Saturday, September 1, 2012

Theme Song Of The Day...

I seem to wake up every morning with a new song in my head.

I get out of bed and within a minute a song pops into my head.

This morning it was some song about always being there for someone.

Yesterday it was "Bullet Proof" by Madonna.

Usually, its a Jason Aldean song.

These songs have to do something with my day. Otherwise why the hell do I keep singing them as soon as I wake up? Every morning it's different. So maybe it is a sign as to what kind of a day I'm going to have?

Not gunna lie, yesterday is when I thought of I was a liiiiittle worried about my song of the day. Bullet Proof? What kind of a day was I going to have?!

Thankfully, it was as good day, for the most part. So I didn't have to worry about dodging bullets, real or figurative.

It all got me thinking about Ally McBeal.

I LOVED that show. Remember that dancing baby?

Ooga-Chaka. Ooga-Chaka.

and remember the Knee-Pit move?

I need to get this show on DVD.

Never seen it? Here's an episode!

Ally McBeal!

So about that Blue Moon last night?

Pinterest Find:

It's 10:12.

I need to get off the couch and get working on my To Do List.

Who makes a To Do List on Labor Day weekend?? Ugh.........

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