me off. I am the type of person who puts everyone else and their needs in front of mine. (Thanks Dad for this trait.) I would say now I am trying to not be so much like this because a lot of the time it Fs me over. I am pretty sure I could say that if you need me to do something for you..I will 96% of the time time. The other 4% of the time I can't because either I have to work, I am physically unable to do so, or I'm so tired I can barely move. I don't understand people who just straight up don't give a shit about how their actions affect others around them. This annoyance can be as trivial as that person in front of you at the grocery store with a cart overflowing not acknowledging that you have a pizza and beer in your hands and would probably appreciate going in front of them so you don't waste that precious time where your beer is getting warm! Come on people! Bud Light Lime is not as good at room temp as it is cold! Ugg. Or, that asshole who doesn't follow the "every other rule" while leaving a busy place. UGG I hate that! Oh and now, as I sit in the waiting room, I have a new inconsiderate person peeve. Watching Telemundo Tv when obviously I don't speak Spanish. Really? Although I have a computer on my lap, maybe I'd like to watch/listen to TV too..and something I understand!

Pet Peeve #4: Terrorists.
ok I know everyone obviously hates them..but really?? You pick the capital of Norway to bomb? Wtf. Norway!? Do you hate ugly shoes? What is possibly in Norway that you are angry at? Gnomes?! Does Norway even have a friggin army?! (Ok..I am aware that they prob have an army, I'm just saying.)

Pet Peeve #5: When people make fun of my stutter.
ok, clearly I can't help when I stutter. Do you think I choose to not be able to talk because it sounds cool? No. Not at all. It is actually super embarrassing. Do I make fun of your face? No. So don't make fun of my speech problem when it presents itself. That I stated before. Feel free to help me say words if you know what I'm about to say..just not in a asshole tone of voice ;)

That concludes my long blog for the day. Thane is about to wake up any minute so I should probably get ready to go see him. Surgery went well...cut a main tendon and a small one next to it. No problem repairing it though I guess. :) Cross your fingers for a fast recovery! He doesn't like not be able to work :)

<3 you guys