Sunday, January 29, 2012


Happy Sunday Night!!!! Not that its a good thing it's Sunday Night.

It kinda sucks actually. 

There is so much I wanted to get done this weekend...annnnnnd I got approx 1/16 of it done. Ugh. 

SO fast forward to what I want to talk about....enough of this "how was your weekend" yada yada stuff.

The hubs did laundry today because I asked him to finish it up from when he was doing it yesterday. Yesterday, I spent my whole day cleaning up the kitchen...kinda. Putting away my Pampered Chef stuff. Then we had a date night. 

Today I got to shop and hang out with one of my near and dear, Erika, all day. He did laundry...and watched TV. 

I am beyond thankful he did laundry because if he hadn't I'd have to make a trip to VS to get some more items to make it through the week..but anyways. And it meant that I didn't have to do it. As I am cooking dinner for tonight...and preping for tomorrows...and making my lunch for tomorrow..and cleaning up the kitchen again, I feel bad for him.

I thank him, because I really DO appreciate that he has spent some time this weekend doing laundry so I didn't have to.

Then I stop. Why do I need to feel bad that he is helping out? Of course I'm going to thank him..but does he ever thank me for doing laundry? (I am NOT complaining, I am just thinking.) I don't think so...which is fine! It is something that has to get we should work together and get it done...but still? Why did I feel bad? 

Are we that stereotypical in our roles in the house?! Ugh....I'm breaking that mold. When we have kids I don't want them to see me doing everything in the house, which I usually don't I'm just saying. 

Disclaimer: I am NOT complaining about my husband. I am just so perplexed about what just happened. 

Anyone else feel that way?

Pinterest find of the day:

Words to Live By.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Best. Night. Ever.

I had the best night I've had yet this year last night. 

Eric Church was in Madison...and I was there. I love rocking out to his music in my car. Oh concert....even better. 

I've been to several of his concerts, but this was the first one where he actually sang a lot of songs off of his new album Chief. I have never rocked out so hard. Thane was embarrassed. I was too after I realized there were several rows of people who could see me and I'm sure they were thinking "what the hell is wrong with that girl!? Is she having a seizure?!!?" buuuut then I got over worrying and got absorbed in the song again.

He almost didn't play my all time favorite song of his. Springsteen. Ultimate rock out song for me. (I just typed snog on accident an almost left it because it's a funny word;) BUUUT he played it during his encore. Thank god :)

Best Song Ever- Eric Church Springsteen

On to more important things...drunk 21 year old girls.

You are NOT at a county fair. Which if you have every right to get just hamburger wasted. (ask Katie;) County fairs sell beer for pretty cheap and in a box that you can later wear as a hat. Get drunk! It's fun....just don't get in a fight and lose teeth and have the cops called.

You are in a building. In Madison, WI. Not bumfuckIowa. (I've been to a concert in bumfuckIowa and you have to get drunk just to deal with your surroundings...) You should not be so wasted by 7pm that you can barely keep your eyes open and your friend doesn't trust you to hold your own ticket.

Seriously. This girl...ugg. She was swaying in the bathroom line, trying to budge me. Little tidbit. Do NOT try to budge me when I have to pee and I'm anxious to get back to the show. I will knock your shit out and go Milwaukee Ghetto Pam on you. I'm legit. Then she was yelling at people to hurry up. Seriously? There are like 8 stalls...and 2 lines going in. shut your pie hole. You're probably the reason they had to bring security in to stop the fights. (I'm totally serious. People were fighting in the bathroom. Cripes.) 

So THEN. Ugg. This girl ends up in line behind me to buy beer. need beer. Go get some water. She is so drunk that she can't even see straight and is squinting at the menu. Which is electronic now..and kept changing screens. She was SO confused. I loved it. 

There were people throwing up in the stands. Seriously? Ok..I'll admit. The main reason I didn't get super drunk is because I did that once for his concerts....and I hated myself for it. Whats the point of going to a concert of someone you can't wait to see...and then not remember a single thing the next day? Nope. Never again. I've learned my lesson. 

Guess I'm not 21 anymore ;)

Woah....I have to go on Pinterest!? Sigh.....hold on :)

Wow....perfect picture....

I love being country :) I wouldn't change it for anything.

annnnnnd because I found this and it is SOOOOO me.......
AS soon as the snow is gone.

Have a good day all!!!! Sorry its SO long! :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Expert Lice Checker.

I am adding it to my resume.

Who wouldn't want an expert lice checker on their staff?!

I know if I ever open that scrapbook store, I want one!

Have you ever seen lice? It's not pretty. It makes you itch. For days. Just looking at it. Eww.  And hatched one?!?! Ohmygod. They make your skin crawl.Uggg... Allow me to make your head itch....

So disgusting. If my kids get lice.....I'm going to shave their heads. Enough said.

Moving on. I have a weigh in tomorrow. I am going to not be happy. This week has been really hard. I totally care about losing weight...but this week...I didn't? I did, but I didn't.

It's like I have a little person on my shoulder telling me to eat whatever I want. They push so hard that I hid it from the person on my other shoulder...the one that is like "PAM!! You have weigh's almost summer. What the hell are you doing!?" This creates some sort of weird hiding feeling. I feel like I have to hide what I'm eating...from my left shoulder. Is that normal? So you wanna see said people on my you go.
This is the one swearing at me.

Here's the beast who makes me eat.....  

So this leads me to a new topic. Let's say I "fell off the wagon" this week. So ok...where does that come from Sara? 

In my comes from the old days when people were traveling across the country. That was a hard life. I bet they got bored a lot. I bet their feet hurt...and they had to eat cans of beans. So I bet they drank a lot. and what happens when you drink a lot? You fall off stuff! In their case....WAGONS!

Get it!? 

I solved the mystery. That is it. Right Sara?

Ok Pinterest: Words of Wisdom...

Workout: 40  min on treadmill. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pinterest Tuesdays

Leslie has wordless day....I forgot what day it is offhand. I don't want to blog..but I want to share my fantastic find on Pinterest. It explains it all. Enjoy.

Need I say more? I love these cards....

Night all! <3.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a Great Day :)

I had my first Thirty-One Party tonight!! )Thanks Trena for hosting...and for the pizza!

I think it went really well. I was really thankful to have two of my best friends there, who have been to SO many parties. Not only did they make my first party easier, because I knew them, they also provided me with some good feedback about my presentation. I plan to switch some things up and shorten it down a bit next time. Because let's be serious..that is the worst part of Direct Sales shows...the spiel. I try to make it short and sweet...but we all know I like to talk :)

I got THREE bookings off of it. They are all catalog show..but that is totally fine with me. These products sell themselves, so I really think the hostess will still be successful! I'm so excited :)

Anways....I had a great weekend. Friday I hung out with Thane...and did nothing. Saturday was my work Christmas party at the Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells. It was more fun than I expected. It was really nice to hang out with Thane, and not be sitting on our couch. Ya know? We never get to hang out and play air hockey....or play other games against each other. It was really fun :)

I went out with some friends when we got back from the Dells and ended up winning some things at a Silent Auction that I had no plan on really winning. Opps. At least it went towards a really good its worth it.

Now I have to actually get another tattoo though. (I won a gift card to a tat place) Scary. I love them when they are done...but to sit through the process bloooooooooooooows. Ow. The last one I got was bruised for 2 weeks because the owner pushed SO hard during the process. Then I ended up taking off the bandage too early and pulled some of the ink out. FML. I did not get it touched up though. The only person who sees it is me..and Thane. and he doesnt care....its not worth the pain. Oh the pain. Your hip is SO painful. SO are you ribs. I almost passed out with that one.

Why do I want another one again??

Oh ya. They are addicting. Thats why.

Enough said. Doing it.

ok- my Pinterest find for today:
Dear Friends-
Someone get married so I can make you this.
Your Pinterest Obsessed Friend. <3.

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Letter to Those People Who Made My Week Special...

Dear Guy in the Oldsmobile-

I am sorry that I am driving a 4-wheel drive truck and only going 30 miles an hour on PD. If you didn't notice though sir...the road is totally covered in snow and maybe ice? So my bad. Sorry I was clutching the wheel at 10 & 2, and desperately cleaning the windshield because it kept fogging up. Thank you for passing me though. I was very annoyed at first, because as I said...the road was totally snow covered. But have an Oldsmobile! You're indestructible! You cut down on my stress level with you no longer being on my ass.

I'm not going to lie though....if I had driven past you down the road, and you were in the ditch...I may just giggle and drive slowly by you...while honking my horn.

Freaked out Wisconsin Driver Lady.

Dear Lady at MHTC-

I don't appreciate how you talked to me the other day when I tried to cancel our cable. It was very annoying to hear you tell me more than once that my name is no where on the account and therefore I couldn't do anything. Might I add that the tone of voice you used made me think you think my marriage is a sham. Because obviously, any married couple would have both names on the account right?

When you asked me why we were switching, I was honest. Your DVR plan sucks..we found better. Your once again raised prices with no better sevice....we've had enough. So when you scoffed at me and said, "You found someone cheaper?  I doubt that." that made me a liiiiittle upset.

My favorite part of our conversation was when I asked you the difference between a 4MB and 6MB internet connection speed. Your reply in a annoyed tone of...."2 MBs" was really appreciated. I KNOW how to subtract..that was not my question. The fact that you didn't know the difference was very annoyng.

I'm not going to lie. the entire conversation with you made me want to scream. You are a small town business.....have a small town attitude. Don't act like you are from the city and have no time for me.

In short. You were a bitch. If I remembered your name...I'd file a complaint.

Annoyed Customer.

Meh- lets get to the good stuff

My Pins for the Day:

hahahaa....sooo true

And then one more because it makes me feel better about my day...

So true..and so important for me to remember.

Drive safe tonight guys!!!

Workout: 25 min on the elliptical and 20 min on the treadmill.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An Ode to My Friends...

So...this is awkward. I don't really know how to write an ode. Maybe I should have figured this out before I started typing. Sigh...hold on guys....

Woah woah...what!? Step 2 of an ode: "Write a 10-line stanza of iambic verse using an ababcdecde rhyme scheme." What does that even MEAN?!!?

Ok, new title. "Why My Friends Are the BEST."

So it is Katie's birthday today!!!!! She is one of my oldest friends. (In like years we've been friends...not like she is the oldest in her years alive..just wanted to clear that up.) We all ate at the Nitty Gritty to celebrate and get her some free birthday beer! Here is a fantastic picture of Katie and me....oh Halloween. Ohhh what a picture.....
bhahahahaha....what am I thinking!? Ya...that one is staying a small size. Ugg.

So anyways. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!!!!!!

While leaving your party, I couldn't help but realize how lucky I am to have all my friends.

Thank you guys for putting up with me.

For all the direct sales parties I have....that you actually come to!? How lucky am I you guys love me?

For all those times that you're talking to me...and you can just tell I'm somewhere else (like looking at clouds perhaps?)

For those times you have to tell me things at least 30 times before I actually comprehend them. (I'm pretty sure I have an undiagnosed case of ADD).

For all those times you have had to deal with my dog eating pancakes or other food..right out of your hand.

For all those times I fill silence with stupid really stupid stories. Sometimes even I'm like "Wow..Pam. Can you just shut your mouth? Even your brain is bored with you...."

For all those times that I say something so stupid...or don't realize something so obvious right away.

Thank you for putting up with me <3.

Also- thank you for pointing out my apparently thick accent. How would I ever get through my day if I didn't know that I can't say the words "boat, coat, goat, Captian and Coke" around any of you without knowing that someone is snickering at me ;)

So basically. Thanks for being my friend guys....I know I can be a handful sometimes!


Pinterest find for today: I did a real quick skim and found this:

and I laughed because seriously? How cute. So then I did a search for this one:

Man that baby is cute!!!!

So that is all for today folks!

Peace out.

Workout: 35 min on the treadmill. It was really hard to get back in the gym after 3 days off...but I did. I forced myself to stay on for that long. Hopefully tomorrow is better:)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Productive Day

I had today off. Wow..did I get a lot done.

I got my Thirty-One business in order. I am pretty excited about the new catalog. The new prints are beyond cute. I may need to get a few new things for myself :)

I really need to get some more parties on my calendar though....anyone want to have one!? A book party would work too....this stuff sells itself. That is how cute it is. Feburary's special is pretty awesome. Spend $31 and get any item at 31% off! check it out :)

So anyways, besides getting my Thirty-One life in order, I worked on a Pinterest craft. :) It is not as cool as I had hoped, but it's something. I wanted more Valentine's Day decorations, so I decided to just make one!  Here you go!

Like I said, not my favorite, but it got the creative itch out of me today! I had everything I needed laying around, so it didn't even cost me anything. Score.

I learened a very valuable lesson this weekend. I cannot drink like I used to..or at least I should really stay away from Spotted Cow. Ugg. I have never been that sick. I couldn't shake head was beyond foggy the entire day. Horrible. Horrible. I will never again have that many Cows.

I had a Pampered Chef party. I didn't think I'd be so excited to get Pampered Cheft stuff, but I am $50 away from getting $400 in free products and I CAN'T WAIT!!! There are so many things I want, I think the $400 would cover it :)

So anyways here is my Pinterest find for today...

What my Bernie Boo looked like only 3.5 short years ago. <3.

My Workout: Ugg...umm nothing. I didn't work today.....opps.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Valentine's Day Craft...

Look what I made for Valentine's Day!!

I LOVE it. I'm pretty proud of myself. Not gunna lie. 

I saw the idea on some lady's blog or etsy site, I forget, and I was like..Hey! I can make that! So I did. (This is what I bought the lumber for at Home Depot. )

So lets start with the shelf. My vision come true. 

I really wanted to have something above our sink that I could put decorations on...and hang a decorative towel. (You know you're old when....)So I was going to go buy a plain shelf and paint it...and figure out how to hang the dowel, but on a random trip to Menards one day I found that they have it all done for you!! You could pick how wide you wanted the shelf, the color, and the hangers to put under it! SCORE! I am starting to not hate Menards....

So these blocks. Sigh. I love them. They turned out awesome. I think so at least.

So I had Thane cut them to be about 6.5 inches tall. Spray painted them black. Cut some scrapbook paper to size...glued it on with ModPodge. Cut the letters out with my Cricut....cartridge borrowed from my coworker Kathie! (Thanks Kathie!!) ModPodged the letters on. Sprayed acrylic spray stuff on them all. Hot glued the flower....and Voila!! 

If I can find a horseshoe..I'm going to make one for St Patty's Day that says Luck. Where can you find a horseshoe...

Now I need a table centerpiece.....

Hope you all had a good weekend!!!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh Ya....We do Live in Wisconsin.....

So it finally snowed.

I forgot how much it sucks to drive in the snow!!

I like to think that I am tough shit when it comes to driving in the fresh snow. Fearless. Ya know...the "Get out of my way...I overslept and I'm late for work so I don't care if I die."

In reality....I sit hunched forward. Hands at 10 and 2. Silently praying that I am going to make it where I'm going, and that no one is going to come up behind me. I get so stressed out when there are cars behind me and I'm driving slow because I'm petrified I'm going to end up in the ditch.

Sometimes I would rather just pull over so the line of 15 cars behind me could just pass me, but then I worry that I will get stuck on the side of the road in a drift that I didn't see when I pulled over.

I literally think about this every time it snows. Today I put a shovel in my car. Just in case.

So not only do I suck at driving in the does more than half of the population. Today on the way home, I was stopped in a roundabout. No...I know how to drive in them, I live in roundabout capital of the world. No, traffic was literally stopped in a roundabout. COME ON PEOPLE!!! How does that happen?! They were designed to keep traffic flowing...not to come to a dead stop during rush hour. Ugg.

On another snow note. We need a snowblower. Thane keeps putting it off, understandable since it is January 12th and we just got our first snowfall. Still. I felt bad that he was out there shoveling by himself. Not bad enough to get a shovel and help him....but close.

My Pinterest post for the day:
Hee. true :)

Workout Today: 45 minutes of cardio. Speed: 3.5-3.6. Incline: 4%-15% I've lost 3 pounds!!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Can't" Sucks.

So I had nothing to blog about tonight and then I rememberd this book my sister gave me a few years ago. It is called Be.

It is a book of quotes where on one page it says "Be (something inspriational) and the other page is a quote that goes a long with that. I decided that if I were blogblocked I would look through this book and see what jumps out me.

Today I opened it up right to the page where the quote was "Clear your mind of can't."

I am so sick of posting about our challenge..and I'm sure you are too. So warning: Stop reading if you are so over it too.

How approriate for my life at this moment!?

That is my biggest obstacle.


I'm so over that word. It has inhibited me for so long..and now I'm done with it.

Can't workout because I have something more important to do.

Can't try somethign new because I'm nervous about not being good at it.

Can't say what I think because I'm scared to hear what people have to say about it.

Those are the 3 major can'ts that are currently sucking the fun out of my life.

Too bad I'm so over that word. So therefore, so over those 3 things.

Too bad I'm sticking to a workout routine now.

Too bad that I'm taking a card making class next week-something I've wanted to do for a while but have been too nervous to try.

Too bad...ok the last one? I think I'll always have that problem...but I was on a roll so I threw it in there.

Anyways. Done with my rant. Here is my new favorite Pinterest find for today:

Soooo true.

Night all!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day in Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood

So the new Geico commercial...with the wwweeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiii pig  zip lining. It was just on. I just died laughing. God that pig is awesome.

Imagine if you were zip lining...enjoying the scenery when all of a sudden.. "WWWWWEEEEEEEEEIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!" and a pig with pinwheels comes zipping by you. Ok, first off...WHY does he have pinwheels?! and why is it SO funny??! I love it.

Next. The new Aaron Rodgers commercial. OMG. I love that man. Besides him being beyond sexy, hes just a good guy!! Haven't seen it?

Here you go.... Aaron Rodgers- Sex Pot :)

Too funny.

There is an Aaron Rodgers show on TV right now. It's fate. I was meant to blog about him tonight. mmm...Let's be serious...who can pull off those god-awful yellow pants better than him? No one.

So all I want to blog about again is my workout...but I won't because I know you're probably all like "Seriously Pam? Ugg. Enough."

So let's just keep it simple..I havee worked my butt of the past two days. I hope it pays off. I have to take a break tomorrow before I kill my legs though. I am so sore...but whatever....I'll be back at it on Thursday :)

Workout Today: woke up at 6- Jillian's 30 Day Shred. 30 min on the treadmill, speed 3.5 and incline from 3.5 all the way up to 13.5. Boom.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday TT!!!!

It's Sunday. Ugg. That means tomorrow is Monday. Double Ugg.

I hate Mondays. Ugg.

I don't feel much like blogging tonight. I want to be off the computer by 9:30 so I can read my new Shape magazine. 

The Biggest Loser starts tomorrow and I'm going to be on my way to being in better shape. I was going to say skinny...but shit. If I just start to feel better about myself...I'll be happy. I have been very uphappy with me for so long, I'm not sure if I remember what it's like to be satisfied with your body. 

I am not looking for "ohh Pam..your beautiful." Yada yada...I'm just being real. I want to feel better. I want to look better. I want to be strong again. This challenge..and all my friends doing it, is going to help me get back to being that! WOO!!!! Love you guys!!!!
So anyways. I decided I want to read more. I got a Kindle and I finished The Help on it, and then bought a Chelsea Handler book..and I stopped reading. I don't think I like it enough. So I'll be moving on. 

I would like to read at least 12 books this year. Some people's resolutions are that they want to read like 25 books. WHAT?! How?! Even when I'm totally engrossed in a book, which does happen a lot, I still don't always have time to read it. I have stopped the staying up til midnight to read thing. I can't handle it the next day. 

I'm so old.

I have also started following a few more blogs..I love them. I can't get enough :)

My friend Leslie started a blog a few weeks ago. She is a new mom to one fantasticically cute little girl. Her blog is a real account of what being a new parent is all about. I love that she isn't worried about people judging her, she writes what she thinks. I love that. We all worry about what other people think too much...who cares?! It isn't their's mine! So anyways...check her blog out. It's pretty awesome.  You'll be glad you did :)

The Cupcake in my Belly

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people:TT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is totally going to hate me for putting this up..but it is one of my favorite pictures of all time. It was taking in some random bathroom at my bachelorette party :) 

Her birthday party was last night. We were out til 4. Clearly I love this girl to keep my old lady ass out til that time.

Happy Birthday Tanya...only 3 more years til you have to get a new drivers license!

Peace out!

Friday, January 6, 2012

What I'm Going to Do With my Winnings :)

I have started the Biggest Loser competition with 20 of my friends on Facebook, 20 so far...who knows how many will be in the group by Monday!! I am beyond excited about it.

I'm going to win. Just saying ;)

But seriously, I just decided that when we end in April- if I have lost a good amount of inches. Wait...rephrase. WHEN I have lost a good amount of inches I am going to treat myself to an outfit from Pinterest. 

I was pinning a few things tonight to My Style board and I thought...."hmm. What am I ever going to do with these?" So now I know. I'm going to reward myself with them. :) What better motivation than cute preplanned outfits AND the money from the Biggest Loser pot to pay for them! :)

In all reality it is going to be hard to win. I have 19 other pretty dedicated ladies to compete with, but that is the best part! I am a pretty competitive person, so this will bring that out in me and force to stay on track. I need to stay on track this time.

Let's take a second and pick some outfits out....

I am SO in love with this outfit. If you actually click on the link, the dress is outrageous. Soooo expensive. So this one may just be a dream, but I'd love to wear stuff like this next summer :)


I am all about these types of shirts right now because I can wear my boots with the leggings. It is the only way I can wear my boots because my legs are too fat to wear jeans with them...sooooo after April hopefully I could? Anyways. Dig this outfit.

Last one....
This is something I would never wear now. I do dark colors, not gray or white. So saying that...this is probably the outfit I would reward myself with. Something out of my box.I am in love with wearing scarves. :)

that is it for now.

Good luck fellow Biggest Loser friends. Enjoy your last weekend..cause next week..we start our journey to being Skinny Bitches! <3.

Workout Today: Walked with Bernie and Thane for about 20 minutes outside. I forgot my gym bag at home..sooooo I didn't have much of a choice. Bernie liked it :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I PROMISE (again) that this blog is not going to become my workout journal. But it is what I am focused on at this it is in my blog thoughts. Sorry guys. 

While working out..YES! I worked out!!! I was thinking, "Cripes, I need a lot of stuff to come to the gym!" I knew on my way to the gym that there was no doubt I forgot something. I get there, towel-check, shoes-check...sports bra- fml. I should make a I will...and I'll share it with you guys.

Things You Need to Make You Actually Go to the Gym...(bc if you forget just one item you can talk yourself out of going...)

1. Gym Shoes. 
  • This is clearly a huge one. Usually I live in flip flops (and I would still be in them at this point Thank you Very Much Crazy Wisconsin Winter! if I hadn't single handedly gotten the dress-code at work changed to "No flip flops unless it is summer."  UGG.) If you forget your shoes, you are out of luck. Working out in ballet flats, flip flops, or shoes from your Junior year of high school...not cool.
2. My Phone and Headphones
  • Now that I have a sweet new phone, I can watch Netflix on it. I need to totally be distracted from looking at the time while working out. If I see I have only gone 6 minutes when it feels like 20, I get super discouraged and want to stop. If I'm so absorbed in the Secret Life of the American Teenager that I don't even know 45 min has gone by...I'm fine. 
3. Shower Essentials
  • I am OCD enough about how I smell. There is NO way in hell I am going back to work without rinsing off. Shower essentials include: towel (dur), shampoo, body wash and loufa, flip flops (other people's bare feet..eww) and that stupid little towel thing with velcro that my mom also has. Ya, you make fun of your mom for that thing, until you are stuck in a gym locker room trying to figure out how you can make it to the shower without showing off all your goods....which leads me to number 4...
4. Blinders.
  • So you don't really need this to get your butt to the gym, but man does it come in handy in the locker room! I am NOT comfortable enough with anyone to just walk around butt ass naked...especially strangers. I always wonder how the old ladies can just walk around, sometimes talking to each other, with their boobs to their knees? How is that ok!? Have you just been around so long that you don't care anymore? Ok, so that probably is it..and I give them some major street cred for still going to the gym. They should actually be inspiration to me. Shit. I take back this whole paragraph. Go ahead older ladies...walk to each other. Just please, if you come up to me..can you put a towel on? Thanks. 
5. As I said originally, sports bra...a different tank top to put under my shirt..and new under things. 
  •  Let's be serious. It's gross if you wear the same under things (all 3 mentioned above) to workout..and then go back to work. Even if you do shower. Maybe some people can do it and not make others gag...I choose not to find out if I am one of those people. (If you are one of those ladies who really don't sweat and just glisten..I'm jealous!) I like being clean after a hard workout..and it allows me to work my butt off and not worry about walking around looking like Pigpen from Charlie Brown with flies all in my business. 

On a different note, I would like to thank everyone who supported me since the last blog. Your support got me to workout today. I was literally moved by how much support I got. Thank you guys!! It means a lot. I loved the texts you all sent me :)

Like I said on FB: I do better if I am held accountable. So here we go. I am accountable to all of you. I hopefully will not longer post my entire blog about this..but I will end it with a quick snipit of what I did that day...sorry, but hopefully it will work :)

Workout today: Tredmill for 20 minutes inclined at 4 or above. Then I got a text from 2 friends...and went an extra 15 minutes at 6 or above on incline. Thanks guys!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Opps. Still Fat.

Well today was the big day...and I went shopping. 

UGGG. This is EXACTLY why I am still fat. 

The Scrapbook Superstore is going out of business and today was the 3rd day of their sale. In my head, I HAD to go. All of the good stuff would have been gone! Legit reason in my head.

The problem. I am so easy to talk out of working out. 

Crap. Go ahead. Judge away. I'm judging me. *stupid me.*

I was looking at some old pictures on facebook...if that isn't motivation I don't know what is. I think I should print some of them out from when Thane and I stared dating. I had pretty arms then. Now I have blobey arms. I have old lady arms. I am NOT an old lady. 

If my friend who has a bum knee can get her ass off her couch and go workout through the pain in her knee.. I..someone who is totally healthy, knock on wood, can do the same. Damnit.

Ok. Pep talk! Boom. Title Belt. I should...go to bed? Ugg. Ok....someone text me tomorrow and be all like "Hey Pam. Remember the pictures from your 21st birthday? Nice Arms!!!!" Then I'll go to the gym for sure. Can it be around like 11:30? Thanks guys.

I promise. This isn't turning into a weight loss blog. My blog can't have a steady topic. I'm too random for that. Silly. 

On another note. I really want to open a scrapbook store. Sigh. I know of a great building, well the spot at least, I have never been in it. It is here in MH on Main Street. My coworker Tracey can have a yarn corner...:) If I had any idea how to run a business I would be so all over it. Sigh. Just another dream. 

I'm done making myself feel like poop. Night all.

Judge me. It may be the only way to get me in the gym!!!! <3.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tomorrow is the BIG Day

Tomorrow I begin one resolution. "Workout at least 3 times a week." Why didn't I start today you scold? Well...I had the day off!!!!!!! 

Man, such an eventful day. I dropped off THREE bags of clothes to Goodwill. Which loops back to my resolution...they were all clothes that I can no longer wear. I blame it on the gravitational pull of the moon. That stinking MOON! Ugg. Clearly it has gotten a little stronger, and made my body mass expand a bit. Just a bit. But enough so that none of my old clothes fit anymore. I plan to call Bruce Willis and come up with some plan to fix this. Maybe I'll call Ben too. See what he is up to. Liv...forget her.

So anyways. At Goodwill I found a few boxes and a cute snowman statue. The boxes I am currently painting to put in my scrapbook room. It will hold ribbon that is too small or doesn't have a hole in it to fit on my little spindle thing I made. I also got a cool square picture frame. I'm turning it into a chalkboard. Excited!

Next. I went to Home Depot. I had to get chalkboard spray paint, hot pink spray paint (to paint baskets) and a 2x8 to make a sign I'm working on for Valentine's Day. Lemme tell you what. You earn a man card if you carry your own lumber out of Home Depot. "Where did you park?"-guy " the other end of the lot." "Oh! Ok." Looks around..."Do you want me to get you a cart or someone to help you with this piece of lumber?" "Well, no. I got it? Thanks though!"- me confused why he thinks I need help carrying one lousy piece of wood. "Hey no problem!" Grins like an idiot and clearly thinks I'm tough shit. 

So then I go to the parking lot, set the board down, open the car door..."HA! How is that going to work!?" I turn to some older guy grinning like I'm an idiot girl who bought a board that clearly won't fit in her car and she should have thought ahead and brought her husband's truck. "Ohhhh don't you worry! My trunk folds down!" "Ohhhh!" Says the impressed old guy. "Nice work!" 

Seriously? Like I said on Facebook..if only these guys knew I was doing a sweet girly craft for Valentine's Day. Heehee.

THEN! I met Lilliana!!!!! My friend Staci's new baby girl. She is beyond cute...and that hair! They said she has a mullet. I love it!!! I told them they have to take pictures of it before it goes away! but seriously, that is how much hair she has! They are so much in love with her...its awesome. 

Even better? Hearing Staci's account of child birth....I am ok with not going through it right now! I'll just go visit Lilli and get my fix. ;)

Then I had lunch with my love...on a a tore up conference room...downtown. Romance at its finest :) Whatever...I'll take it. 

So what am I doing tomorrow? I am working out!!!! I have decided the only way I'm going to lose weight, and be good at it is if I still eat...but just not so damn much! Portion control. I tried weight watchers recently and I couldn't do it. I just never gave it my all. Well...I am doing it on  my own. 

I need a game plan for my workouts. So tomorrow. Ugg tomorrow. Andrea help me. Well. If I get time, I will do 45 minutes on the tredmill. If I don't have time, I will do 35-40 minutes. Bottom line..I WILL workout. Damnit.

That is all for today loves!

Have a great night :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

50th Post Baby!

This is my 50th post! Not such a huge milestone if you consider that I wanted to blog everyday since I posted my first blog. But 50 it is! 

I feel like I have this problem a lot. I start something and then don't finish it. This blog is a perfect example. 

I keep adding resolutions to 2012. I want to learn how to sew and make a patchwork quilt. 

I once spent my *entire* winter break from college, so that is like a month, cutting out squares for a quilt. My mom told me she would show me how to sew...but still has not had enough time to tackle that task. That was literally 5 years ago. Maybe 4, Either way...a long time ago. Those scraps are still at my moms, in a basket behind the couch, under an inch of dust. Opps.

I tried to start a To-Do list for 2012 to help make my life more exciting. I haven't come up with much. 

I do want to take a class or two at Archivers. I want to learn how to use stamping in card making and other useful techniques. They just never have the classes on days I can do it! Before I forget, I'm going to take a quick break and see if any classes are coming up. 


Found one!!!! If they ever answer their phone I will be signing up to do this:  

Excited, but nervous too. I don't like going into new situations and doing things I have no idea how to do...I dislike it even more when I am alone! Anyone want to come with me on Jan 19th? 5:30-8? Lame that this is literally the only day I can do it. BUT it is a day I can do I'm going to. maybe my goal will be to attend a class once a month, schedule permitting. 

I am all signed up! The only person in the class. Geesh. That makes me feel even cooler. 

So the more I try to come up with things for Thane and I to do together, the more things I think of that I want to do and I know he would hate doing. Ha. opps. Any ideas on a good couple fun thing? It doesn't have to cost a lot...just something. 

Ta ta for now!