Monday, September 9, 2013

Tooth Fairy

P Baby has TWO teeth.


They popped in Saturday, September 7th. :)

Possibly while at a wedding.

Did I know he had teeth that just cut through his gums? Nope. Not at all because he is an amazing baby.

He should have been in horrible pain, but nothing. He was in a great mood and was a dancing machine.

He is now the proud owner of two front teeth.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another First

Parker's first real medical issue. Oiy.

He started daycare last week because my nanny had knee surgery and needs 2 months to recover. So he started right as all the other kids got a virus. My child's immune system that has only experienced dog hair.....of course got it.

All week he was exhausted. Bed by 7:30 exhausted. So we chalked it up to him being over stimulated at work. Fantastic!

Then his runny nose started...and then a cough.

Took him to the doctor on Tuesday and yup..just a virus. Don't worry, it will run its course. Great. I hate viruses. They suck. Who wants to hear that you can do nothing for your child? You just have to listen to his heart breaking, chest rattling cough for 10 days. 10 very long days.

Wednesday I go to hang out with him on my break and his legs are purple. Purple. Great.

We check his torso and yup...purpleish too. While at the doctor on Tuesday they checked his oxygen, so Wednesday I was worried that he was low on oxygen and that is why he was turning purple. So I was about to call the dr when my coworker came to talk to P baby and then goes "Oh Pam are you crying??"

Sigh...yup. Of course I am. Ugh. Over reacting mom...again. Then my boss comes over...looks at P and calms me down. Thankfully.

Thursday. P's lead teacher calls me and tells me to come down to see him. I had told her when he started that he plays with his ears all the time and I wasn't sure if it was a "I'm tired thing" or a "ear infection" thing. So she has been keeping an eye on it.

So on Thursday I went down and was holding him while she did the test. The left ear...nothing. Right soon as she did her test he pulled as far away from her as possible. yup...that's not normal!

And he hasn't eaten more than 5 oz all day, and it was 2pm.

We go to the doctor. Get there and oh! The phone nurse didn't put in our appointment. Great.

So we finally see the doctor an hour after we are supposed to. I should just be thankful that we were still able to see us I guess.

She checked his ear and instantly saw he had an infection. She listened to his chest, several times. She seemed a little concerned and had a nurse bring in the oxygen checker, which of course P hated and wouldn't let them do.

They came back in with another one and the Dr finally got it to work on his fingernail...and he was low. She ordered a chest x-ray.

She warned me that it would be traumatic....boy was she right.

You have to sit your baby on this bicycle seat and then press them into a plastic cylinder tube with their arms above their heads. It's like a medieval torture device. So P is screaming while she is having me hold like 7 different things . His arms are above his head, smooched against his face, and he is looking at me like "WHHHHYYYYYY MOM?!?!?!!?"

So that's done. The Dr looks at it...and does see some spots but thinks its just mucus. Nope. 7pm that night she calls me again. A specialist had looked at it...yup pneumonia. New prescription.

My mom called to see if we needed anything from Madison. The conversation went like this:

M- "Hey, we are in Madison do you need anything?"
Me- "No...we should be good. thanks though."
Me- "Mom, do you just want to come see Parker?"
M-pause....pause "Ya."

So they come over and I take off for Walgreens and make it there with a minute to spare. I'm sure they didn't appreciate it because they were just about to close, but I was pretty stoked.

So now P is on some crazy stuff that tastes really bad so I have to trick him into eating.

Sigh...I just wish he would eat and get back to normal. I miss my baby.