Sunday, October 21, 2012

Great End to My Weekend!

Phew! What a weekend! 

We did nothing at night...but man...during the day I was busy!

My weekend started a day early because I wasn't able to go to work. I got Pink Eye. 

Who gets Pink Eye 4 days before they go on vacation? THIS girl. 

Seriously? Seriously??? I had SO much work to do before we leave.

Best part...I'm not even on any antibiotics bc the eye doctor told me that there is a chance it could effect the baby. The drops would have been in a "safe" class but she said if she were pregnant, and she has 3 kids, she wouldn't take them.

I hate drugs when I'm not pregnant, and now that I am I swear them off. This allergy season was the worst ever, so says the news, and I felt like shit every day. Seriously, every day. I took meds twice..and felt beyond guilty. Once I even spit them out because I was doubting I should take them. (Even thought I had just looked at the "safe" meds list, and they were on it.) So then I just sucked it up the rest of the LONG allergy season. It's just not worth it.

So anyways, I am hoping that this Pink Eye is my vacation sickness. When we went to Vegas, I got some weird eye infection. Last time we got back from AZ I got an ear infection. Every time I fly something happens to I hope this time I got it before the trip!!

So Friday sucked. I was bored out of my mind thinking of all the things I had to do at work...and I did laundry. What a fun day.

Oh wait best part. The doctor could tell I had a cold and asked me how long I've had it. So she got my hopes up that my cold had just traveled to my eye. Ha. Ya right. 

But her question was the best: "Have you been around anyone who may have had a cold?"

"Um....I work in a preschool."

Her response: "Oh, so that was a stupid question then huh?" ha! Yup...sorry lady. 


Saturday was an all day shopping trip to prepare for vacation. Mostly I needed a pedicure. I feel guilty spending $50 on my feet, so I haven't had one since summer. Man it was nice...

Today I had a meeting for Thirty-One, and I'm excited for the new catalog....that comes out in January! ;) and I got to go to Gordman's, but found nothing :(

Highlights of the weekend:

Thane got the baby's room wall primed and its all set for the weekend after we get back! My mom and sister are coming over to paint the room gray. They are the best.


Thane felt the baby kick!! 

We were laying in bed this morning talkin and I just happened to have my hand on my belly. All of a sudden my hand moved. My HAND, which is outside my body, MOVED. I believe I said, "Holy crap!" and grabbed Thane's hand. 

He only had to wait like 2 seconds before B Sutt's slammed his foot into me again and literally shook my belly. Thane looked at me, shocked, and said..."Did you do that!?"

Ha! Oh babe, I know I mess with you a lot...but I wouldn't fake this. :) I'm not that mean.

He also just kicked the computer...good to remember. He loves pizza and ice cream, doesn't like computers...

Great way to end my weekend :)

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As some of you may dear friend Erika HATES T this Ecard seems to be perfect. In my head....These two pictures are a dialogue between T and E.  

Taylor to Erika:

 Erika to Taylor:


Friday, October 19, 2012

Know What's Sexy?

When you find a shirt in your closet and you're all like "Oh ya!! I forgot I had this! I love this shirt..its so comfy!" and you throw it on.

I now do a belly check, to see if I look pregnant or fat...not that it matters at this moment because I am just wearing this particular shirt to start cleaning my house. Anyways.

I did a belly check and I look far so good.

I walk out to get the laundry and come back in and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror...are you ready for the sexiness?

My belly is hanging out the bottom of my shirt like an old hillbilly or something.

I'm sexy and I know it!

Literally did that dance in my bedroom. Man I'm a god dancer...

No. Let's be real, I'm lying about that. That'd be weird. I may be weird..but I'm not that weird.

I will miss this shirt in public. But while I'm at home....who cares. It's Thane's fault my belly is hangin he can't say anything ;)

I had a minor freak out last night. I was reading through that app on my phone and someone asked if it was safe to use  a heating pad. I got thinking and realized, "Oh shit...I use a heated mattress pad."

So I called the doctor. She said the baby should be fine because I'm not in the 1st trimester but to stop using it, (well no shit Sherlock), and I won't need it soon anyways.

So then I called my mom sobbing about how I have messed up our baby already.

Oiy..sorry mom. I feel like you will get a lot of those calls over the next 18+ years.

So this morning I wake up all toasty warm and think, "OH NO!! Did I turn on the pad in my sleep?!?! Uggghhhh I suck at this mom thing already!!"

Nope, B Sutts stepped up to the plate and is helping me out. Apparently I really don't need the mattress pad anyways. Thanks buddy.

It's crazy...I literally didn't even think twice about using it. I know you can't use a hot tub or sauna...but cripes my heating pad on level 1?

Maybe I should go back to reading those books...

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"Pleeaassseee! I hate it when you go to the bathroom without me."

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Super Secret Agent Hosepipe.

So at work today we made frog door hangers.

Very exciting.

One of the boys put a flower over the frog's private area and then proceeded to tell his friends that it was the frog's penis.


First off's a flower....let's be serious here...

I decided that B Sutts, for until someone tells him different, will not know that it is called a penis.

I am thinking....dingle hopper?

Maybe Dingaling?


Pee stick?


My little pony?

Captain Winkie?


Think of how funny that would be? He's like 6 and talkin about it and calls it his My Little Pony.

Can you imagine the look on the other person's face?

And then when he gets caught talking about it at school/preschool/in public..he wont' get in trouble!

And I'll laugh.

Win win. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thank You Jason Aldean

My head is foggy..I'm sick. Don't mind my rambling...just go with it. I have a lot of thoughts, but I'm talking like Yoda today so who knows how this will turn out...

I have Jason Aldean's new cd and I've had a chance to listen to one song. The one with Eric Church and Luke Bryan...weird how I skipped ahead so I could hear that one.

I'm in love.

It is SUCH a good song.

I reminds me a lot of Thane and his work ethic.Which is something I really admire about him. This man works to the point where it pisses me off sometimes. That's another blog post though. ;)

Now that I am thinking about it, all of our guy friends have the same work ethic. Work your ass off if someone needs help, do the job til it's done. There is something to be said for kids being raised on the farm or in a small town. :) It's a whole different world.

I know I blog about this kid that is the size of a spaghetti squash a lot..sorry.

Every day I get more confident that Thane and I can raise him to be a decent, polite, not annoying  human being.

Why was I not confident?

I work with kids....all day...every day...I see a lot. a LOT. *shudder*

I was starting to worry that what I see is just how kids are.

This song is all about hardworking people...well men..but it works for people in general.

There are so many good parts to this song, but I think the one that really stands out is "you don't get nothing that you don't earn."

I will not sit here and pretend I don't like when people are awesome and give me things...who doesn't? But I really feel like a lot of kids today are just given anything they the extreme.

I am not talking material goods, that is another topic.

 But...come on. I have 6 year olds who can't put on their own coat. What?? On the flip side, I just witnessed a 3 yr old completely dress herself after swim lessons. I literally turned around to help another kid, who couldn't even figure out how put their legs in their pant and then turned back and she had dressed within 2 minutes.

That is amazing. I was SO impressed. Her parents are clearly doing something right with her.

I love independent kids.

The song talks about sticking with a job until it is done. That is one thing I stand by. If you start something...finish it damnit. You never quit a sport half-way through the season. You never quit a job after a month. You never stop eating that cake until its gone!

This song just given me a little bit more hope that in the fact that we can raise a hard-working, independent boy in today's society.

So for that....I thank you Mr Aldean.

Go buy his CD. It's pretty amazing.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm Just a Touch on the Slow Side...

I was talking to Andrew today, my coworker, about how the baby is doing. He was sweet enough to ask :)

I told him so far so good!! He weighed 12 ounces at our 20 week...just 2 oz over what my app said he should weigh.

Then I got thinking out come out weighing between 6 to 10 pounds.

Holy shit.

I'm going to get huge.

Huge you guys.

What if I have a 10 pound baby!? Oh man...

I also realized how big the babies head is the other night.

I was trying to talk Thane into getting me something, because I was too lazy to get up. The typical.."buuuut I'm pregnant" wasn't working so I threw in a visual.

I made a circle with my hands and said "LOOK! THIS is how big your baby's head is. Go get me a water."

He just grinned at me and said..."Don't forget about the shoulders babe!!"


I totally forgot about the shoulders!

Oh man....shoulders.

On a brighter note: I can feel B Sutts kicking/punching me now! He apparently sleeps after 10am..but is wide awake on my drive to work. :)

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Googled Marriage Advice..

What a busy weekend. 

Thane and I traveled to Richland Center for my niece's wedding day. 

Saturday was such a rainy crappy day outside, but you know what they say....."If it rains on your wedding day you will be rich."

I wonder if there is a time limit on that? Like will you be rich right away? or does it take 10 years? 15 years? 

It rained on our wedding day...just in the morning though. So does that mean that we will be semi-rich? Kinda rich? I hope it happens soon.

During her ceremony the priest was saying their vows and I got kinda upset. 

When it was Nichole's turn to say what she would do, I promise to love you, honor you, yada yada...her list was MUCH longer than his. She had to vow to keep a good home, be a good wife and mother, do his laundry..etc. All he had to do was vow to be faithful and be a good husband. WHAT?! Why does she have like 7 extra things to do?? Way to set her up for that on day one. Jeesh.

Anyways, I was thinking tonight about all the advice you get when you are getting married. While some of it is crap and totally outdated, some people really do give you good advice. So I googled it.

Here is what I found..and what I think of it.

The first and most common piece of advice: Don't go to bed angry.

I'm gunna call bullshit on this one...unless they add, "stay up and fight." First off, how can anyone go to bed angry..besides your husband. I lay there and stew about it, thinking of clever things to say in my head until I finally blurt one out. Usually what I choose to blurt doesn't make sense because it is just part of a longer thought I just had, but I'm so angry or hurt that I can't form a whole thought. So it would go something like this. (* not a real fight...because I of course can't think of a real fight right now..)

In my head: If you had just put away the dishes the first time I asked, you wouldn't have had to freak out on my when I accidentally asked you to do it during the Packer game. AND if you would just get the garbage together on Thursday night you wouldn't always miss the bathroom one.

What I blurt out: If you put away the dishes on Thursday you wouldn't miss the bathroom!!!!!!

Ya. It happens. 

The advice I'd give off of this one though, don't ever go sleep on the couch. Think of what that means to the other person, and what it says to them. If you are parking it on the couch, it better have been one hell of a fight. I have only been close once, but in the long run...I'd rather sleep next to him pissed off...even if it means I accidentally touch his feet or something when I'm trying hard not to..than sleep on the couch and not accidentally touch his feet. 

#2: The secret to a happy marriage is two TV's!

Ohmygod..SOO true. 

If we only had one TV I don't think we would make it through baseball season. This man watches EVERY Brewer game possible. I however, do not. We don't see a lot of each other during baseball...but I do get to watch a lot of TV with Bernie while snuggling in bed.

#3: For each time you vent about your husband/wife to your friends, tell three positive stories.
hahahahahaahha. No way. My friends all know that Thane is a good guy and that I am beyond happy with him. If I am bitching to them about something...I am not in the mood to be all like, "So he forgot to get the milk..agaaaiiiin. But he is a great dog dad, great at his job, and loves me. But I didn't cook his damn dinner because I didn't have the milk!" No. I just bitch.

#4: Respect each other's privacy.
I don't know how I feel about this one. While I agree it is important to respect each other's space...I really don't think that you should have secrets from each other. I am totally ok with him looking at my phone, or checking my FB, or going through my email. Does he? No...because he could care less. He knows there is no reason he needs to. I do have him check things on my phone or on FB for me though. I ask him who texts him and he asks me. Not a big deal. We have nothing to I guess I don't get why people get so pissed when their other looks at their phone or fb or email?

#5: Never pass up an opportunity to say "I love you".

I beyond agree with this. I make sure to say I love you to Thane before we leave each other for the day..or for 10 minutes. I may say it too much? but you honestly never know when it is the last time you will say it. I even say it if I'm mad at him...its just not worth it not to. 

#6: It's ok to argue, but never use curse words to express your anger.

Whatever. We all know a few cuss words get your point across more effectively. 

#7: Marriage is forever. You have to stick it out no matter how miserable you are.
Ha! I love this one. I don't have much to say about this one, because I have yet to be miserable with him. I have heard that some marriages can go a year or two and be really really hard.  The key is to just not give up. I told Thane last night that I am really glad we have been together for as long as we have. We have been through so much together, so many big events in our lives. If we ever hit these rough patches that I have heard about, I hope to look back at all we have been through and know its worth it to work it out. The D word will NEVER be tossed around in this house. It's not an option.
Well all....that is about all I have in my for tonight. My bed is yelling my name. 
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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Savers got Creepy..

I made my first offical mom decision. 

I think? All you moms will probably laugh at me. 

I need a coat. A winter one. 

I was already freezing this week, I am apparently a wimp this year?

I will NOT make it to Feb without a winter coat. Mine still fits, but I give it a month...or until the snow flies. Which ever comes first..and it won't fit anymore. :/

Every year I try to tough it out. I do my best to not act cold when really I am freezing. I just hate having to buy coats. They are SO expensive. 

So I really wanted a cute red one from Old Navy. I even had a $15 off coupon when you spend $50. Peeeeerfect!!! 

I mentioned it at work today and a coworker suggested just going to Savers and get one for cheap.

Ugggghhhh...good point. I will be wearing it for one winter. ONE. I don't need to spend $50+ dollars on it. We could use that money for other things. 


So I went to Savers. It was the worst experience i have had there!!

Usually I feel very comfortable there. People are just going about their day...nothing wrong with that.

Not this time.

I found the coats and notice this man cruising through the coats at lightning speed. He would look at one, and then slide it lightning speed to the side to see the next one. I knew I needed a bigger coat, so I started at the opposite end...4 sizes away from him. As I moved closer..his hand got faster. I think he thought I may steal his perfect coat? We got to be one size away, and I thought "Oh perfect...common courtesy...he won't be doing his hand flapping/clothes sliding lightning thing because he will bump into me."

Wrong. As he was 3 coats away from me, I realized I was totally in his way. he was in the zone..and I didn't want to see what would happen if I interrupted that. I grabbed a coat I thought I wanted and fled.

Ok, not really..but I got the hell out of creepos way.

THEN I was looking in another section for our Halloween costumes and ugh..there he was again. Going through the women's blouses? They seemed to be about his size...just saying. 

I had to walk by him and I literally put my hand over my belly and turned it away from him. THAT is how creepy this man was...I was protecting the child in my belly from him. I think if B Sutts was actually here I would have clutched him to me while passing.

The section I needed was right next to his over flowing cart and I couldn't help but fear that he would come running up to it, scared I would snatch anything out of it. So I kept an ear out for his clothes sliding/lighting speed hand movements to make sure that he wasn't near me and went about my business.

Next example.

Creepy kid. Like 20. Walking around with ear buds in and looking all suspicious.

I saw him as soon as I came out of the dressing room....and kept my eyes open for him the entire time. 

I was looking at something and noticed him next to me all of a sudden. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him touch something slowly...and then walk away.

I turned to see what he had touched, in the ladies department.

It was a bikini top. 


Maybe you don't think so..but it totally was.

I'm aware...I'm judging. Let me be.

So coat. 

Instead of getting the super cute one that is almost $80...

I got one that looks kinda like this for $14.99..

 Except in red.

It has a hood...which totally freaked me out while trying on. What if I got lice!?

My head has been itching all afternoon, so I came home and lice shampoo.

Yes. I have lice shampoo...I work with over 100 kids...don't judge.

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So true...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Be Careful...

The world of Babies R Us can easily eat you up.

We registered yesterday. It was way more exhausting than registering for our wedding..and dare I say not as fun?

I had a great time obviously. It was exciting to think that someday soon our son would be using all the things we were scanning.

But when you register for plates you don't have to worry about your safety while eating off of them. 

While registering for a crib or mattress you have to worry about you baby being safe....or peeing through the mattress apparently. It's a little stressful.

It literally took us about 2.5 or more hours to walk around that store and find the perfect items. My God. 

I was thankful that Thane was so great during it though. He had to miss the second half of the Badger game and I felt bad about that. And any other football fan guy would not be pleased to have to walk around a gigantic baby store instead of being planted on the couch cheering for the Badgers.  If he had been in a bad mood, those 2.5+ hours would have totally sucked.

At one point, when we were both overwhelmed, he said I should have just brought a friend with who has had a kid already and knows exactly what we need. 

Yes...that would have been a lot easier, but I wouldn't have wanted to be stressed out, overwhelmed, and super excited with anyone but him. Just when I was about to say, "UGH! My feet hurt..let's go!!!" He would say something funny, or remind me of something we forgot and would snap me out of it. 

However, I have to do Target on my own. ;) Love you Thane. 

I currently have chili cooking on the stove. I can't wait til 7 when it is done.

Note to self: When making a new recipe, look at cooking time so you don't have to eat dinner an hour late. Oiy.

I decided to start making my Christmas list today! As I was going through my scrapbook magazines, tearing out layouts I would actually do, I got to thinking about the craft table I want to make.

You take two bookshelves and then put a door on the top to make a table with organizational storage on the sides. I love it.

So item 1 and 2 on my list. *2 book shelves from Walmart and * a cheap door. Random? Yes.

I want to paint the door some sweet color though. White is boring. I'm thinking purple. 

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 If I wrote fairy tales, hell...if I was the main character in one...this is what they would be like.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gender Revealed!!!

In 135 dayish we will have a son.


It is so much more real when you say "we are going to have a son" instead of saying "its a boy."

(Sidenote....I have an app on my phone that gives you tips/ideas every day and that has a countdown. I do not have my own countdown going. I swear.)

Another small freak out: 135ish days isn't that far away....

Anyways, our gender reveal party was great.

I don't think I have been that nervous since I was about to walk down the aisle.

I think there is even a picture of me biting my nails like mad.

I have no idea why I was so nervous...I just couldn't wait to find out!!!

Thank you to everyone who came. Thank you to everyone who brought food....we had SO much food. We STILL have so much food. God it was amazing.

My beyond amazing girlfriends surprised us with a Craig's Cake. I don't think they understand how much it meant to me....and I don't want to blog why all over the world...but thank you guys. You have no idea how much that meant. <3.

Bernie, Thane's dog, of course had to sample it...and Skylar's cupcake. :/

When it was finally time to open the box I suddenly changed my mind and thought it was a girl. Thane said he peaked through the packaging tape and saw pink balloons.

Well, we got the box open after 7 tries and both of us literally just stared at the balloons that didn't float out right away.

I was beyond confused...and so was Thane.

I thought, "Blue??? What does blue mean!?!?!" I'm not joking, I blanked and forgot what blue meant.

Thane said he was thinking, "Wait...where are the pink balloons?"

After what felt like a minute, but after watching the video it was clearly like a half a second...we reacted and I shook the box so the balloons could fly out. 

It's a BOY!!!!!! :)

Everyone was really happy. Thane's dad....beyond happy. There are only 2, now 3 boys that will carry on the Sutter name. So needless to say..Tom was a little pumped up. :)

When it was all said and done, I was exhausted. So exhausted I could barely move. 

I am thankful that our friends helped bring in all the tables and clean up. My mom stayed late and literally cleaned up all the food and unloaded my dishwasher. Which is awesome because if she hadn't, all that food and dishes would still be on my counter.

So, because of my level of exhaustion, I don't think I really comprehended that we are having a boy until Monday morning.

I cried at work. I hate when I do that..but thankfully no one saw me. Oh wait, jokes. Ya they did. :)

Not unhappy tears.....holy crap tears. I seriously couldn't wrap my head around it! Is that normal??

So I did what any logical person would do to help the fact that they are going to have a real baby sink in. 

I went to Carters and bought some boy clothes. TA-DA!!!! It sank in. ;)

As the days go by, it sinks in more and more. So crazy. These last 135ish are going to FLY by and I 
get more excited every day for the end result.

I'll leave you with some pictures from the big day. :) Sorry this is SO long!

 Tom was pretty happy!
 Love you guys!!!!
 This is my favorite picture ever. It makes me tear up every time I see it. The look on his face makes getting up every morning at 3 am to pee worth it. ;)

Thank you Carla for all the amazing pictures!!!!!!!!