Thursday, August 30, 2012

No Spend September

So Thane and I are going to be embarking on a new adventure in September. A No Spend Month.
It's going to suck.'s something we need to do.
What is it you ask? Well....
You pay all your bills and that jazz, of course, but you try to cut all the other stuff out. You only get about $250 to cover everything else.
This includes gas, food, clothes, going out, etc. This will NOT include: the Taste of Madison or the cost of anything we need for our Apple. You may ask what an Apple can possibly need at this stage..but there are things. Trust me.
So this month will be good because it will force us to use the food we already have in our house. The food that is on the bottom of our chest freezer. You know..the food that I have no idea we even have? Ya..that stuff.
It will be good because we really need get some money saved up for some big even that is happening soon. September is literally the only month we can do this. October we are in Arizona..$$. November is holiday shopping...$$$. and December is Christmas...$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Then it's January, where we can cut back again. and then BOOM...February our household of 2.5 becomes 3.5 and we will no longer have any money.
Challenges: My belly.
It is getting bigger and I have NO idea what I'm going to be wearing to work in the Fall. I am going to need new pants. Soon. I really do want to hit up Savers or something though...bc I don't want to spend $30 on a pair of pants that I will wear for 5is more months.
I also want a pair of TOMS. They will be perfect for work when I can't wear flops anymore, but they are $40. That cuts into my budget a lot. Easy solution: go buy them tomorrow. ;) buuuut I won't get a  break tomorrow and I have to come home right after work.'s going to be hard.
Never less, I am excited about how much we can hopefully save and set aside for later. If anything, it will curb my spending. Now that I write that I know what else will curb my spending, working out on my breaks. Ya...I should start that again.
Here is a link to the blog where I found the idea: No Spend Month Idea

While I am linking you to things. Here is a link to the lady who did the sign I got my mom. She is amazing, affordable, AND has a fast turn around rate.

After the baby comes I plan to buy a Baby Board from her. This is what they look like:

Check out her website: Sassy Talk and here is her FB page: FB Page

Well. I think I am about to crash. I has SUCH a long day. Ugh.

I'm so tired I cant even focus on finding a Pinterest Find. Sorry guys!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Do Spiders Do IT?

So before I start, I wanted to let you all know that I am breaking a promise I made to all of you.

This blog may contain a few mentions of this little human that is currently the size of an apple.

 I know that I said I wouldn't blog about B Sutts for a few blogs, but screw that.

I'm not saying my ENTIRE blog will become about how I am feeling that day or how exhausted I am, or how the pinched nerve in my leg is KILLING me. No, it will NOT be that, but damnit.. if I want to talk about my apple I will. It's my blog.

If you are annoyed by that, and you have every right to be because I'm sure what I have to say isn't as important to anyone else as it is to me, then I'm sad to say goodbye to you...if you so choose. Thank you for following me though. I do appreciate that people actually read the random thoughts I have. :)

 New chapter of my life exciting things exciting blog posts to follow. Because I am back people..I'm BACK! I love blogging again. It gives me an excuse to NOT do other stuff.

So anyways...on to today's post.

As I was cleaning out the nursery closet yesterday I had a few trips to the basement. Ugh. It is SO gross down there. SO gross. So many SPIDERS. (Sorry Katie.)

There are two spiders at the bottom of the stairs. They just hang out. I don't think they moved in the 12 trips I took. I got wondering...they have got to be bored. No one can just sit somewhere for over 20 minutes and not get bored.

I am wondering if after they figured I was done one turned to the other and was all like, "Sooooo....I'm bored. You wanna?" and then I bet the other one just shrugged and went, "Mehh, might as well I guess. I'm bored too."

Anyways, I know that I HAVE to clean it and soon. I can't stand it.

So, I called my mom.

If you don't know my mom, she is the MOST organized, clean freak (and I say that with love) person I know. She actually came over last night and got giddy at the thought of cleaning and organizing my basement. I think she clapped a bit. :)

We have HUGE plans.

Since we will no longer have a guest room, I want to do something down there for people if they stay over. Mom and I have it all planned out. When we are done, there will be a bedroom, an office, a living room, and a bar area. All in our unfinished basement.

Not the best, but you know what? You work with what you got.

So I just googled spider sex...and some creepy shit comes up. Note to self: Don't ever google anything sex unless you are prepared.

So I switched it to just images..and believe it or not, way less creepy...minus picture #6. Who even thinks of that shit... Anyways, spiders are creepy shit.

So here's a picture. I guess they do do IT?

Gross. (Sorry Katie if you're still reading this...)

So that's all for today. Welcome back to the randomness that is my head!!!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

So, How'd You Tell Your Family?

As I said in my last blog, our families were some of the last people to find out. Sorry guys!! It wasn't on purpose. :/

I have known for years how I was going to tell my parents. I saw a sign at a craft fair and knew it was perfect.

So the Tuesday we found out, I went on Facebook to Sassy Talk's page and ordered the sign. It wouldn't be here for a week n a half. Perfect...if I didn't have to see my parents on Sunday for Father's Day.

So we go to their house to eat dinner. Apparently mom thought that I would put it in dad's card, if we were, so she was very anxious for him to open it. She later told me that she really wanted to ask me, but after how upset I was on Mother's Day- she didn't know how without making me upset. So she just didn't

I really was going to wait until we got that sign, because it was SO perfect, but after dinner I couldn't handle it anymore. I SUCK at keeping secrets. They make me quiet and my face looks all bitchy. It's not a pretty thing. I asked Thane if he was ok with me telling them, and of course he didn't care. :)

Mom wanted me to pull something up on the computer, so before I did that I found the Facebook picture. I sat down next to her and said, "Hey, I wanna show you this cool sign I found!" and handed her the computer.

She read it, and went- "awww, Pamela! That is so sweet!" and patted my leg.

Thane and I just looked at each other...and I go, "Um it again."

So she did...whispering it to herself like she does when she is proofreading one of my college papers. she gets to the end and she goes, "OH!!! OH!!! ARE YOU!?!?!?! ARE YOU!?!?!?"

My dad is all like, "WHAT?! From his chair across the room." So of course, being the nice daughter I am, I make mom read it to him. Which she can't because she keeps crying so much.

Finally she chokes it out and they both freak out and hug us.

The sign came TWO days later. Ugh.

Here is it:

But, their sign says "parents" instead of "mom" and "grandparents" instead of "grandma." :)
Next were my sisters. I had no idea how to tell them. I don't know if you have noticed by now, but I'm kind of an extreme person. Just telling them, "Oh..I'm knocked up.." don't cut it.
So I opted for the onesies that said something sweet about being an aunt. I happened to be going to the art fair with both of them and my mom one weekend..soo perfect.
They were both very confused why they HAD to be at Kristy's van at the same time. My lame excuse was that I had something for mom...which I did. The sign that came TWO days after I told her. Ugh.
So I had them a badly wrapped package and mumble something about how I saw it and knew they just had to have it. They opened it..and I got some blank stares.
I think Jennifer may have even said, "Why the hell did you give me a onesie?"
When they realized it they hugged me...and Jennifer said, "shit..what are we gunna tell mom!?" ;)
Kristy took hers home to show my nephews and brother-in-law, and my nephews tried to put it on their dog. :)
ugh...I can't find the picture right now!! I'll post it when I do :)
Thane's family....was the best.
A month before we were pregnant, I had thought. Man, how cool would it be if we were far enough along that we could yell it out at family pictures and catch every one's reaction.
Guess what....we could!!!!
It was perfect, minus that his sister totally called me out on being pregnant when I walked up. I was piiiiiised because I thought Thane had already told them.
Turns out, he is just a bad liar...and couldn't deny it. Oiy.
So, I had called the photographer the week before and filled her in on my idea...and she was in LOVE with it. So excited. She did warn me though that she may forget because she gets so caught up in the photos.
So we are done with pictures, she hops off her ladder to tell us how to order the pictures and all I can think is, "Awww man. Now we just have to tell them all in a normal way. Sad."
But no! She hops back on her ladder, yells at Thane's brother for walking away, and says, "I have the pleasure to announce that Thane and Pam are pregnant!!" and then took pictures.
It was perfect. His family was so happy.
Nancy will have 22 grandchildren. :)
That's it!!! I'm done!!! You all know how I told Facebook. (If not, go to my profile and look at old profile pictures.)
Thanks for reading. :)
Now...ONLY because people have asked.....a bump picture.
Note: I just learned like yesterday that if I actually put my hand on my stomach it shows up better. So there isnt much to see in this picture. :)
AND don't judge my face in the end of 14 weeks one...I just woke up.

haha...i totally look like shit in 14. Ugh.

Thanks for reading :)

Oh..and I didn't really proofread. I'm tired. Sue me.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

So, How'd Your Friends Find Out?

So if you know me, pre-baby, you know that I LOVE Bud Light Lime. LOVe it.

I am a social drinker. I'll have a beer with dinner with friends, or just hang out and have a beer if that is what's going on. By no means do I just come home and down a 6 pack, of course the one time I seriously needed to do that after work I couldn't...but whatever. :)

So I am telling you this because I have always known that the minute I found out I was pregnant, my friends would know without me telling them. Why? I wouldn't be drinking. Dead give away.

So when I said in the 1st blog that I called the doctor and the screen printing place to make a shirt...this is why.

We found out on a Tuesday and that Monday I planned a cookout at my house...AND a girls night at a bar.

Seriously Pam? What are the odds that the DAY before I find out I'm having a baby I would plan TWO events that would no doubt involve drinking?

So I had two choices, either tell my friends the way I wanted to even though it was really early..or have them just call me out on it. I decided the first one is more my style, but I still had to get through Girl's Night. Not an easy task.

Thursday Night after Weight Watchers we go out to eat dinner at the bar, and I order water. Let the shit begin. I tried to tell everyone that I felt like shit, which I actually did. It was officially summer, and that Thursday I had been outside ALL day in the heat. (If you don't know, I hate heat already...and so do pregnant women. SO not a good combo.)

While everyone had 3 or 4 beers, I had 3 or 4 waters. Every time someone would order a beer, they would ask me and I'd have to turn it down...and get more shit. "Oh Pam!! Are you pregnant!?!?"

Ugh you guys! YES! No, no, I didn't tell them...but I almost did. I ended up just getting pissed because they were so close to ruining my big surprise, mostly bc I was about to blurt it out just so they would stop and I couldn't handle NOT telling them. I really suck at secrets.

So I make it through the bar...and we stop at guys night. Mistake number 2 of the night.

We are all standing around next to our others, when all of a sudden I have an open, full, cold beer in my hand. One of the guys was nice enough to go get us girls a beer...and open it for us...and force it in our hands. Shit.

I panicked. All I could think, was how am I going to get rid of this beer without drinking it, and without giving it away!?! I looked up and Sara is STARING at me...and so is Tanya. Shiiiit. So, I took a drink just to satisfy them. You of those drinks where you're trying to prove a point, so your eyes are all big...your leaning forward..and your facial expression is all like.."See...I'm drinking!" It worked for Sara...not for Tanya.

I was thinking, maybe I could throw some over my shoulder, or accidentally drop the beer can, but no..all those would be so obvious.

Thankfully Thane came to my rescue.

He walked in the shed to throw away his empty beer, and I gave him a few seconds -then followed. I gave him my full beer and grabbed his empty. Thank God....

So I bailed after I "finished" my beer.

I got home and Tanya text me asking if I was alright. Because honestly...I had been a quiet bitch all night. (My words not hers. :) She asked if I really was pregnant...sooo I totally lied to her and said no. Sorry T.

I was debating telling her at boot camp the next day. Ugh boot camp. I didn't tell her, but I almost literally passed out that day. We had to run up hills backwards and I panicked. Not only did I have to worry about my heart baby's too!! I was beyond petrified of having a miscarriage and the idea of putting my body through that much stress so early in my pregnancy totally got to me mentally. I guess I was SO red that the instructor came running over to me to check on me. I had to tell her, but warned her that T didn't know yet so shh!! I held it together til the end of class and when I got home I bawled. I was so scared..and I knew my life in boot camp, for at least 9 months, was over.

So anyways, didn't tell her. I just asked her to come over early on Saturday. :)

On Saturday, I had on a huge white T-Shirt that said, "Jammed up. I'll be more fun when I can drink again." (Jammed up is an inside joke. :) I had the shirt made the day I found out, because I knew I didn't have much time and wanted it to get done!

So when Tanya showed up, I kinda hid the shirt because I had written her card that said, "You're officially Auntie TT."

Her reaction....for sure in the top 10. She was screaming, and jumping, and hugged me so hard I couldn't breath. :)

The shirt idea was fantastic. Apparently, everyone thought it was odd that I had a big t-shirt on with writing, so they usually read my shirt right away. The reactions ranged from fist pumping in the air, to a smirk and a hug, to a "are you serious???" and I loved them all.

It quickly became fun for everyone. Kind of a "how long til _____ reads the shirt and figures it out?"

My friend Lindsey took a long time to read it...and everyone in the kitchen was staring at her, so I finally just asked her to read it. She was the one who did a fist pump, while holding a baby might I add. :)

Sara...oh Sara. She was one of the last ones to show up. We were all outside when she and Doug walked up. She looked at me and went, "huh..nice shirt," and walked around me to grab her beer and went inside.

Seriously everyone out there just looked at each other stunned...and then burst out laughing. She totally didn't get it. Her boyfriend however read it and went, "Huh...preggers ehh?" :)

So he called her back out and was like, " need to see something." She comes out and he points to my shirt....which she reads again and is like "Ya..its nice." We all stare....and THEN it sinks in and she got it. Too funny. I don't think I'll let her forget that one. :)

I will say though, that Sara then sent us a card with a *really* nice note in it. It made me cry. Weird. Thanks Sara...I loved it. :)

I don't know if everyone liked that I told them on a t-shirt, but I LOVED it. I really liked telling people in a random, gotta think about it, kinda way. Their reactions are way better that way. :)

So there is one more long installment. How we told our families. Bc yes...opps..we told our friends first. Sorry family!!

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Holy crap....I love this. who wants to make it for me!?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

So, How Did Thane Find Out?

Well, if you read yesterday's blog, you know that I accidentally sent Thane a text instead of Molly. Of course.

Thank God it only said, "Guess Thane's getting his Father's Day present!" and not "Holy crap...I AM PREGNANT!!!" Cause that would have sucked.

So I forgot to mention, but maybe you figured it out...I found out the Tuesday before Father's Day.

Don't all mom's say that Father get the way better day? Mother's Day, they still have to do stuff and its an ok day..but Father's Day..oh Father's Day! They get to sleep in while mom takes care of the kid, and makes them breakfast, and makes sure that the kids stay out of their hair, and that their beer glass is never empty (after 5pm of course). Not in your house? Ok..well maybe this is just on TV then.

Anyways, I already see it going that way for us. I spend Mother's Day feeling down because I really want to start a family and it hasn't happened yet..and Thane spends Father's Day knowing that at that very moment, he is a Father to a 4 week old baby. I'm emotional.

So anyways. I covered the text with a, "haha...opps. That wasn't for you." and just played it off.

I ran home, wrapped the onsie that said "Born in 2012" and wrote in the card that was from Bernie and me.

Thane came home and didn't really ask about the text, but I couldn't hold it in so I brought it up. (weird how I can't keep a secret.) So I told him that I really broke the bank on his gift, and I had text Molly because I got home and checked our bank account. When I saw that we could actually afford the gift I got him, I text her to tell her he could keep it....."

He was so confused and asked where it was from. So quick thinking I say, "Best Buy," because let's face it. If I'm lying saying I broke the bank..for something he wanted, it would have to either be from there, Home Depot, or Menards. I also told him it was something we both really all that is left from those 3 choices is Best Buy. I could care less about cordless drills or new work boots.

Well now he was excited to open it.

I pointed it out and kept on cooking dinner, trying not to stare at him grinning while he read the card. Ha..the look on his face after the card. Confused. All it said was Bernie and I were really excited about the gift and we really broke the bank on it. He picked the gift up and shook it. Which of course it made zero noise because tissue paper and baby clothes don't make noise. Ha! He was even more confused and I'm about to yell, "JUST OPEN THE DAMN THING!!!"

He finally opens it and pulls out the onesie. He looks at it...and then in the box to see if there is more. Which there is...a bib and a hat. He looked at me with the most bewildered look on his face. "What the? I don't get........" THEN it sunk in.

The look on his I'll never forget it. Ugh..I'm crying.

All I remember after that look is him going, "Are you serious?!!?!?"  and him kissing me.

It was pretty epic.

How did our friend's find out? Well...apparently this blog topic is turning into a week event. I'll write that tomorrow. :)

Then I *promise* at least 4 entries that have nothing to do with me being pregnant!!

It is going to be nice though to have these stories down somewhere..that isn't written in my chicken scratch handwriting..

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What a great Halloween Costume!!!! I LOVE Halloween. I may decorate at the end of September...

Friday, August 24, 2012

So, How'd You Find Out!?

Even though I promised that my pregnancy wouldn't take over my blog..this time it is. Sorry. If you don't want to read I won't be offended. :)

I have found that about every 2 out of 5 people really are interested in how you found out that you're expecting. (which really could be 0 out of 5, but those 2 people are just trying to be really polite. :)

I love telling our story..but as you can tell, I am long-winded. So then about 15 minutes into my story I feel bad. ;) I figure its just better to type it out.

This post may contain some personal stuff, that I don't care if you know, but if you don't want to know..then don't read. Just a fair warning.

So how did we find out?

Well, back story.

I think I blogged about it once, but we were having some major insurance issues. Like first had a waiting period of 9 months, then the month before we had it our company dropped a TON of people because they got rid of their major med. So they transferred us to a shitty company called Celtic. Seriously horrible. Not only was every co-pay huge and you may as well just have major medical insurance, but they didn't have maternity insurance. DIDN'T HAVE IT. How does an insurance company NOT have it!? So, we looked into our own insurance, and looked into Dean. The *day* Thane took our new insurance info to his boss, he was informed that the entire company was changing a MUCH better company. After a talk with our insurance guy he told me some magic words, "You have no waiting period."

I cried.

It's really hard to be told that you can not have a child and start a family just because your insurance company blows and won't give you coverage without making you wait an additional 9 months. So I cried a lot..but this time they were happy tears.

So anyways, it all worked out perfect. Literally, we were right back on track. (Which just proves to me again that everything happens for a reason, and things DO work out.)

Ok, now it gets personal, feel free to skip ahead a bit..

So we started to "not-not try." So "not-not trying" that at one point I was like, "huh...I think we have to do something to get pregnant..." (if you know what I mean.)

Mother's Day hit me hard. I went to my nephew's soccer game and got the itch real bad. I came home and told Thane our new status was "trying."

Boom....a few weeks later. B Sutts is allowing me to eat an ass load of food and making me SLEEP every chance I get.

Ok....done being so personal!!

So anyways, another question I get was...why did you take a test?

I have no idea. I just woke up on a Tuesday and was like "huh...I think I should take a test." It wasn't like I was going to get wasted that night, thought I'd throw that in there because we all know I do that a lot on a Tuesday nights, but I just impulsively took one..and got in the shower for work.

After my shower, I glanced over at the countertop and from across the room, without contacts and glasses (so blind as a bat) I could SEE the two lines.

First thought: "Um...what the hell? That hasn't been the like before." So I cautiously walked over and put on my glasses.

Sure as shit. ( friends hate when I talk about shit.) Two pink naturally I thought about Eric Church. Jokes...I actually just stared at it in shock.

I instantly didn't believe it. It had to be a faulty test. I, for some reason, was very worried that it would take us a very long time to get pregnant, and it had only been a few months. There is no way the test was accurate. So I threw it away, grabbed another test, and left for work.


I get to work and am bursting to tell Molly, but there are kids *everywhere.* Ugh. Kids at a summer camp. What were they doing there?! So finally I sat down and NO kids were around and I nonchalantly go, "Sooooo wanna go to Target on break?" Molly-"Sure for what?" Me- "Oh, um, a pregnancy test. I think I'm pregnant."

Now lemme tell you. This girl has been on my case since I got married to have a baby. Like I'm sure she wrote, "Congrats on your go make a baby." in our card. :) So I knew she'd be excited.

So we go to Target and I buy a REAL test. An EPT..that was on clearance, which was a bad move. Who buys a test on clearance when you really need to know?

Molly asked me how I would tell Thane and I said "IF I am, I'll get him a Father's Day card and a onesie."

So..took the tests. Both positive. Holy shit. Holy shit guys.

My life officially changed in a Target bathroom. Classy ehh?

I walked out of the bathroom trying to find Molly. The lights were all of a sudden a lot brighter and I couldn't really see right, so thank god we have to wear really bright shirts at work so I could find her. She asked how it went and I said, "Guess I'm buying Thane a Father's Day card!" She then screamed and hugged me in Target...while I cried. (happy, overwhelmed tears.)

So we bought the goods and headed back to work, where I quickly called the doctor to make an appointment for that day and the screen printing place to make a shirt. (I'll explain that later.)

Went to the doctor. Did you guys know a LOT of directions come with having to pee in a cup? Ya, good thing they didn't tell me any of those, and I didn't see them til after. So then I was all like, "great, now I missed step 2..the test won't come out right." (Don't ask me what step 2 was..I just know there was some stupid instruction that they didn't tell me to do.)

Well it worked. The nurse came out and said, "Congrats!!! You're pregnant." and in the same breath said, "Do you want a Midwife?!!??"

Um...excuse me ma'am? You just told me my entire world is changing. My life. Please give me a second to let it sink in.

So I just mumbled "Ya I guess." so she would walk away and let me think.

I grabbed my phone to text Molly, "I guess Thane is getting his Father's Day present!!"

To which she replied, "This is Thane."

I text the wrong person.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The "Asshole Gene"

I haven't blogged since June. Oiy. (is that even how you spell it?)

I have been requested to start up again...and I can't deny my friends. So here we go.

I found my new favorite website today. If you have a dog, you will absolutely love this site. I scrolled through the first page and I was laughing so hard I was crying. It's amazing.

People send in a picture of their dog, with a sign sharing with everyone what asshole thing their dog did. Because let's face it, even though we all love our dogs (and you all know Bernie is my first born baby), they have ZERO manners. You may think you have trained them well, and you may in fact have done so, but they never lose that "asshole gene." They all have it. They are born with it. The gene that makes them do things that are unacceptable in our world, but in their world it is second nature.

This gene causes them to act impulsively and do things that they have gotten in trouble for a THOUSAND times, but it causes them so much joy they just HAVE to do it. Then when you get home...they cower in the corner thinking, "Oh shit.....I didn't hide the evidence."

 In Bernie's case, he forgot to throw away the creamer container, or pick up the empty bread bag, or clean up the garbage from the bathroom after he dug through it to find tampons. In his case, he forgot to grab my hair dryer to dry the GIGANTIC wet spot he left on the couch from licking his paw ALL day. (I swear he thinks he tastes like peanut butter.)

So anyways, I thought I'd share some of funniest posts I found today. :)


Ok..there are a lot! Ha..sorry!!

He looks so sad...heehee.

This one made me cry. Hilarious.

I love how the dog looks...but hey lady, or guy, teach your kids to flush!

Beyond funny...unless it's your baby.

This is totally Bernie. Every morning.


So as some of you may know, we are expexing Baby Sutter in Feb!! If you don't know...clearly you don't stalk me enough on Facebook.
While I promise not to let this awesome and amazing event overtake my blog enteries and Facebook status updates, I can't really promise it. Because let's be serious...who can actually keep that promise? Not many people.
I often worry that I am in fact not pregnant, just have a increased metabolism right now. I have been VERY lucky with my symptoms. I haven't had any morning sickness. Certain smells do make me feel very gagey to the point where I may lose it..but they are really random ones...and hit me with total surprise.
One bad side effect though...the inner bitch in my head is taking over. I can't help it. I am really embracing the "if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all" thing.  I don't talk much at times. If you were in my head you would be shocked. All like, "Pamela!!! You seem like such a sweet person! What are all these WORDS and sassy comments in your head about?! Don't you dare say them!"
It happended today, I had a situation where I found it was better to keep my mouth shut and let my friend deal with it rather than having some smart ass comment come out in a snotty tone.
So in retrospect, I am proud of myself that I can control it...I just wish the bitchface in my head would shut up sometimes. Yaaaa meeee!!!!
No worries though, I am actually pregnant. I have heard B Sutt's heart beat twice, and its beyond amazing. and scares the poo out of me at the same time.
We are having a KID. We will be responsible for ANOTHER PERSON. We can barely keep the dishwasher empty...
So anyways, I am about to crash after the day I had. Hope to see you all back tomorrow :)
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Even though this is for still works:) I think I may actually do some of these!!! I love Fall...mostly because of Halloween!! Stores already have decorations out!!!!!!