Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Why Toddlers Look Like Angels

when they sleep.....

This is what I woke up to this morning:

I can't help but smile and think how much I love that cute little angel laying on my pillow....


...on my pillow.....it's all coming back now.

Flashback to 2:30. 

He is woken up by a coughing fit from the cold he has and he is standing shyly in our doorway. I quickly weight my options. I know if I go and take him back to his room he will lose it and scream for a very long time while I fight to stay awake laying in his bed..cold. If I just get him in our bed we have a 50/50 chance of sleeping..and I'll be warm.

It's 2:30...I cave and bring him back to bed. My bed is so warm...

So he lays in bed...coughing himself to sleep between Thane and I. 

Then his head was on my shoulder.

Then his head was in the middle of my back.

Then his feet were over my shoulder.

Then he is laying curled up next to me cuddling my arm..aww.

Then he sat straight up and screamed like a zombie was chasing him..and then face planted back into a pillow.

Then I worried he was going to get carbon monoxide poisoning from said pillow..so I moved my pillow. Then I ended up sleeping at an angle with Bernie is at my feet. I have 2 options...sleep with my legs so far apart that my hips possibly end up out of their sockets...or cram both feet by Bernie's head next to Thane's feet.

 I picked crammed...and got a cramp in my leg. 

Then his head is in my back and his feet are in Thane's back..and he is kicking. What the hell? He is totally passed out..and kicking. (This one happened a few times. Once I even grabbed his feet and said, "STOP kicking your dad!!!!)

Thane finally wakes up and gives him cough medicine. 

Thane gets back in bed and I fall asleep. 

Revert back to the position- Head in the middle of my back + feet in Thanes = husband on the couch.

Thane had put a pillow next to P so he wouldn't fall out of bed...which he then kicked on the floor. So I put Thane's other pillow there...and fell asleep with my hand on him. 

He kicked that one out of bed. I put my pillow next to him.

Then he sits up...turns around...face plants into our comforter. Our comforter that Bernie sleeps on. The same dog that P is allergic to. So I sit up, pick up P, move the comforter out of his face and lay him back down. He pushes my pillow on the floor. 

Instead of me giving up my last pillow...I opt for now resting my arm on his butt so I know he isn't moving and falling off our abnormally tall bed. 

We fall asleep finally..Thanes alarm goes off on the couch...P is up next to my head again. Thane comes in, picks him up to take him back to his bed...and he screams like we are giving him his shots. 

I groan and tell Thane to just leave him. I only have 30 more minutes to sleep anyways. Who needs a peaceful sleep?

So this morning as I was looking at him smiling..I realized. P looking so cute when he sleeps in a defense mechanism. 

Toddlers HAVE to look so cute while they are sleeping to make you forget all the shit they just put you through for 3+ hours.. 

Well played my little friends. Well played.

There was a LOT of the first picture here going on last night...actually 1-3 are all pretty accurate.