Monday, September 9, 2013

Tooth Fairy

P Baby has TWO teeth.


They popped in Saturday, September 7th. :)

Possibly while at a wedding.

Did I know he had teeth that just cut through his gums? Nope. Not at all because he is an amazing baby.

He should have been in horrible pain, but nothing. He was in a great mood and was a dancing machine.

He is now the proud owner of two front teeth.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another First

Parker's first real medical issue. Oiy.

He started daycare last week because my nanny had knee surgery and needs 2 months to recover. So he started right as all the other kids got a virus. My child's immune system that has only experienced dog hair.....of course got it.

All week he was exhausted. Bed by 7:30 exhausted. So we chalked it up to him being over stimulated at work. Fantastic!

Then his runny nose started...and then a cough.

Took him to the doctor on Tuesday and yup..just a virus. Don't worry, it will run its course. Great. I hate viruses. They suck. Who wants to hear that you can do nothing for your child? You just have to listen to his heart breaking, chest rattling cough for 10 days. 10 very long days.

Wednesday I go to hang out with him on my break and his legs are purple. Purple. Great.

We check his torso and yup...purpleish too. While at the doctor on Tuesday they checked his oxygen, so Wednesday I was worried that he was low on oxygen and that is why he was turning purple. So I was about to call the dr when my coworker came to talk to P baby and then goes "Oh Pam are you crying??"

Sigh...yup. Of course I am. Ugh. Over reacting mom...again. Then my boss comes over...looks at P and calms me down. Thankfully.

Thursday. P's lead teacher calls me and tells me to come down to see him. I had told her when he started that he plays with his ears all the time and I wasn't sure if it was a "I'm tired thing" or a "ear infection" thing. So she has been keeping an eye on it.

So on Thursday I went down and was holding him while she did the test. The left ear...nothing. Right soon as she did her test he pulled as far away from her as possible. yup...that's not normal!

And he hasn't eaten more than 5 oz all day, and it was 2pm.

We go to the doctor. Get there and oh! The phone nurse didn't put in our appointment. Great.

So we finally see the doctor an hour after we are supposed to. I should just be thankful that we were still able to see us I guess.

She checked his ear and instantly saw he had an infection. She listened to his chest, several times. She seemed a little concerned and had a nurse bring in the oxygen checker, which of course P hated and wouldn't let them do.

They came back in with another one and the Dr finally got it to work on his fingernail...and he was low. She ordered a chest x-ray.

She warned me that it would be traumatic....boy was she right.

You have to sit your baby on this bicycle seat and then press them into a plastic cylinder tube with their arms above their heads. It's like a medieval torture device. So P is screaming while she is having me hold like 7 different things . His arms are above his head, smooched against his face, and he is looking at me like "WHHHHYYYYYY MOM?!?!?!!?"

So that's done. The Dr looks at it...and does see some spots but thinks its just mucus. Nope. 7pm that night she calls me again. A specialist had looked at it...yup pneumonia. New prescription.

My mom called to see if we needed anything from Madison. The conversation went like this:

M- "Hey, we are in Madison do you need anything?"
Me- "No...we should be good. thanks though."
Me- "Mom, do you just want to come see Parker?"
M-pause....pause "Ya."

So they come over and I take off for Walgreens and make it there with a minute to spare. I'm sure they didn't appreciate it because they were just about to close, but I was pretty stoked.

So now P is on some crazy stuff that tastes really bad so I have to trick him into eating.

Sigh...I just wish he would eat and get back to normal. I miss my baby.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Watch Out Phelps

This kid loves swimming.

There are 8 kids in his swim class, about 5 of them love to swim. P baby being one of them.

There is another 5 month old in our class, who is not all about the water. He is uber cute and when his dad puts him in the water past his butt he is NOT happy. Babies and their pouty faces=super cute.

I sat out tonight to take pictures, weird how I wanted pictures of my kid...I hate taking pictures, and watching Parker was pretty cool.

He just chewed on his hand non chalantley while kicking, or while Thane pulled him through the water. So chill.

Then when they were all in the circle to sing their sweet songs, he was giggling the whole time.

They do little stations where you put your kid in a "boat" (a bent noodle) or put weights under their arms so they can float. I'm not going to lie, Thane put him in the "boat" for the first time and was only kinda holding him. Had a mild panic attack and make him hold him a little better. The instructor thought it was just Not so much.

There is a station where you put out little floatey things and the kids are supposed to grab them and put them back in. Well, if Parker does grab them..he just chews on it.

A station where you pour water over their heads. He loves that one.

In class today, they practiced "jumping" off the wall and going under water. I didn't realize they were supposed to go under water. Thane didn't attempt that. I don't think Parker will have a problem going under, but who knows.

Since his lessons last week, we have been to the pool in town twice. I LOVE that he loves the water. I'll go sit in the pool and play with my kiddo all summer. Sounds good to me!!


We did Father's Day with my dad yesterday since it wasn't possible to see him on Father's Day. Thane grilled out and we just hung out for a bit. Then we headed into town for a Cancer Free/Birthday Party and while inside I wanted to get a picture of Parker with my dad.

My dad...oh my dad. He doesn't smile in pictures. At all. You have to take like 15 pictures of him to get a sorta smile. Just like his mom. So I consider the 2 good ones that I got pretty darn amazing.

I am beyond in love with these pictures...and will be framing them. They make me smile every time I look at them.

A picture of my little guy and the big guy that I hope he can be just like.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

This is Thane's first official Father's Day with a baby he can hold.

Last Father's Day, he got probably the best gift ever? I told him we were pregnant.

Perfect timing? For sure.

I have seen him change so much this past year since we found out. Not that he wasn't perfect before, but now he is more perfect. :)

I don't think I will ever forget how he was in the hospital when Parker was born. So attentive to everything I needed and instantly snapped into dad mode the moment our son was born.

It's amazing to see the change in men the moment they first hold their child.

This should have seen him hold a baby before Parker. It made me laugh every time (in the most loving way possible). Awkward doesn't even begin to cover it.

He walked over to me holding Parker in the OR looking like a natural baby holder.

He has been amazing ever since, and you can see it in how Parker looks at him.

Our kid is a daddy's boy...and man does it piss me off. ;)

On to my dad.

My dad has done SO much for us in the past year. He is truly a selfless person and I can only pray that I can instill the values that my dad has in my son.

My father is a VERY talented wood worker. If you haven't seen the wine rack, sofa table, ipad holder, cutting boards, chest, and soon to be posted bookshelf that he has made people over the years...creep a bit on my FB. Simply amazing, and I will treasure the things he has made me forever.

He has so many talents and is so driven. He is 71 years old and spends 3+ weeks working his butt off in the strawberry patch. That is hardworking.

So anyways, I hope all you dads out there have a fantastic Father's Day..its beautiful out!


This is amazing...

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Parker had quite the weekend!

Lots of big things for him happened.

He had his first solid food: Raspberry cupcake frosting.

and he loved it...further proof that he is in fact a Sutter. ;) He already loves his sweets.

Thane took him to his cousins grad party while I had a sweet work meeting ALL day on Frolic Saturday, ya that sucked. P's Grandma Nancy let him have some frosting and apparently he loved it. :) Maybe we will try some a month or so.

He has officially become a "rolling machine" as a friend put it for her baby. Every time he lays on his back he rolls over...and then screams after a few seconds because he hates tummy time. He even tries to roll when he is sitting on the couch with me, or while sitting in his reclining chair. That doesn't work so then he screams.

It's cool to see him do it though, because just before he starts to scream he is wiggling around like a worm trying to go somewhere. I'm not ready for him to crawl yet.

He now likes raspberries. Kisses...not the fruit. When I used to give them to his on his cheek he would get a grossed out look on his he just laughs. I love this kid.

and last!! His first parade!!

We took him to the Frolic Parade with Auntie Katie and found Aunt Jill and Uncle Sean and their whole crew. Watching Emily's daughter Maggie get the candy was awesome. It took her a few times on it being thrown before she caught on...but once she got it she was all over it. Best part: she doesn't like sweet stuff. More for Emily and James then!Sad that my kid already likes extra candy for us next year.

On a side of my great friends from high school just had her second baby this week. She is beautiful!! Congrats Julie and Justin, can't wait to meet your little lady. :)


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Teething Is For The Birds

We are on day three and it SUCKS.

I have to hope that each night as he screams a little bit more that we are that much closer to that tooth popping in!!

Its difficult because I know he is teething but after tonight's meltdown I am also wondering if his acid reflux is kicking in again and we need to up his dosage.

Ugh...motherhood really is a constant guessing game isn't it?

Every thing I have read has said that if you massage their gums it helps them.

Nope. Makes him scream louder.

I tried OraJel for babies tonight...and I'm pretty sure he just got it all over his tongue which wouldn't get out of the way...and then made him cry more because I was squeezing his cheeks.

I tried those dissolvable tablets...didn't seem to work.

Wet wash cloth...nope.

Teething rings...too cold.

Salle le Giraffe....kinda works as he is figuring her out.

His hand and Thane's finger are his favorite things...and really the only things that are working for him.  Good thing I spent all this money on teething stuff. ;)

Next is that magical teething necklace. I am going to get it tomorrow on break actually.

Anything to stop him from screaming like he does. It breaks my heart.

Tonight he stopped while we danced and sang to Wagon Wheel. He just stared at the TV and was so calm. (I taped the CMT awards.) Then Luke Bryan and his shitty song came on and P got fussy again. He has good taste.

Thane was walking around with him, swaying, when he got a genius idea. Sit on our bar stools and sway back and forth.

So he is standing and swaying and Parker is happy as can be. He slowly sits down in the chair and continues to sway by swinging the chair back and forth and P starts screaming.

Thane, "How do you know that I'm not walking around anymore!?!?"


I know it will get better, I just hope its sooner rather than later. My poor guy. I can't handle listening to him scream in pain. :(

Thanks for every one's comments today on's nice to hear so many different ideas!! I appreciate you all. :)

Have a great night!

Pinterest Finds:

This poor woman....but it made me laugh out loud after I tried really hard not to. I'm going to hell.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Who Needs A Baby Book...

when you have a blog??

Not that Parker will actually care about his story of when he first rolled over, but its a lot cooler than just seeing a date and a few words about it. :)

Lucky kid.

So on Friday my mom stopped by because she was close. We were sitting on the floor watching P play on his playmat when he rolled to his side....and seemed to keep going. My heart literally dropped and I may have freaked out a little bit?  Who knew that watching your kid almost roll over could be so exciting. He had a hold of the edge of his playmat..this had to be it!!

So Thane was changing from I'm on the floor yelling his name, but not taking my eyes off of Parker. If I missed him rolling over because I was yelling for Thane to come watch him roll over I'd be beyond pissed.

So Parker almost has it...I'm yelling for Thane...and P starts screaming because he is so angry that he is in limbo of rolling over. Stuck on that other darn arm. and then he gives up and rolls back to his back. 

UGH! So close kid.

So yesterday, he was laying on a blanket on the picnic table and I had my hands on either side of him so he wouldn't roll over. Then I thought...."Pam, you are holding him and this will be the day he wanted to roll over." I am not kidding...literally thought that. So I moved my hands away from him.

Rolled onto his side...almost off the blanket. :) So I moved him in a little bit..and he went for it. 

Everyone was watching and Thane's sister was yelling at him to come watch. 

He rolled over and everyone cheered and clapped......and Parker screamed. That other arm was stuck under him..but he was still on his belly!!! 

It counts in my book!

So Milestone: Rolling over. 
Nailed it on: June 1st, 2013 at Anthony's Grad party on a picnic table. 

Who woulda thought. :)

Now off to write the date in his baby book...cause let's be real. I'm still going to keep up with that. :)


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What Book Are You Reading Tonight?

So usually when stations have those radioathons I change the channel. I don't want to cry and feel horrible before I start my work day.

Which now that I type that, man how hypacritical? Parents who have children at St Judes or the American Family Children's Hospital cry and feel horrible I'm guessing every work day. :/

So this morning, Q106 is having a radioathon for the Children's Hospital, somewhere we have been, so I kept it on to listen.

Our 2 visits there were for a very minor reason but P had to see a specialist and that is where you go, but those 2 times made a huge impression on me. I realized just how lucky we really are.

So many sick children, really sick children. Kids in wheel chairs, with bald heads, with obvious illnesses. God that waiting room was packed. All I could do was hug Parker a little tighter and pray to God that we would never have to go back there for anything.

If you have never been to this hospital, it is amazing. So many cool little details that I'm sure kids just eat up. They just redid their concession stand area to offer families and staff healthier options.

I heard on the radio that they are raising money to keeping adding fun things to a play area. An area where the children who are sick, and their siblings, can go and play for a bit and just forget why they are there. They are also funding a program that helps the children who are sick to understand what is going on with their body and what could happen to them.

The radio always has a family on to share their story and one dad's words make me lose my breath. "You just never expect to think "My daughter is going to die."

Candy said something else that did me in..."What book are you going to read your child tonight? If it's not called, "I have cancer" then you should donate. If you have the option to read a book that doesn't explain how sick you need to donate."

Here is where your money is going...
  • Support the “Kids Can’t Wait” campaign, which will build a 14-bed surgical NICU for the youngest babies needing surgery.
  • Equip two more operating rooms.
  • Provide supplies for the Positive Image Center which offers wigs, hats and salon services to patients free of charge.
  • Provide gas cards and transportation resources for families who need help getting to and from the hospital.
  • Support Tyler’s Place sibling care so parents can stay with their hospitalized child while the siblings are taken care of in a nurturing and therapeutic environment.

    So on that note....Donate

    Tuesday, May 21, 2013

    When Is It Not Acceptable

    to keep using the " I just had a baby" excuse?

    Parker is over 4 months now.

    I have been back with the living for about 3 months now.

    Still have at least 12 pounds of baby weight to lose.

    It may not sound like a lot, but if you've had a kid you know.

    My body shape seems to have changed, and even though I am only about 12 pounds heavier than I was before I got pregnant...I seem to be carrying an extra 20 pounds still in my belly.

    So, obviously you would say, "well Fatty...stop eating shitty food and it will just drop off!!!"

    Yes. That will work.

    As soon as I find the willpower to turn down a free bagel.

    Seriously people, I can't believe how little self control I have. It is quite embarrassing. I see a free bagel and I'm like my 3 yr olds impulsively grabbing at it even though my WW leader just told me not to.

    "Oh what's that cute old teacher lady vest wearing WW leader....don't eat this bagel...????" Oh you looked away for a second? Let me shove it in my mouth and then hum when you look back at me and act like nothing happened.

    Literally my life.

    I bought the WW Active Link last week and I LOVE it. It has already pushed me to do a little extra moving, and its only assessment week. I have high hopes that this will keep me motivated, especially when the challenges start.

    I did have a WIN tonight. I usually fall asleep in the chair with P baby around 8:15, and tonight was on par to be the same thing. Except I would have been on the couch alone because it's Thane's night to put him down. I decided that Bernie has been a little neglected lately, so I would take just him for a walk.

    1.12 miles later we were back and I didn't waste an hour of my night sleeping!

    I had previously downloaded Map My Walk and I actually used it tonight. It is also super motivating.

    So...wish me luck that I can at least keep up moving more. Every bit counts right?


    I am also doing this this month. Day one done. If you see me and I can't walk....this is why.

    Monday, May 20, 2013


    I probably shouldn't publicly complain about this...I may be struck by lightening...but whatever. It's on my I shall.

    We are trying to plan a date for P's baptism. A date.

    Simple right?


    My old church, where Thane and I got married, is where I would like him to be baptised. We don't officially belong to a church and it would mean a lot to me if P got his first sacrament in the church that performed the sacrament that helped him be created.

    Ok...well let's be real. He wasn't created because of the sacrament..we all know where babies come from. Move on.

    Well, said church only does it the 3rd weekend of the month. K, well that doesn't work for us so I assumed they would be flexible. I wanted it during the mass, so it would add what? an extra 10 minutes to mass.

    Nope. Can't do one weekend because of a missionary coming, and the other weekend is my hometown's weekend festival. Understandable why they may be hesitant to do it then, but really? And I could probably call the sister back and persuade her to have it when the missionary is in town...but I don't think I will.

    I think what I am most annoyed with is the fact that at the end of the voicemail she said, "And we need to discuss you becoming a member of the church."

    Really?? Let's get real here for a second. That church is 45ish minutes away from where we live. There is no way we are getting there every weekend. Can you just say what you mean? "We need to discuss how much money you are willing to give us."

    I am so frustrated because when we got married, we had to "join" the church. We "joined" in like June or something, but my mom didn't slip in a $5 bill until about October with our names on it.

    Crazy how in the next bulletin Thane and I were welcomed into the church.

    The weekend after we gave them money.

    I feel like it is always about the money. And I guess it is like that with anything, and maybe it is even like that in all religions. So maybe I shouldn't be annoyed? but I am.

    And maybe its just this church? Who knows..maybe another one would be better and fit my needs and beliefs better.

    So bottom line. I think we are going to suck it up and join the church in town. Whatever I may think of the current priest...we will have to deal with him eventually. Might as well start now.

    Disclaimer: Please don't try to get me to come to your church. I, no matter how much I complain, will always be Catholic. It is how I was is all I know. Complain as I is part of me and I don't think I will ever change that.

    Thanks for listening to me complain.:)

    We will be these parents. No doubt.

    Sunday, May 19, 2013

    Mother's Day

    I keep meaning to write about my first Mother's Day...and obviously I keep forgetting.

    So now, while I am sitting here trying to plan our meals for the week....I am giving into my ADD and blogging instead.

    My first Mother's Day...of course I hype it up in my head like it's going to be this amazing day full of things I want to do. Ha.

    Reality check.

    I realized on Saturday as I was making my dish to pass, that I am making the dish to pass for Mother's Day. I can guarantee Thane won't be making his dish to pass for Father's Day.  But here I the kitchen slaving away over some Pinterest thing I found. (Let's be real...I wasn't slaving away...I'm exaggerating a little bit.)

    So then this idea came to me. Since we spending all day Sunday traveling to see our moms...Saturday will be our day to do Father's Day and Mother's Day. A day to celebrate with just our family.

    Good idea right? Well, it didn't really work for Mother's Day...but I will make sure it does for Father's Day!

    So my Mother's Day consisted of going to Spring Green to see my mama. We had a brunch and she even set Parker's spot at the table. A bottle and a container of Similac on his plate. :) We hung out there for a while and then headed to Cross Plains for Thane's family get together.

    Parker got to meet his 2nd cousin Ella and man did he like her! Her mama Carrie came to sit by us after I fed Parker and he was ALL smiles at her. Total flirt. Ella however must already think that boys have cooties because she was not all about Parker. ;) It was too cute.

    Parker got me a Kuerig and he even had it all set up for me when I got up! Such a thoughtful baby. :)

    And I have some pretty thoughtful friends. I got a few cards in the mail, including one from Parker, and a lot of texts on Sunday. Thank you to everyone who thought of me. It made the day even better!!

    Hope you all had a great Mother's Day!


    Wednesday, May 8, 2013

    Pity Party

    So I am kinda down in the dumps right now.

    I really think my weight has a lot to do with it. Yes, yes I know..."it took you 8 months to put it on it will take you that long to take it off."

    Just let me complain..

    If I could control the amounts of food I put in my mouth I'd be a lot farther along right now.

    I am uncomfortable in my skin.

    The thought of wearing my Ranger Jane uniform this summer makes me want to vomit. (Don't ask what that is...) The thought of having to get in my swimsuit twice a week.....double vomit.

    So starting Monday, you have to be real...Mother's Day? Ya....I'm not a martyr.

    Starting Monday I am doing the cleanse minus the pills. (Thane and I both need new tennis shoes...I can't drop money on pills.) Usually I have NO will power at work, but luckily my Lunch Bunch Buddy and I are doing it together.

    So probably about half of you are saying, "Oh Pam, stop bitching and just do it already!" Well...shut up. It's harder than it sounds.

    But...yes...I'll stop bitching and do it.

    Next week I will be hopefully getting my PC Membership back. If not...guess it is walks outside for me on my breaks and hopefully after work.

    So there we go. Pity party.

    Time to move on, after Sunday, and actually do something about it.

    Tan fat still ain't pretty.

    Sorry Aron. ;)


    Monday, April 29, 2013

    St Judes

    So last night we went to the St Jude's Jam for the start to Erika Birthday Month. :)

    If you have never been to a Jam...they are amazing, and they totally benefit St Jude's.

    To start the show, they had a mom and her son talk. One night he came into his parent's room, when he was 7, and was complaining of being dizzy and was throwing up every where. The next day, he wasn't any better and when her husband got home they both noticed his eyes were going from side to side. So they took him in and found that he has a tumor on his brain stem.

    He had weeks to live.

    He was 7.

    Well, they called St Jude's and had to make a decision if they were going to go get treatment there. Less than an hour after they confirmed their appointment, St Judes called them with a plane ticket, hotel arrangements, and a car....for nothing out of their pocket.

    Now this boy is 9. They can't remove his tumor, so they keep going to the doctor and will have to start radiation soon.

    So as they were sharing their story all I could think about was Parker and try to keep it together.

    Can you imagine hearing that your child has cancer??? The thought makes me tear up. I can just imagine your whole world collapsing.

    Hearing someone's story like that makes you take an assessment of your life and who you are thankful for..

    I am beyond thankful for my chubby baby, the kid who can make me burst out laughing with just one little twitch of his lips, the kid who can make my day instantly better when I get to hold him, the kid who changed my whole life the instant he cried for the first time.
    I am thankful for this man...who is my rock in this world.
    I am thankful for this big lap dog, who is the best snuggler ever.
    I am thankful for this fantastic group of ladies. You need girlfriends to get through in life, and let me tell you what...I got the best ones. :)
    I am thankful for my family. They are the ones that are truly stuck with me forever..and don't seem to mind?
    Whom I can't even find a picture of all of us together..which is the exact reason I want to do a family photo shoot this summer.
    Anyways..I want to go to bed.
    Recap: Be thankful for what you never know when it can all be taken away from you.
    Live your life...
    Go to the St Jude's Jam this fall...its so worth it.

    Wish this crazy amazing lady a happy birthday on Thursday. My steel trap of a best friend...the one who has been by my side since the start of my time in the MH.

    Love you E.

    Like I's her birthday month....there is at least one more blog about her on the way. ;)

    Thanks for last night love!!

    Thursday, April 25, 2013

    3 Years Down...

    Our 3 year anniversary was yesterday, and it was our first date in almost 5 months.

    Much needed.

    We went to Outback and the best part was it was under $20!

    I used my Christmas gift card from work. I was saving it for a perfect night...which of course would be our anniversary.

    Tanya and Docken were watching Parker and coming over at 6, and I get done with work at I booked it home.

    I got within a half a mile of home when I got distracted by a garage sale. On a Wednesday?!?! I had to have been one of the first people there!

    I HAD to go!

    I LOOOOOOOOOVE garage sales.

    So I made a loop in my subdivision and stopped on by.

    Parker made out with a cool Badger book and a PUMA shirt...for when he is 4.

    Don't was only 50 cents!

    So then of course I got home late. There goes doing my hair....and taking a real shower.

    Sorry Thane.

    I found a good dress to wear though, and I actually felt pretty. That hasn't happened in about 11 months now...

    Best part, our family picture at the end of the night. :)

    I have the cutest family. <3.
    Thanks Tanya and Docken for watching our munchkin.
    Who's next!? :) 

    Wednesday, April 17, 2013

    Milestones Up The Wazoo!

    What a day for Parker baby.

    He not only found his hand this morning at 6:30, or something like that ;) but he also has his first "virus." AKA...the common cold?

    I'm pretty sure the doctor called it a virus just to make it sound worse than it was.

    My poor guy.

    He is surprisingly acting ok though. He just freaks out when you lay him down flat on his back, which is probably because he then spits up..and chokes on it. Oiy.

    He is spiting up a lot right now. :/ Best spit up the past two days just happened. He started to in his swing, Thane got him out quick because he was doing the choking thing, so then he got it all over Thane. Thane came to wake me up from my nap and I opened my eyes just in time to see a fresh wave hit the wall. Ugh.

    He is soooo congested it makes my heart hurt. He is obviously doing ok, because he is eating, but he is so wheezy.

    Hopefully this passes fast. I don't like listening to him like this.

    But until then....I will lay with him in the recliner (I enjoyed our snuggles in it last night) with the humidifier on and pray that it passes soon.

    On to his hand....cuuuuuuuuuuuuutest thing ever to see your kid chew on his hand.

    Weird to say?


    While I love to see him do it, and its adorable, it will also be expensive if he keeps it up.

    Heellloooo dentist bills from sucking on his thumb.

    The price of cuteness.


    Something I should get better at...

    Monday, April 15, 2013

    Is He Behind?

    It is standard teacher smeacher stuff to not compare children's abilities. Some kids are just a little more advanced or a little behind their peers. Every child is an individual and they take things at their own pace.

    Yada yada. Easy to remember unless it's your kid.

    One of my friends from high school, who has one of the most adorable babies ever, posted a picture of her kiddo in a Jumparoo the other day. Her baby is really close in age to I just stared at it in awe. He looked so happy and strong in the picture.

    I haven't even thought about getting P's Jumparoo out. His neck is quite strong enough yet. I have this mental image of me putting him in it...and he would sit up for about 10 seconds before slamming his head on a rattle or something.

    My nephew's baby, who was also born within two weeks of P is holding a rattle. Holding it. I then promptly went and got P a rattle and put it in his hand. It fell out. Right away.

    Thane's cousin posted a picture of her baby, also born within 2 weeks of P, doing tummy time on her boopie. What a good idea!! So I tried that...nope.

    It makes me worry that we aren't doing what we should be with him. Maybe he should be doing more bumbo time. Maybe he should be doing more tummy time. Maybe I should be feeding him spinach.

    After the Jumparoo picture, I checked my email and had one from Meriter.

    Subject Line: Your baby at 8 weeks.

    Oh ya.

    While he is 3 months old.....he is really only 8 weeks old.

    His doctor said he will catch up by 6 months, but its hard to remember.

    He can however bust a move.


    Sunday, April 14, 2013

    Mr Pissy Pants

    So last Tuesday I realized as I was changing P's diaper that he hasn't smiled at me in a while. A long while.

    Like since about the time I left to go back to work. That is a LONG time. and leave it to me to not notice until so much later....I'm not very observant.

    So the rest of the morning I did everything I could to get him to smile at me....nothing.

    He was mad at me.

    I may or not have cried all the way to work. and then at work. I had the worst day ever.

    And it wasn't just that he wasn't happy during this time. Oh no. He would smile at everyone the drop of a hat.

    "Oh you looked at me?...SMIIIIIIIIIIIIIILE!!!!"


    "'re my mom? I'M NOT LOOKING AT YOU!"

    I am not kidding. I wish I was.

    So on Friday, as I'm getting him ready to go to Grandma's I look at him and smile and say, "We are going to spend aalll day on Sunday cuddling and I will get you to smile at me again!" and my little baby accidentally let out a smile. Once he realized what he did, he put it away and turned his head. But it was still a smile. :)

    My sister posted a picture on Facebook of him smiling. Ugh. Literally for everyone but me!

    So today..that is exactly what we did. We cuddled. Then we boppied. Then we cuddled.

    During boppie time I talked his ear off...and he SMILED AT ME!!!

    I even got coos from him. Several. He was talking back to me :)

    So here is hoping Mr Pissy Pants isn't mad at me anymore....I can't take another week of no smiles!


    This one in for you Katie:

    Stop Growing!

    Dear Burrito-

    You are only 3 months. You should probably not be able to wear 6 month clothes. Please stop growing....all of your super cute plaid shorts are 6 months, and I'd like you to wear them just once.



    1 day old.
    6 weeks old.
    12 weeks old.
    Could he be any cuter?