Monday, September 1, 2014

Day 2.

Today I am grateful for:

1. Having a job where I can still enjoy the magic of the First Day of School! I may not currently be using my degree, but I am doing a job that I love AND it gives me a chance to still have that First Day of School excitement because I get to hear about it from all the kids after school. I get to see a whole bunch of new kiddos moving up in the preschool world. I get to share in their excitement...and then I get to leave it and be home with my family....and my couch. That is the one thing I don't think I could do anymore when it comes to teaching: bring it home with me. I really enjoy my nights at home with Parker and Thane and Bernie. I barely have time (or energy) to clean my house at night, so I can't imagine having to grade papers or lesson plan. Kuddos to my friends who are doing it! I'm not that far removed that I don't remember how stressful and rewarding it is. You guys are amazing people and you are often not given enough credit for the things you do. I wish you all the best of luck tomorrow and the rest of the school year!

This is amazing. 

2. On that note, I am grateful for my job. For obvious reasons, we have bills, but for much more than that. I'm grateful that KJ gave me the chance to see what office work has in store for me. They had enough faith in me to let me try something new..and I love it. I still don't have it down, and that bothers me...I don't like making mistakes. I learn something new every day...and something new stresses me out everyday...but I'm good with that!

3. My coworkers...who I consider to be my friends. I love you guys! Without them I couldn't get through the stressful days...and there seem to be quite a few of those lately. I can talk to them about anything going on...and often cry to them. We all share in each other's excitement about life..the downsides of life..and all the sides of life in between. 

I tried to find a good Pinterest thing for coworkers...apparently everyone hates their coworkers. Guess I'm lucky!

Good luck at school tomorrow everyone...especially YOU Cassie!!!! Congrats on the new job. You're going to nail your first first day of school!