Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Expert Lice Checker.

I am adding it to my resume.

Who wouldn't want an expert lice checker on their staff?!

I know if I ever open that scrapbook store, I want one!

Have you ever seen lice? It's not pretty. It makes you itch. For days. Just looking at it. Eww.  And hatched one?!?! Ohmygod. They make your skin crawl.Uggg... Allow me to make your head itch....

So disgusting. If my kids get lice.....I'm going to shave their heads. Enough said.

Moving on. I have a weigh in tomorrow. I am going to not be happy. This week has been really hard. I totally care about losing weight...but this week...I didn't? I did, but I didn't.

It's like I have a little person on my shoulder telling me to eat whatever I want. They push so hard that I hid it from the person on my other shoulder...the one that is like "PAM!! You have weigh's almost summer. What the hell are you doing!?" This creates some sort of weird hiding feeling. I feel like I have to hide what I'm eating...from my left shoulder. Is that normal? So you wanna see said people on my you go.
This is the one swearing at me.

Here's the beast who makes me eat.....  

So this leads me to a new topic. Let's say I "fell off the wagon" this week. So ok...where does that come from Sara? 

In my comes from the old days when people were traveling across the country. That was a hard life. I bet they got bored a lot. I bet their feet hurt...and they had to eat cans of beans. So I bet they drank a lot. and what happens when you drink a lot? You fall off stuff! In their case....WAGONS!

Get it!? 

I solved the mystery. That is it. Right Sara?

Ok Pinterest: Words of Wisdom...

Workout: 40  min on treadmill. 

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