Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Take on the Earthquake...

If you have been following the news at all lately, you will have heard about the strange booms in Clintenville, WI. Citizens are worried...some think they should evacuate.

These strange booms went on for days, almost a week I think. Today on the news they said people heard them again...and they were louder. Here is an article for you to catch up
Strange Booms

So now scientists are saying that it was a 1.5 magnatute earthquake. Or something like that...I am always putting on makeup when they talk about it, so my facts may not be 100%...don't quote me. I'm not a news anchor. Geesh.

Anyways...they say earthquake. I have other theories.

Theory 1: Aliens.

I think it is a possability that aliens are breaking out of the earth and will soon invade Wisconsin. How did the aliens get in the earth? Well...maybe they started to drill in China and just didn't stop? (That's how it works in cartoons...) That is really my only argument for its not! They are SO advanced....I bet they were mining for iron ore, because that is what they eat and their planet is out of it, so they had to come to ours. I bet that is it. Well are they in for a shocker when they get out..the sun is bright guys....put on your sunglasses!!!

Oh! What if they are allergic the sun!?!? man..that would really help us out when the invasion happens.

Theory 2: Transformers.

We've all seen the movies. They are real. Maybe there is a Decepticion buried under Clintonville. Maybe the next movie will be filmed in WI! Hot damn....I'm going to go write the script. I wonder if Megan Fox will be in my movie...

Theory 3: The Loch ness Monster.

Now this is some scary shit. I know Bessie needs water...but I'm sure she found a way to adapt to her new surroundings...underground in Clintonville. I mean, how else do you think she has survived for SO many years? Survival of the Fittest people. I bet she is underground, and slowly throwin her big head around and making some strides on bustin free. Maybe the aliens put her there? or she fell through their hole in China?

See!! It is near land.....I bet there is some kind of a pond or small lake in Clintonville. This theory may be the winner...

awwww man.......ok. Citizens of Clitonville: looks like Bessie is a liiiiittle angry. You should probably evacuate.

As a last ray of hope for those is a Stay Strong poster I saw on FB:

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To go with my theme.....

I wouldn't want to write this accident report....

and I'm off.

Night loves.

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