Monday, April 28, 2014

Delusional Lady and Target

Why does every trip to Target result in me blogging?

In case you didn't notice, its pouring out. 

Pouring. On and off all day. 

We shall start this journey there.

So I am driving to Target, two hands on the wheel, trying not to let the wind take me off the road. I pull in and try to park strategically. I see the *perfect* spot. Not too far from the door...and right next to a cart return.

It would be perfect. I could run back to my car in the rain, but my hatch would shield me as I leisurely unpacked my groceries, all while chuckling at all the poop people who had cars....who didn't have a hatch! (I just saw my "poop" typo...and its too good to delete.It should say "poor" but poop is a good alternative.) 

Anyways, I grab my coupon binder and head it. Luckily I was able to dodge the rain at this moment. 

To start, I wanted to find this frozen pasta stuff I had gotten for P before. Do you think I can find it?? If someone was like, "PAM! You will win a MILLION dollars if you find that damn frozen pasta again!!" I wouldn't win.

How is it that I can be like drawn to it the first time....then after I learn my kid loves it, never find it again? I walked around the frozen food aisle at least 3 times. 

Throughout my trip there were LOUD cracks of thunder. So loud it sounded like I was outside, on a hill, next to a tree, that had a megaphone on it to funnel down the thunder to me. Too much? I'm tired. 

It is interesting to watch people react. It was so loud that I jumped almost every time. People would nervously look around and laugh at each other and comment on the rain. 

When I stopped to get lunch meat, the deli lady and I had a whole discussion on how it was just our luck the that on again off again rain would be "on again" when we were both about to leave. At that point it was pouring and all I could think about was my awesome parking job. I would be able to unload my groceries in peace.

I get to the checkout and size up my overflowing cart. I have learned my lesson with couponing. If your coupon is for multiple things, like buy 3 pastas get a dollar off, put that stuff at the end of your purchase. That way when their computer prompts them to make sure you bought enough you don't have to dig through all the bags to prove it. That happened to me once...with like 3 coupons. So embarrassing and annoying.  

Anyways, I put up a divider and start to put my things on the belt. All of a sudden the women ahead of me is pushing my things back. 

 She stood there frantically trying to push back my divider and then when that didn't work, she just started to push my food back.

I don't know why I was grossed out. She was touching all the food I was about to buy, but I'm sure 19 people before her had touched my food as well. Who cares though? I was about to buy it, put it in my kitchen and her germs were getting all over it.

 Why was she touching everything you ask?

Because it was touching her bread. "I don't want it smooshed." she mumbled.


I barely ever make it to the checkout without my bread being smooshed, and if I most definitely doesn't make it home that way. and if it does make it doesn't make it inside that way. 

She was delusional. 

Stop touching my food swan.

So anyways, its pouring. Like God has turned on the tub faucet and was wasting water. I took comfort in knowing I will only get a little soaked.

I run to my my hatch.........and I'm still getting wet. The inside of my car is getting wet.

The stupid wind was blowing the rain right at me. 

I hate sideways rain.

These are kind of stupid...but the first video of the panda is awesome. You need a laugh...

Sunday, April 6, 2014

4th Floor

We went to visit Ilya today. She is in the ICU and hopefully gets out tomorrow. They found a bone marrow donor! The person is an international donor. Hopefully she will be strong and healthy enough to receive the transplant. 

Please keep her in your thoughts and if you pray...say one for her and her family. They need them. 

I was scared to visit her. That is why I didn't go sooner. I was scared how I would feel after I left. Scared I would cry in front of her. Scared I'd say the wrong thing. 

How selfish of me. 

I was scared about how I would feel...I didn't stop to think that her mom feels like that every minute of every day. Didn't think about how maybe our visit would give her a distraction for an hour. 

For the record, I didn't cry in front of her. I was so impressed with her.  She is the same ole Ilya. Full of life. Still sassy. Still loves animals. Talking about driving and riding horses. 

I did cry on the way home. After Target. You can only make your mind think of other things for so long. 

I cried for Ilya. I cried for her mom. I cried for all the other families in the 41 other rooms on the ICU floor at the Children's Hospital. I cried for the nurses on that floor that have to struggle with their emotions daily. I cried because it was a beautiful day and all they could do was look out the window and hope to be able to go outside sometime before summer ends. 

I cried the most for the family we saw on the way out. 

They were sitting by the elevator. The mom was on a bench with 3 women huddled around her trying to console her. Asking her questions, telling her it would be ok. She just had her hand on her face and was shaking her head. The dad....he was staring at the wall. 

Just staring. 

I will never forget that. His staring. I can only imagine why they were there. On the 4th floor. 

I tried not to look in the other rooms. They deserve their privacy. I accidentally looked in one while we were waiting to get the ok to go in. A little girl was sleeping. I had to look away.  

On the way out, I accidentally looked in another room. It's so hard not to do. There was a crib. 

A crib. 

When I got home I hugged Thane and cried. 

Then I went and made Parker get off his Cars car so I could kiss him and hug him. Unfortunately, he was pissed that I got him off his car. So we didn't snuggle much...but I got my kiss. 

I just put him down to bed. I let him fall asleep in the chair with me. Today reminded me that you need to savor every moment with your never know.