Sunday, September 11, 2016

Getting Back Up on that Horse

I hate horses.

I hate that saying.

I rode a horse was actually a pony.

A pony on it's death bed, stop every 2 minutes to pee pony.

It was awful. I was terrified.

My friends all laughed at me and I clutched the saddle in terror.

I lied. I have been on a hoofed animal twice in my life. The first time was scary as hell also. I was much higher up. I remember clutching it's mane, that is what its called right?, wanting to scream but too scared that it would buck me off.

So here I have this fear of horses and what does my work do every year? Throw a huge carnival with pony rides. Do you know how terrifying it is to watch your son on a pony?

I could see his terror through his gigantic grin. The horror in his gleaming eyes. And that laugh...I could tell he wanted to scream.

Nope. Jk. That was just me being a mom. He had such a good time. The time of his life.I love his laugh. He has such a good belly laugh.

So back to the title. I miss blogging. It's such a good outlet when I had time.

So here I am taking a break from ironing a picture backdrop at 10:45 in my basement bathroom to blog a bit.

I am currently multi tasking and watching Parenthood on my phone while I try to focus and come up with a good blogging topic.

Clearly, not going well.

Ok, that is all. Cause I am over here falling asleep while staring at Joel on Parenthood. He is my favorite. Just so yummy.

Peace out ya'all. Hope to type at you again soon.

First blog in almost a year..gotta get the rust off.