Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Live in the Moment

So a friend of mine posted on FB a while ago about how she wants an unplugged wedding, which from what I gathered is no one takes pictures at their wedding. I was like "What?!" Mainly because some of the best pictures we have are from our friends. Granted..many of those awesome pictures are from the reception. Pretty much those pictures helped me fill in the time when I wasn't with that group of friends and helped me feel like I had been everywhere at once on our big day. I really appreciated it. I think this friend was talking more about her actual ceremony though, so anyways I read the article. Basically it said, put down your camera and live in the moment. Enjoy where you are and what is going on around you. I didn't think too much about it, until the Eric Church concert the other night.

I was sitting in our shitty seats trying to get the perfect picture, which was not going to happen, when I suddenly got it. Take a few crappy pictures to put in our photo book for the year, and then put the camera away! The picture quality won't get any better...and I will enjoy the concert more if I am not hiding behind my camera. So that is what I did. I took 2 more pictures and didn't touch my camera for the rest of the night. I spent my time in a better way. Rocking out.

Not that a concert comes anywhere near the importance of a wedding, but now I get it. I love weddings. The past few I have noticed that I try to get one or two good pictures and then I do just sit and enjoy what is going on. Wait, crap. I do always try to get their kiss on camera..which is dumb bc it is so quick and sometimes I end up missing it bc I am trying to zoom in and then end up zoomed in on a plant or something. Which is exactly what she is talking about! Who cares if I get the couple kissing?! What am I going to do with the picture anyways? I don't have my degree in photography, they aren't going to want my yellow tinted photo. Just sit back and enjoy!

So this concept, while totally new to me and I love it, is going to be really hard. As my over 100 albums on FB prove...I am a camera slut. I LOVE pictures. (Hence the wedding wall in my house.) I love taking them...I love being in them (when I look ok)..I love bothering people to get in group shots. I am always so afraid that we won't get any good pictures and then we will have nothing to remember the event by! My new motto: Take a few good pictures (just enough to fill 2 pages in our photo book ;) and then put the camera away unless someone is doing like a keg stand or something important like that.

Ok..seriously? Who am I kidding with this new motto of mine. You guys just wait til Saturday and see how well I follow that. Well a fantastic thought. There is no way I won't take 50 pictures of us sitting in a chair on my deck. Oh well. I found some funny ruined wedding pictures....

I am just wondering why they wanted a bunch of cows in their wedding picture..and why aren't very close together?

 Really photographer? You didn't see this was a bad angle?I hope this is a joke...

Hope this isn't her ex-boyfriend or something. Awwwwwkward!

That's it! I have to go to bed before I fall asleep....later loves.
                                                                                                  <3 Pam

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Go the F*ck to Sleep

I have no idea what to write tonight. I know what I really want to write about..but its a surprise and that person may read this post. Sigh. So, I googled "blog ideas." Lame? Maybe. 

Idea 1: "Write about the story you want to write."

Goods. I would love to write a children's book. Problem? I can't draw..and I probably don't have many good ideas. I have thought about this a lot actually and decided it would be great to write a series about the life of my dog, Bernie. If you know understand why this would be a good series. He has gotten stitches, been shot, eats cow poop, drinks beer....ok wait. Maybe not a good children's series? I could children it up a bit. Speaking of that! have you heard about the book "Go the Fuck to Sleep?" It is a adult book written like a children's book. Matt Lauer on the Today show interviewed the writer...and this may be my new book for preggo friends. Want a quote? Ok. 

"The cats nestle close to their kittens. The lambs have laid down with their sheep. You're cozy and warm in your bed my dear. Please go the fuck to sleep."

How is that not awesome?! hahaaha..I'm giggling. Here's a link to the amazon site.

Matt's concern was that this book would fall into the hands of a into their backpack and they would take it to school. Dear people..parent your children. Funny it. Don't let you kids read it though..or they may start saying "fuck" around grandma. 

Idea 2: Interview someone.

Ok, let me google interview questions...wait! I'm going to use the "How well do you know your groom?" book that my sister got me! Oh this will be fun. I'll ask Thane the bride ones..hee hee. He won't know what I'm doing and I'll BLOG it!!

Ok. Question 1: Name the food your bride would never want to give up. 
        My Answer: Pasta
        Thane's Answer: Spaghetti.

Question 2: What country does your bride most want to visit?
          My Answer: Ireland
          Thane's Answer: Ireland. (He rocks so far!!)

Question 3:  Name 4 things I never leave home without.
         My Answer: Phone, Wallet, Planner, Book
         Thane's Answer: Phone, Wedding Band, Clutch (wallet same thing),  Contacts    
          (really Thane?)  um...I probably should have put wedding band ehh?? opps. 

Question 4: If you are buy your bride clothes, what color should you never ever choose?
         My Answer: White...eww. Don't ever buy me clothes Thane...a gift card will do :)
         Thane's Answer: Orange.

Question 5: Who is the person she has been friends with longest?
        My Answer: Dra!!
        Thane's Answer: Andrea

Ok...well that wasn't as fun as I thought. That book was kinda lame. Sorry you had to sit through that :)

Feel free to buy me that book when we have a kid. I'd laugh so hard opening that in front of my mom. In front of Thane's mom, no...but I'd get over it. 

Over and out. Night all 

<3 Pam.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Even Groupons Think I'm Fat...

Almost ever day last week my Groupon or deal was for a gym. (1st off..if you don't get their emails I strongly suggest you sign up. They are amazing.) The first deal from Groupons was for a kickboxing/boxing gym on Junction Road. Since A. I love kickboxing and would be motivated to do that workout and B. That is really close to my job...I jumped on that one. It is like a 30 minute circuit training where you box and kick shit. How could that not be fun? I hope they have a shower there.

So ok..I felt good about myself. Joining a gym that isn't just elliptical and treadmills..I think I could actually love working out again....and then the gym offers keep rolling in. I got about 4 more offers for a gym. "Really Email?? Really?? I know I am don't have to remind me first thing every morning!" I angerley (is that a word Maire?) punched the delete button on my phone.

I'm sure many of you by now are all, "Geesh Pam..get off your ass and go work out at that gym then!" Well shut up..I'm going Tuesday. I promise. After the horrible realization tonight...I will start Tuesday. In the meantime, I plan to take Bernie on a few more 1 hour long walks this week! I actually have it all planned out. Start the gym and the Advocare cleanse on Tuesday. The cleanse is about 2 weeks, which ends just before Erika's shower. I would start it sooner, but I am going to a Brewers game on Monday. If you have ever been to a game with me you will understand why I am not starting a cleanse until after that.

What horrible realization? Oh...ugg. Ok. I'll tell you. I ordered a dress for Erika's bridal shower, an XL..and I'm nervous it won't fit. SERIOUSLY?! I'm worried an xl won't fit?? I'm 26, that is not ok. So right after I ordered I decided I will make sure it fits by the 16th, and I went for a long walk. I may not be able to walk in the morning. ( legs are going to hurt.) Tomorrow...I plan to do it again. When I wake up I'm going to lift some weights for a few minutes while watching the news. It will fit. Damnit. I will not be the super fat bridesmaid. (I'm already going to be the fat bridesmaid, but I don't have to be the super fat one! See, optimism.)

On a lighter note. I am in love with this blog. I have found myself saying several times.."I'm going to blog about this!" I say it more in my head than out loud bc I feel that people look at me funny, but whatever. I'm going to bed though...sorry for the getting kinda personal post. It was whats on my with it. :) (I am also obviously a little sassy right now. Opps.)

Night all-
<3 Pam

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Weekend Full of Judging...and Music.

First off! The poll from last week has officially closed. Turns out that 8/10 of you would rather date a guy skinnier than you vs dating someone shorter than you. Very interesting. When I put the question up I thought it would be the other way around...I thought I would vote for shorter, until I thought about it. Think of the wedding pictures! (Disclaimer: If you are dating a guy shorter than you...I am in fact not judging you. Just stating my opinion.) I have gained almost 20 lbs since I got married..and I can't imagine being taller AND fatter than Thane. Ugg...I would feel like an ogre. So yes. I agree with the majority. I have posted a new question...or I will after I get done typing this. VOTE!! It's fun. I promise. It is going to be a very deep profound question this week. ;)

I had a fantastic weekend! I spent it with one of my favorite people Auntie TT....and Thane and Docken. Throw a little bit of Ashley and Sara in there and you have a great weekend :) We hit up the Star Spangled Celebration in Richland Center all weekend...and man did we do a good job of tearing shit up. My soon to be second husband Eric Church was there and he rocked out as usual. He puts on such an amazing show..he gets so into the music. You can really tell he loves what he does and believes in the words he sings.

Besides the Eric concert, I think the highlight of my weekend was finding The Watering Hole. It is a new beer garden that is 3 minutes from my parents house. Best part? It is attached to a gas station. In their parking lot. I may sound like I am mocking it. I am not. I seriously love it. It is a fenced in area that takes up one end of the gas station. Beer is TWO DOLLARS a can..and an 18oz tap of Bud Light is ONE DOLLAR. Are you kidding?! What is not to love?! Jello shots? Sure! Only $1..and they are good! They raffle off 40s at the end of the night. I want to go back. Best part is the decor. None of the bar stools match...and they may be from the owners friends who didn't need them anymore. It adds to the feel of the place. Low key..somewhere to go to just hang out. They have live music too! (Sonic Rush is there on Aug 13th btw...$2 cover charge) What if it rains you may be asking? Don't worry! They have a retractable roof! We will definitely be stopping there every time we go home now... here are some pics...

The Watering Hole

The music the handicap stall. I can't get if off centered alignment. crap. Anyways. Man this is long. You may be wondering why the title is as it is. Who was I judging you ask? Ha..I'm horrible. So many people at this concert were just ridiculous. There was an old man wearing a white shirt, with huge pointy balloons inside of them. He was wearing a hot pink wig..but it gets better. He was also wearing tighty whites, with something in the place of his junk, and on the back it said something like "Run, I just farted big time." Seriously? Seriously!? Who lets you out of the house like that? There was a woman in her 50sish, missing several teeth wearing a glade air freshener on the pocket of her shorts. um?? Same woman decided to take a picture with a 20something year old guy where she stood like she was doing him from behind while he bent over. Best part? The camera wasn't "working" right so his friend taking the picture took forever to take it. They stood there with him bent over and her behind him whoopin it up for probably 2 minutes. 2 awkward minutes for everyone watching. Tanya's response? "That is someones mom!!! That is NOT ok!" There are just so many stories. Are you still reading this?

Enough judging. I know that if my friend Andrew is reading this he is shaking his head at me right now. Sorry Andrew. What else did I do this weekend? I went to the Pecks Art Fair by myself! I am so proud of me...I would never usually do something like that on my own, but that is what happens when all your friends are too hungover to go with you. ;) I would have felt bad if they had come with my anyways, because I walked back and forth between 3 different vendors probably 7 times trying to decide what I wanted to buy. I finally got a coat rack that you hang on the all in the cool black distressed paint, and a sign to put above it. I was pretty happy with my find. There were some other things I really liked, but we had spent so much money at Star Spangled already that I couldn't justify spending much more than I did :/

Ok. I think I'm done for now. Running out of steam. Did you get this far?! Kuddos! I love you too! Don't forget to vote! Have a great Monday!

<3 Pam

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Goose Poop

I should be packing to go home right now, but I have been thinking about my day..and it just too aweome not to share with you guys.

So. If you live in Madison you know how amazing the weather was. Rainy on and off all day. Our field trip? The zoo..rain or shine. We decided to pick rain, bc who wants to go to the zoo when it is a nice day out?!

So whatever, we get to the zoo and almost instantly it starts to drizzle. Sweet life. Whatever...we walk around yada yada..rain sucks. Nothing eventful until lunch time. We luckily get to eat in a shelter so we don't have to sit in the steady drizzle. Not so lucky? The huge pond behind the shelter full of ducks and geese. I spend half my lunch trying to keep my kids in their seats and away from pulling a "Lenny" in that book where he pets the cat or mouse or whatever mumbling "pretty" until he pets so hard he kills it. You know what I'm talking about. I have kids literally stalking ducks...trying to sneak up on them and feed them. I'm sure you're thinking "Come on Pam...who cares. Let them be kids." No. I don't want to write that accident report to the parents.

So after lunch it had stopped raining and I took my kids to the park. I'm standing there trying to decide if it was safe enough for them to play when I randomly put my hand to my face. smells like poop. I turn to Molly.." hand smells like poop. How did that happen?" I'm all grossed out, so I put on hand sanitizer. We then decide that the park is not a good spot bc it keeps raining so we start to head in. I look down and freak out bc on my foot there is a weird blob...nope. Just dirt. Ha..not so lucky. All of a sudden..."Ms have poop on your leg." Ha..whatever I don't. I look.

I have poop on my leg.

Goose poop to be more exact.

My flipflops had flipped up poop that I accidentally stepped in all over my leg and then I just happened to rub it in. Really? It is literally all over my leg. I had to go in the bathroom to wash it off...and of course they don't have paper towels. That would make my life way too easy. So ok, get the poop washed off. Head to the monkey house.

Two orangutangs were outside walking around and my kids all lined up in awe watching them at the window. All of a sudden they all burst out laughing. My coworker tells them "Guys...everybody poops. No big deal." Two minutes later another outburst of giggles....then.. "MS PAM!! THE MONKEY JUST THREW POOP AT THE WINDOW!!!!" ok, how can you not laugh at that? There was a big poop stain on the window. I giggled. I stand back and watch my kids and think how awesome it is that they are so into the monkeys or so I think. Literally 2 minutes later another outburst of giggles. "OH! The poop lost its balance!!" They had spent the last 2 minutes watching the huge pile of poop. Not the monkeys.

 Love my kids.

So nothing else eventful until the ride home where I am totally drained and thinking about what a long day it was and how tired I am when I hear one of my kids pipe up. "Mr Andrew? How old do you have to be to buy booze?" This kid is 9...and if you knew him you'd understand how uber funny this is. Andrew and I look at each other and he is So he tells response? "aww man!"

Literally just made my day..and as I am writing this it is putting me in a better mood. :) Who would have thought I could be in a good mood after a day full of poop?

Off to Star Spangled!!! Have a good weekend guys!!!

<3 Pam.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last Day in Civilization

You may be wondering about my title. No it is not just because I will be hanging out in Richland Center all weekend (that is part of it though) is also because I may be without the Internet from Thursday to Sunday!! I KNOW! OMG. I'm nervous. We will have to see if my mom took her US Cellular Internet with her to my nephew's wedding or not. Cross your fingers folks! 

So why on Earth would I be hanging out in Center all weekend?! Two words. Eric. Church. BOOM. He is at Star Spangled on Friday and we have decided to make a weekend out of it.Auntie Tt and I will be rocking the baseball field. (where the concert pretty much is)  I am pretty excited...minus the fact of the constant ex-boyfriend dodging I have to do while in that damn town. Stupid pre-college Pam. 

Even more exciting? I have Friday off! No work for me!!! I totally need it...very stressed out these days. I will NOT think about my job once. Not even once. I will not respond to phone calls from work. I will not respond to texts from work. (That's a lie. You guys can text me:) Today I had my kiddos make birthday cards and they turned out SO awesome. I took pictures of the oldest kids creations, and I was going to post them tonight...but I am too lazy and my phone is almost dead. I'll do it Sunday.

This weekend is Spring Green's Art Fair weekend too. The best weekend in SG (Unless your Andrea:). The art fair downtown has some great overpriced art work. You can't afford anything, but it is fun to go look at it all. I am getting really sick of that lady who sits on the corner in her booth playing stupid music though. Its that damn hippy music with like harps and friggin recorders or something. Come on lady...just because my mom bought your CD doesn't mean you're good. Sorry. Move on. There are some cool metal work booths. There is a metal guy doing almost every profession there is and I have always said when I become a teacher I will buy a "teacher" one. I wonder if he has made an "unemployed" one for this year? I can just picture it. It would be a little metal guy laying on a metal couch with his computer on his lap looking at Facebook.  If so, I will take a picture. That would be too sweet to not share. If not, I'm going to share my idea with that guy. Goldmine.

If you want a more affordable art fair...try Peck's by Arena. I hope this year they have more vendors, because last year it didn't seem like much. Usually though it is totally worth going to. Maybe this year I will get one of those sweet rocks that say "Sutter" on them. (If you don't know..I am a little obsessed with my new last name..and my new last initial. I hope it wears off soon!) I love going to this one bc you can play in the giant pumpkin too! Who doesn't love some playtime in the giant pumpkin? You can also feed goats. I love goats. They are so cute when they climb up the fence. I think they remind me of Bernie begging. :)

I think that is all for today. I may not be back until Sunday! Stay creepin on my Facebook page...I will post it there. :) 

Have a great weekend guys!! "Drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke!"

Ok...literally don't smoke a little smoke. you are all adults....figure that one out. Its from my favorite Eric Church song. 

<3 Pam.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Don't Let a House Fall on You!

Ok first off. Driving home was so distracting! Did you see the clouds this afternoon?! ;) For real though..there was one that looked like the baby mammoth in Ice Age..and after a few moments he evolved into an elephant! I wish I had time to just sit outside and watch the clouds on a day like today. It was just windy enough that they were constantly changing. :)

The thunder is comes the tornado! (I JUST FOUND A BUD LITE LIME!!! YEESSS!!!) Anyways..I am so glad I am at home and not at work. Do you know how horrible it is to have to cram as many kids as possible in a bathroom? I'd like to point out that they are the very bathrooms where I once slipped in a ginormous puddle of pee and FELL in it. These are the bathrooms that a quick "seat check" before you sit down are a necessity if you don't want a wet butt. Do you guys understand now? :) Oh wait..and I also get way too stressed about their safety.

Besides the fact that I would almost rather be anywhere during a tornado than at work bc of the bathroom situation.I would also worry about Bernie! We leave the basement door open now so I would hope Bernie Boo would be smart enough to head to the basement when the sirens went off, but we all know how crazy dogs can be. He would probably be staring out our patio window watching the twister head right at our house being like "OHHH!!!! What's that!? Can I carry it around in my mouth?!" or he would think it was going to take him for a walk or something. Ugg...he can open a cabinet with his paws and nose, but he isn't smart enough to go to the basement when a tornado is coming. Sigh...he will never learn.

So as I am thinking about how much tornadoes freak me out..I am wondering if I would rather have a tornado in the area or a fire close enough that I have to evacuate the building I am in. For those of you who don't know...I have a severe fire phobia. To the point that I am slightly crazy about it. I told my kids at work the other day that I have a phobia about it so they have to line up **RIGHT AWAY** when the alarm goes off bc I freak out. So alarm goes off...they line up perfectly and I am still freaking out inside bc we have to get out!!! On the other hand..tornadoes are pretty bad ass too. This will be my next question on the week...excited I am planning ahead!

Hmm..I think that is it for the day.I have to go finish stuff for work and pack for Star Spangled!!!!!!!

Peace out Homefries! Thanks for reading :)


Monday, June 20, 2011

Everyone Needs Goals..How Else Will You Know You've Failed?

I decided on my drive home from Invite Marathon Part 1 with Erika..that I suck at life. I know some of you are all like "Ohh Pam..don't be so hard on yourself." While others of you are silently agreeing (maybe even nodding your head).

Lemme explain. My new idea for a "job" is to start my own ETSY account. "What will you sell oh artless fool," you may be asking. Well that is simple!! I am going to make homemade cards and people will just LOVE to buy them. Good idea right? Right. Unless you have no idea how to make homemade cards...and have no ideas of cute cards to make. How does one even get started on this awesome skill? I have been trying to look up ideas online...and can't seem to find any besides the 6 I found to make with my kiddos at work. My first official "card" I plan to make will be for my co-workers KJ bridal shower. Well it will be the invites, not a card..but still.I plan to use my "NEW" Cricut that I bought from another co-worker for $50 (Holla!) So who knows..this goal may pan out. Just not at the moment.

Goal 2: Take enough good photography to sell some items at a craft fair for an outrageous price. Why have I failed at this you may ask. Well..I don't go anywhere cool to take pictures..aaaaand my camera sucks. I have always thought it would be so amazing to sit in the Spring Green Art Fair (which is this weekend by the way), sweating profusely (bc it is always hot as shit that weekend) and hearing people "ohh" and "ahh" over my amazing skills. Hmm...we shall see about that one too. I'm still young..ish.

Goal 3: This goal I still have time to accomplish. By the time I am 40, I want to open my own Doggie Day Care. A friend of mine takes her Weim to a daycare in the Milwaukee area that is beyond amazing. They even have a bone shaped swimming pool! (Here is their FB page...) They take the best pictures of the really shows their human side. I love my dog. I could probably love other peoples' dogs too right? I think so, even though Thane so nicely reminded me "Pam..dogs can be jerks too."

Here is the pool!!

Goal 4: Get a teaching job. I'm not even going to touch this one...

Goal 5: Ugg. I'm sick of typing goals. I'm all depressed now. Yada Yada...happy thoughts.....happy thoughts.


Done. Happy again.

Don't forget to vote in the upper right hand corner. They will be *very* important deep questions. Obviously...I'm a deep person.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Holla at Ya Father!!

I bet many of you didn't know that I have a ghetto side. I do. It is thanks to my 5 1/2 years in Milwaukee and working in urban schools. I love it. It comes out when I am angry or feeling goofy. I often warn people that if need be I can go "Milwaukee ghetto" on them. It's not pretty. Erika has seen it once when some dumb girl spit on my at a concert...noooot pretty.

Anywho. It's Father's Day! I hope you all were able to spend some time with your papas and gave them a card. I was lucky enough that my parent's came to MH to see me today. I think my mom thought I was hungover, so it would just be easier to come see me. For once, not the case...but I'll take it anyways. :) Many of you may think you have the best dad in the world. Not true. Sorry. My dad wins.

My dad is the reason I am who I am, and the reason I act how I act. He is the reason I believe anything someone says. If you ask him a question and he doesn't know the answer to...he makes it up. BUT! He answers you with such a way that you totally believe him. I often got in trouble in grade school because of this. I would take his word for fact...and get a C on my homework. :) I have now learned to question people.

He is the reason I trust people until they give me a reason not to. Moving to Milwaukee was a huge step for me, especially coming from a small town. You literally have to learn how to survive all over again. In the SG you do not have to lock your not true in Milwaukee. DON'T try it! Obviously I quickly learned this and would carry my new "door locking" mentality home with me on the weekends. On several occasions, while getting coffee/breakfast at the airport cafe with dad for example, he would go to my car to get something and come back in yelling "Damnit Pamela! You aren't in Milwaukee right now! Don't lock your damn door!" Haha...I love my dad.

He is the reason I have some sweet wooden furniture in my house. He never ceases to amaze me. For my high school graduation he made me a card box, that I was able to use at my wedding. For our wedding he made me the most amazing hope chest ever. I am in love with it...and if I ever get my wedding dress cleaned (which I probably won't because it cost like over 100 friggin dollars to do so! As if I didn't spend enough money on it!!) I will be putting that in there with all our other wedding crap. Next on the awesome wood agenda is a uber sweet wine rack that I saw at a garage sale. It was an Amish made piece that the women could part with for "oohhhhh....$300?" HA! Right lady. It's a garage sale...get over yourself. So, I walked away and informed my friends that "My dad can make me that..he's awesome." Sure as shit..I go home and draw it up...and dad is all for it.

In short. My dad may not have much to say..or on the contrary sometimes he has too much to say, but he is an amazing person who has been through more than I can comprehend. For he told me that as a kid he has to take a bath in the cow's water trough...when they were done drinking. Woah. Gross. With the slime? Eww. He has been through some way deeper stuff than bathing in cow spit, but that one sticks out right now.

On a different note...I am joining a gym. It is a boxing/kickboxing circuit training gym. Puuumped that it was the Groupon today! :)

That is all for now. Hope you are enjoying your last few moments of your weekend.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

My First Blog!

My friend Alicia has started a blog for her artwork and things in the art world..maybe I'll figure out how to post her blog on here. (I'm really not that Internet savvy yada yada.) Where was I going with that...oh ya. So anyways, she started a blog and I have been thinking...I have interesting stuff to blog. Since that thought, I have been sitting at my kitchen table creeping around on Facebook thinking about what I could blog about, and now 2 hours later I decided to just start the damn thing and see what happens. Apparently I am not that interesting, but you're still reading! Thanks friends. :)

So I set up my account and I'm stuck at a name. I'm so original that I even google "clever blog names." I found nothing. I know that people tend to name their blogs based on what they anticipate they will be sharing with the world, but I have no specific topic. I'm random. I have so many thoughts in my head at once that I forget what I am about to say because before I can say it another thought has popped into my head. At volleyball Thursday I was literally talking to a friend and looked in the sky and stopped listening to her because I was too busy watching a cloud. (Sorry Ashley.) Seriously Pam?? You're 26 shouldn't be getting distracted by clouds. But I do..and that is how I came up with my name. Something Shiny is a perfect representation for my life. God I hope this blog has spellcheck...

It does!! Fantastic. I like this blog more and more every minute.

So on to blogging!! ........hmm. Today I went shopping on the East Side of Madison. Not that exciting, but I got to go into Babies R Us with my friend Staci. Who is newly preggo and I'm super excited for her!! So best part about going in there? Baby Fever is gone for now. There is SO much stuff you have to buy and figure out how to use! It took us almost 5 minutes to figure out how to the get the car seat carrier out of the stroller, and then Staci didn't put it back in properly so I politely pointed out that she didn't safely put it back in and caused her baby damage. I'm a fantastic friend. Thane was pretty happy that I only came home with stuff for other pregnant friends (Leslie I found you the coolest baby clothes! ) and quote "Thank God..I thought you'd come home with like a stroller or something."

Done for now...I have to go get ready to drink with my sister-in-law! :)

Thanks for reading. I hope to blog everyday? We shall see though...feel free to follow me. My life is really interesting.