Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh Yes It's Ladies Night!

Tonight is Girl's Night....

and I'm jacked up.

I am on vacation for the next 4 days, and I don't think I have ever needed a vacation more than I do right now.

I plan to hang with the girls tonight..and tomorrow for that matter.

Garage sale on Saturday.

Then Sunday Thane is whisking me off to WI Dells for our anniversary.

Romance will follow. ;)

Yes..WI Dells. We are classy people.

Pinterest find for the day is perfect for tonight....and maybe garage sale day.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

730 Days of Wedded Bliss.

Man...that is a lot of days.


Not all of them.

There was the night when I finally flipped out on him because when he gets home late and I'm sleeping he ALWAYS turns on ALL the lights. I however, sneak around with the light of my phone display running into things just so I don't wake him up.  There were some swear words thrown around that night. Ugh.

But there was also the time he actually got me flowers for Valentine's Day. I was so shocked that it made me cry. :) Bonus points because they were all Gerber Daisies. Love.

But then are the times where he "can't find" anything. Ever. He has to call me. "Pam...where is the baking soda." "Well Thane, it is the food cabinet on the baking shelf." "I already looked there." "Thane...move some stuff around." " I found was right behind the baking powder!"

God that annoys me. Thankfully, he has finally started to actually move stuff to find things. It actually works....who knew?!!

But there was that time that I was so sick I felt like I was dying and he came home armed with a bunch of medicine I refuse to take...and then forced me to take it. I felt better....weird.

Obviously we aren't perfect, but we are perfect for each other. :)

I thought on this day...the day after our 2 year anniversary, I would walk you through some highlights of our big day.


This is the Friday before. My awesome bridesmaids were finishing up putting more cookie favors in bags. Love you guys.

My daddy and me during pictures. He probably just cracked a stupid joke. :)

Thane before the ceremony. He looks nervous. He wanted to have a beer...but his brother wouldn't let him. Thanks Sean.

Thane and his Best Man Docken. Peter Docken. Yes he has a first name.....:)

Out of a list of at least 100 "Must Haves" for Emily our photographer, this was the only one Thane cared about. "Must have all groomsmen doing "Got a little captain in you?" pose.  This is one reason I love him.

My amazing bridesmaids. <3.

Our vows. This is the part, I think, where he totally got lost looking at me...and paused on the whole "I promise to honor you and something something...the I will not cheat on you part." I was like...umm......?

Outside the church after!!

This is where the party gets started. We walked to the bar just down the street and got busy partying.

One of the 5,000 kisses we had to do because of the clinking glasses. 4,000 of those are because of my dad..he loves to clink his glass.

Our first dance song to Jimmy Wayne's "You Are." It's not a very well known song but when I heard it a few months after we started dating I knew it would be our wedding song.

My amazing sister and brother-in-law put this together. They rolled out a desk and inside it was a sack lunch with a beer in it, a yard stick, this sign that says "I will be good," and a bunch of paper airplanes. We danced to the longest song ever by some big hair band. I loved it. I definitely slammed Thane's fingers in the desk a few times....

This is where the night gets so much more fun. A certain friend wanted a lap dance....I won't name names here. I told him no...bc I was in my dress and I'm classy. So then he wanted me to get on the table and dance...I'm too classy for that. SO I compromised and danced on a chair. My sister freaked out...thinking I was on the table and came and grabbed me off.

Sweet dance moves were pulled out.....

Erika caught the bouquet...and I freaked out. Beyond awesome.

And my favorite picture of the night. After the Grand March I grabbed Thane and Emily and this happened....

I finally had snagged the most amazing man...and got him to wear that ring.

How lucky am I?

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And what a party it was!

Monday, April 16, 2012

There Are Many Things My Husband....

is good at....

and lemme tell you what.....making Oreo Sundaes is in his Top 10.

This man eats Oreos like they are going out of style. If you have read any of my blogs, I'm sure you have come across a few about Oreos. 

I love them.

I just got a mad craving for chocolate ice cream and asked him if we had any. His response?

"Well.....I have something chocolate to put onnnn ice cream..." with a little shit head grin.

Ya. He meant his famous, well in our house at least, Oreo Sundae.


This thing has vanilla ice cream, crushed oreos, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup.

Doesn't sound like much, but wow. All together...heaven. PMS heaven.

Weight Watchers is going great. 

Thanks for reminding me.

but now...I have to eat what I want before he eats it all.....

Peace out.

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This is EXACTLY how my day was......

which is why I needed chocolate. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

To The Best Mom I Know...

Wednesday was my mama's birthday. I said happy birthday to her in every way possible..ok except in person or with a card....thanks technology. I text her, Facebooked her, and called her..well tried to. I'm pretty sure she was avoiding my calls.

So now I will blog about it!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!

As my title says, I'm pretty sure I have the best mom ever.

I can't believe some of the things she does for Thane and me. I have known it since I was a kid. If I need something...if they can do's done.

I give my parents a lot of credit. I will admit, I was spoiled. While it has effected me in some winning at board many ways, somehow, it has made me a well rounded person. It just goes to can give your kids what they want- within reason- and not go overboard and make there crazy annoying temper tantrum kids/adults.

Mom has been to almost 100% of my volleyball games. I'm not joking. I remember one time in middle school, it was 10 min before game time and mom wasn't there. I was worried so I borrowed money to use the pay phone. (Yes. I said pay phone. That is how old I am. I didn't have a cell phone in middle school.) Anyways, apparenlty I had forgotten to tell her about the was she pissed. I'm pretty sure I got grounded. high school our house was the "Pop n Chip Party" captiol. I loved that my friends could come over and hang out and in the morning mom would have pancakes and orange juice waiting for us. I still have some friends that ask me if we can have a sleepover at my parent's house so that they can wake up and eat mom's pancakes :)

I think she has really come through for me the most in the past few years.

Who else has a mom that will watch their dog for over a week, and then bring him back to you when you get home from the airport because it is like 8pm and if you drive another minute you may fall asleep at the wheel?
I do!

Or a mom (and dad) that will drive you to the airport for your honeymoon, and then bring your car back later....and have money in it to pay the parking toll....and a card for your sister's birthday that was that day just in case you forgot? (which I didn't by the way!)

I do!

Or a mom comes and sits at your house for a potential 3 hours to wait for furniture...and ends up cleaning your kitchen and doing all your dishes? My mom. (Let's be serious though. She is such a clean freak that it probably drove her nuts to see the blender in the sick and the dishes on the counter. But I'll take it!)


I don't think I would have made it through wedding planning without her. While I loved doing it, there were certain things I just did NOT want to do. Mom took one for the team and did those things and helped with everything else. Man...I miss wedding planning.

So long story short. I have an amazing mom. She is always there when I need her, and for that I will always be thankful!

Love you mom!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy some pictures of my mommy:

At my cousin Karen's wedding.

My mom and sister's at my bachelorette party. Yes. My mom was on my bachelorette bus. That may have been an eye-opening experience for her....

and here we go....old school. FYI: That owl picture is still in the same spot.

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm lame....and old.

So as I was catching up on my blogs I came across my friend Alicia's blog. She had a craft night the other night and made a sweet letter. There is one on Pinterest I always see, a S wrapped in twine and a flower on it. Super cute. I think I may do it with an S to put above our vanity dresser.

Not like I don't have enough S things in our house...or things that say our last name. Lame? Probably.

Anyways...check out her letter that she made.

Hopefully I get time in the next 3 weeks to do something crafty.

I have also been toying with the idea of buying one of those vinal sayings to put above the dresser. I'm going to check out Simply Said or something like that. It's a direct sales company...and I like to help people who do that out :) Weird right?

So speaking of that. If you didn't read yesterday...I am doing a giveaway!!

Check our the details here...

I am watching "don't trust that B in Apt 23."

It's really funny.....crap. I think it is kind of lame that the "Bitch" is pale and has dark hair..and the "good girl" has blonde curly hair. Sterotypical? Yes.

Ha! She just got a kid drunk? What?  Not a PC kinda show....I like it.

Now I have another show Wednesday.

Pinterest Find:

This is so Bernie. I swear he thinks we got the new bed for him...

Oh man...did I just blog about buying a vinal saying? Shit. I'm old.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Think I Will Do a Giveaway...

As I sit here eating my supper...a 3 point smoothie, that tastes like ice cream. It is SO good....chocolate strawberry banana. Best part!? It was only like 98 cents!! YEEEESSSS! Why am I eating a 3 point smoothi/ice cream for supper you ask? Um ya....I may have consumed ALL my points at lunch today. It was meatball n gravey day. The BEST day at KJ.

I may have even gone over my points with it. Opps.

But all I had for breakfast was coffee and fruit. so that is 1 not bad.


I was thinking I should do a giveaway! But then I was all like...uhhh....what should I giveaway?

My friend Leslie has this awesome blog about her being a mom. She gives away awesome stuff. I once won a gift card to Starbucks. That was the best. She gives away stuff to moms too....check out her blog here.

So her blog is geared towards she gives away mom stuff. Good idea.

My blog is geared towards my random can't give that shit away. People don't want my random thoughts. I don't even want them half the time!

I was then thinking I could give away Starbucks....who doesn't love them!? and if you don' really deserve the gift card bc you should love them. and you would after one coffee.

but I don't want to drive to Target.

So what can I do that doesn't require me to drive anywhere out of my way?

Give away a Thirty-One gift card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great idea ;)

So here we go:

What you will win:
        *a $15 gift card to wards any Thirty-One product of your choice. *

What you need to know:
         *April's Special is "Spend $31 and get any purse half off." It's a pretty sweet deal.
        *You will need to order by this Saturday at 1 through my friend Andrea's party. Shop   Here.
How to enter:
        *Comment on this post, either on my blog or on Facebook, with the title of your favorite
          blog post.

How will I pick the Winner?
        *I will put everyone's name who comments into a random name generator...and whoever   
          that picks WINS!

Whoever wins......we will talk more details after the computer draws your name.

I will do the drawing on THURSDAY NIGHT AT 8PM.

**If you live really far away and I never see will have to pay an extra $2 on shipping to get it directly shippped to your house. (Usually it is $4, but I will pay half :) )**

I plan to do this next month too with the new catalog, and link it to my friend Katie's party!

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

and The Biggest Loser Is........

Not me.

That's ok though. For now

The next one is mine.

I joined Weight Watchers this week. I will look like Jennifer Hudson....I swear. Hopefully in like 2 months ;)

I even took before and after pictures today. I asked Thane to take them...and it was actually really embarrassing. Not to get all TMI on you all...but he sees me in my bra and underware all the time. (It's ok..we are married.) But having him take pictures of me....I didn't like it.

By no means did I want to go throw up after I looked at them. But I wasn't happy. Let's just say that I am lucky Thane doesn't either. That could be awkward.

So anyways. I did really good today with tracking. I know tomorrow I'm going to have a big lunch, so I will have a very small dinner. I feel like this time it will work.

I don't really want to focus on my weight. (which is a total lie, lets be serious.) I just want to be more accountable about what I shove in my face...and how much I work out.

Oh ya! I decided the other day that I need someone to stand by me and swat things out of my hand. Like Richard Simmons...

I think that if he were hiding in random spots....and then come prancing up right before I put something that is too many points in my mouth and swat it away....I think I'd do much better!

"Pam! Stop! Put that bread stick down!! Hold on...I'm stuck......"

or what if he would randomly show up IN my that would make me put it down...

This salad looks maybe if he did it in a big plate of spaghetti?

So anyways...wish me luck...and willpower. I really want it to work this time...and so far so good. Cross your fingers, and your toes!

Pinterest find:

So true. I did this today...well not the chocolate bar..but ya know.

Have a good night loves.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Oreos will be the Death of me....

Oh Oreos.

We have a love/hate relationship.

I love them when I need chocolate.

I hate them after I eat them.

Did you know that a serving size is 2.


Who eats only 2?!!? (in one day) Is that even humanly possible????????

Fun fact: I tried Weight Watchers once. I was doing 7 lbs in 2 weeks. I was rocking out. Then I came home one day and wanted an Oreo. I tried to eat just one. Not possible. That is when I fell off the wagon. An Oreo did me in. F@*&ing Oreo. (I did that because Molly doesn't like that word....)

I bet you are thinking, "Well Pam. STOP buying Oreos." If only it were that easy!!

You don't live in a house with a man whose entire family is in love with sweets. Oh man. His mom makes some mean desserts. mmmmm... I however, do not make mean desserts. He needs to get his sweet fix on an Oreo. While I understand that...I hate it. How do you say no to a carton of Oreos and a glass of milk??????? Answer: You don't.

I used to like the regular Oreos, and think that Double Stuffed were gross....too much frosting. Thane is in love with Double Stuffed. I put up a fight, but now that I have tried Double Stuffed..there is no going back. Let's be serious.

And have you tried the MINT ones?!!?!? Heaven.


Holy hell..I just gained 5 pounds looking at this. Wanna make it? Here you go. 5 lb Oreos!

If I wasn't a failure and actually had a classroom...I would so do this. Did you know Oreos are calorie free when you use them in a Science lesson? Fact.

Hmm.....I just don't understand why I don't look like this.....

;) Joookes. I know why....

its because I don't do enough ab work. If I just start doing 10 crunches a day I sould look like this by summer right?

Shape magazine said so!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Reason #345 Why I Love...

Eric Church.

During Toby Keith's Red Solo Cup everyone in the crowd is holding a cup.

Eric had two.

Double fisting.

My kinda guy.

That is all.