Thursday, November 27, 2014

20 Minutes in the Snow

that is all we made it.

It took us 30 to get ready.

Was it worth it? Sure..of course. P had a blast.

Was it insanely annoying to get him ready? Oh man.....

It all comes down to be me being unprepared to go. I should have had his boots ready, his gloves out of the package, the layers of clothes ready. Rookie mistake.

This is the first time we have really gone out to play in the snow. Last year, he still wasn't really walking so we couldn't go sit in the snow and get cold. Well, we probably could have, but no. We used the sled, but this time he got to walk in the snow. 

So let's start. 

First, 2 layers of pants and 2 layers of shirt. Easy right? No. I had to dodge stinkies and toy tractors that Parker somehow manifested on his changing pad and was throwing at me. Ya...we are in that stage of life. 

Step 2. Snowpants. Have you tried to put snowpants on a wiggling toddler? He won't sit still....makes it a little difficult to put snowpants on. But as soon as I got them up and the zipper up he was in awe. He loves zippers right now. 

Step 3. Boots. I HATE snowboots. I can't get them on him! We tried his boots on the other day and I can't get his heels down. (So if anyone has any tips please share) I swear, on our snow day, I tried everything...I worked up a sweat. 6  minutes later I think I have them on. 

Step 4. Mittens. Seriously...its so difficult to get stuff on a kid that he has never worn before. "Push your hand in there Parker....No.;..push. Parker..PUSH!" Oh have no idea what that means. Great. 

Get his mittens fall off because they weren't really on to start. Insert a mini tantrum on my part. 

Step 5. Find his old boots...I know I saw one in the playroom. I'm in the playroom looking for them when I hear Parker going "Oh!! SEE?!" I look. Ya. I see him throwing off his gloves that just took 2 minutes to put on and unzipping his snowpants that I wrestled him into. I say screw it to worrying about that and keep searching for the other boots. Found 1. Good enough

Step 6. Find where Parker has wondered off to and redress him. Find him in his room, snow pants around his ankles, reading a book. K. Start over. Put one old boot worked. Crammed him in the other new boot..stood him up. He smelled like poop.

Really? Really????

So what did I do? What every mom of the year does.....ignores it. Which luckily I did because he had just farted....I would have been so mad if I tried to change him! 

So anyways, lesson finally learned. I threw him in his new awesome Packer coat, threw on his hat, shoved myself into my snowpants and boots (all while he is screaming) find a random coat and rush outside. 

Outside was awesome. I showed him how to push his hands into the snow. He thought that was the coolest thing ever. 

Our new neighbors dog was outside, Lobo the beagle. He hates Bernie. So we watched the dogs run back and forth for a while and watched while Bernie tried to pee on him. Parker thought that was funny, 

We lasted 20 minutes before his boots started to fall off and my hands were numb and mommy called it. 

Lesson learned. Get my shit together before I start.