Sunday, July 31, 2011

What a Week...

Whew!!! What an awesome weekend!!! I don't think I have logged this many friend hours in a long time and I loved it. I haven't blogged since like Wednesday? Maybe Tuesday? I don't know...I've been having too much fun. :)

Wednesday night..I missed a dress fitting appointment with my friend Erika and Tanya bc I had to talk to some parent about their child being uber inappropriate. Ugg. So they came back after the fitting to kidnap me and take me to the bar. We discovered something FANTASTIC...$1.50 MGDs!! It was Ladies Night! Main Street has a bunch of new specials because the bar is constantly dead and they are trying to get people to come back. Well I'm coming back! It was also Mexican Night! Winner winner chicken dinner! Best quesidillas EVER. It gets better....the bartender apparently takes shots starting on his 3rd hour being there...and then every hour after. Why wouldn't he give us free shots!? Jackpot!

Thursday night...Back to Main Street. We played 7-14-21 and I had to buy. That sucked, but my one purchase lasted the whole game! Which is sad because that tells you how many games we played. :/

Friday night...we all went to a tractor pull in Mazo, which apparently was the place to be! I was kinda bored so I focused my night on other things :) I think I was pretending that I was 19 again this week :) Everyone needs that now and again..The tractor pull was actually pretty cool. the first round sucks, it is tiny tractors. Then the trucks start...and then after that the huge loud tractors begin. I may sound country..but it was fun to watch! I don't understand why someone would put so much money into it though...I'd expect the payouts to be few n far between.

Saturday was by far the best time. Mud Volleyball!!!! We got second place!!! (Maybe it was out of 3 people, but whatever. We rocked.) I can not believe how long it took to clean off, with cold water, and a hose where only the "pressure washer" setting worked. Uggg...but whatever. It was worth it.

Sunday- family get together with my mom's side. I love was a fantastic time. My cousin is pregnant and ridiculously cute. :)

Such a fantastic 5 days...and now tomorrow back to reality. Monday. I hate Mondays. I hope I am in a better mood tomorrow than I was last Monday. GRRAAARRRRRRR!! Now I'm out. Shark Week is starting!!!!

Ps. Thanks to those of you who voted. Majority said you would buy cards from me...the other said Maybe So...which I think means no. :) I'm working on getting a few cards made and then see what happens. Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When Zombies Rule the World

I saw a title in a forum I check "Zombie Attack" and instant reaction: I would give up. Plain and simple. If I knew the world was ending and that the new way of life was a Zombie life. I'd give in.  Ok, so first....don't act like it won't happen. We have all seen I am Legend. It is coming. 2nd...don't pretend you would be the Will Smith of the world. you wouldn't and there is NO way I would be. I would for sure be one of those really smart zombies who adapt to the sunlight and are able to eat people while handing from my toes. That is how cool of a zombie I would be.

You may be wondering why I would just give up and get snacked on. Well it is simple. It is easier. I really don't want to spend the rest of my life running from zombies. I can barely handle scary movies anymore...I can't imagine having to live in one. And let's get serious I can shoot a gun accurate enough to hit a zombie in the head. (we all know that is the only spot you can hit zombies and have them die.) So I'd be screwed.

Whenever I watch zombie movies or movies where a bunch of people are dying I think " Ehh..why try? You're on a island...where a ship doesn't come for another 4 days. You think that crazy SOB who is chopping people up is going to just forget about you? Nope. I don't think I'd go run in front of him and sigh and be like " win." That'd be dumb too..I think in that situation I'd at least try to hide, but zombies ruling the world? No luck.

On another note...if some zombie or crazy SOB was going after Thane or any of my friends, or any of my kiddos...I'd bust up on them. They would get the wrath of Ghetto Milwaukee Pam. No doubt. You don't wanna see that side of me. Trust me. Zombies n crazy SOB would not have a chance. Grrr...

Hope you are all smarter after this one ;)

<3 Pam

Monday, July 25, 2011


Day One of eating better and I did good! KJ. I stuck to my lunch and my apple for snack, so of course I get sent home early and I get home just starving. Thane had a bag of Doritoes laying out...but I feel asleep before I could eat any. Thank you sleep! (I had a really bad headache due to the fact that I had zero caffine today. Opps.) I woke up....grabbed the bag of chips to put it away and all of a sudden it pops open...grabs my hand..puts chips in it and stuffs it in my face!!! WTF?! I WILL be writing to Doritoes to yell at them. So whatever. I did good at supper...I didn't eat as much as I usually would. Took another head was still pounding..and I wake up to my kryptonite. Thane was going to try to eat them while I was sleeping, but my 6th sense, my spidey sense, picked them up. Oreos.

Uggggg Oreos. We go way back. They single-handedly took my fantastic streak at Weight Watchers out. No joke. I was down 10 pounds and then Thane bought a new bag of the double stuffed goodness. I ate one, accounted for the points and was good. Except, we all know you don't eat just one Oreo. No no. Impossible. I proceded to eat 2 more. No biggie....until you figure out the points. It was like SEVEN points. SEVEN!!! For 3 Oreos?! No..clearly I can not be a part of something that doesn't allow you to eat Oreos at your own free will. Literally have never gotten back on track with Weight Watchers bc of that fateful day in the kitchen.

I just went for run number 2 this week! I can feel it in my legs, which tells me how out of shape I am..but also tells me that I at least did a good job running yesterday and didn't waste my time! I am going to try really hard to fit into that dress tomorrow. I will damnit...I will! Speaking of that...I should probably go put it in my car so I don't forget it. God that would suck. And my blender. I am making smoothies with the kids tomorrow for Cooking Time with Ms Pam ;)

I decided that Bernie isn't the best running partner. Once we get out there and get going he is great...he pretty much pulls me along when I'm tired. It is the getting on his leash to go part that he lacks in. Today he got his harness on...and then went to hide by Thane. Really Bernie?? I think you can afford to go for a run too. The vet and grandpa called you fat. I'm just looking out for you buddie..

That is all for tonight..I'm going to go back to drooling over people's scrapbook rooms on :)

<3 Pam

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Bucket List Sucks...

I was trying to think of something sweet that I could blog about tonight. After much thought I have decided to create a list of things I would rather do than work tomorrow. Here goes.

Things I would Rather Do Than Work Tomorrow:
1. Anything.

Shit....that didn't really work.

Maybe I will share/create a bucketlist. Here goes.

Pam's Bucket List:
1. Get a real job....(hopefully I do this before I die. Cripes)
2.Go to Ireland.
3. Finish Decorating our house.
4. Sell cards on ETSY (bet you guys are sick of hearing that one!)
5. Have 4 kiddos...and enough money to not drown in debt becuase of it.
6. Be a size 10 again.
7. Finish The Secret Life of American Teenagers on Netflix....
I'm bored with this. Obviously I don't have real goals....Awesome. Now I'm depressed.

I bought a Self magazine tonight. I saw some pictures of a fat bridesmaid in a random wedding and I don't want to ruin Erika's wedding pictures! I went for a run within an hour of seeing those pictures. I went to the store to buy a bunch of fruit and veggies. I don't want to eat anything from KJ this week. We eat a HUGE lunch everyday and it is not agreeing with me. I plan to join the 9 Rounds gym this week, since we have to try on our dresses on Tuesday for our first fitting. Ugg. If they would just answer their damn phones and tell me if they have a shower or not at their gym! Is it so hard to answer a phone?! Apparently.

We had a pretty good weekend. Went out to eat at the Gritty with Tanya n Docken. then went to see Horrible Bosses. Fantastic movie by the way:) I was "that person" in the theatre..who laughs way to loud when no one else does. Opps. The Gritty's chicken quesadilla is the most amazing thing I have ever eaten. I want to go back just to get more. Which doesn't help with the whole needing to lose weight before 9-10-11. Ugg....the horrors of beign fat! I wish I was one of those girls, like half of my friends, who naturally had skinny genes. I know some of them work for it...but many don't. I hate them. Ok..that is a total lie. If I hate you I don't talk to obviously I love you my skinny friends. Sigh. I'm going to shut up now.

Today I set up my scrapbook room! I also made a new card.....I now have 3 types that I will hopefully sell. Still a long way to go, but I am determined now. You guys have all been so supportive and I love it. Thank you!!

Ok. I'm going to go let Bernie out so he stops staring at me and pushing his nose on my arm. Ugg its cold. then I'm going to go read my Self Magazine to stay motivated. :)

Peace out guys...have a good Monday!
<3 Pam

Friday, July 22, 2011

Pet Peeves Aren't Real Pets...

So we are just sitting the pre-op room. Waiting for Thane's doctor to become "back on schedule." Ugg. I understand..but it sucks. We had to be here at 12:45, so we thought surgery was at 12:45 right? Wrong. Surgery was supposed to be at 2:15...nice. I know what you're thinking, "Oh had to be there that early so they could do the pre surgery stuff, like take his vitals, put in an IV, make him put that fashionable robe on, etc." No. We did all that. It took like 30 min. *Grumble Grumble*

So my blog today will be about my pet peeves. I have a few of them. Enjoy.

Peeve #1: Parents who let their children do whatever they want.
 Obviously something to do with children would be my #1 peeve. I deal with these children on a regular basis. You would think that I am talking about one child..but no. There are too many to even think about naming them all. I guess I just don't understand why some kids have no concept of what the word "no" means? Were so many parents' parents THAT horrible/strict that they have to be so laissez faire with their kids? Is it the whole "I want my kids to have what I didn't have" syndrome? I get that with many things. I didn't get to have...ok wait. I don't know what I didn't get to have. I was the youngest and therefore really spoiled. BUT I don't think you can tell.(unless you are my sisters, I'm sure they can tell..sorry guys..I'm immature around mom n dad for a reason.) My parents didn't give me everything I wanted..they still said no. While they did give me a lot, and I appreciate that, I am still a well rounded person who knows how I should act in public, when to say please/thank you, when to hold the door for someone etc. So many kids don't know those simple things!!! Once I was going to give a kid something and I was like "What do you say??" (Please or thank you..i don't remember which I was going for.) They literally stood there with a blank look on their face, so I prompted like 3 more times....such a confused look on their face and then I got a "now?" UGGG!!

Peeve 2: People who interrupt me while talking with another person.
Ok this also has to do with kids. Sorry. I remember specifically when I was younger my mom was on the phone and I wanted a Swiss Cake Roll or some shit like that. The conversation when like this:
Me: Mom. (poke in arm) Mom. Mooooooom. (wave hand in front of her) MOM!
Mom: (calmly into phone) Hold on a second. (covers phone with hand) PAMELA I AM ON THE PHONE! WHEN I AM TALKING TO SOMEONE YOU NEED TO WAIT!!!!! (as if the hand over the phone really worked for how loud she yelled.) (turns back to phone) ok so anyways...
I literally still think about that conversation anytime a kid does that to me. I actually tell my kids at my summer job that when they need something and I am talking to another adult or kid that I know they are there. They can tap me once, I know they are there and will turn to them when I am done talking. Sometimes, if they interrupt my conversation..I will turn to them and tell them they need to wait..and then make said conversation last just a liiiiittle bit longer to prove my point. I'm a bitch like that....

Peeve #3: People who don't listen to me when I talk.
I swear..sometimes I do have interesting/important things to say. I really do. I truly dislike trying to talk when I'm in a large group of people. The things I have to say always seem to not matter and get lost in someone else's story. Maybe I am too sensitive about it, but I think it stems to my stutter problem. If I am trying to say something, damnit give me a second. Also to that effect, if I am trying to say something and obviously can't get it out of my mouth and you know what I am about to all means SAY IT!!! It is such a relief when I don't have to say that word. For instance. I can say Miller Lite, but you put me at a bar having to order it and those 2 words get stuck in my throat every damn time. People make fun of me for it..but I refuse to order it. It made living in Milwaukee really hard where they only serve that at some bars.

Peeve #4: Inconsiderate people.
I have a lot of pet peeves..sorry. This one really pisses me off. I am the type of person who puts everyone else and their needs in front of mine. (Thanks Dad for this trait.) I would say now I am trying to not be so much like this because a lot of the time it Fs me over. I am pretty sure I could say that if you need me to do something for you..I will 96% of the time time. The other 4% of the time I can't because either I have to work, I am physically unable to do so, or I'm so tired I can barely move. I don't understand people who just straight up don't give a shit about how their actions affect others around them. This annoyance can be as trivial as that person in front of you at the grocery store with a cart overflowing not acknowledging that you have a pizza and beer in your hands and would probably appreciate going in front of them so you don't waste that precious time where your beer is getting warm! Come on people! Bud Light Lime is not as good at room temp as it is cold! Ugg. Or, that asshole who doesn't follow the "every other rule" while leaving a busy place. UGG I hate that! Oh and now, as I sit in the waiting room, I have a new inconsiderate person peeve. Watching Telemundo Tv when obviously I don't speak Spanish. Really? Although I have a computer on my lap, maybe I'd like to watch/listen to TV too..and something I understand!

Pet Peeve #4: Terrorists.
ok I know everyone obviously hates them..but really?? You pick the capital of Norway to bomb? Wtf. Norway!? Do you hate ugly shoes? What is possibly in Norway that you are angry at? Gnomes?! Does Norway even have a friggin army?! (Ok..I am aware that they prob have an army, I'm just saying.)

Pet Peeve #5: When people make fun of my stutter.
ok, clearly I can't help when I stutter. Do you think I choose to not be able to talk because it sounds cool? No. Not at all. It is actually super embarrassing. Do I make fun of your face? No. So don't make fun of my speech problem when it presents itself. That I stated before. Feel free to help me say words if you know what I'm about to say..just not in a asshole tone of voice ;)

That concludes my long blog for the day. Thane is about to wake up any minute so I should probably get ready to go see him. Surgery went well...cut a main tendon and a small one next to it. No problem repairing it though I guess. :) Cross your fingers for a fast recovery! He doesn't like not be able to work :)

<3 you guys

Thursday, July 21, 2011

"I try so hard not to read it..."

HA! I have over 1,000 views! Thanks guys! I feel special :) I have a feeling that many of you agree with my fantastic coworker who will remain unnamed, Molly. Today she tells me, "UGG I read your blog about that. God..I can't NOT read your blog. It's so dumb..yet I can't help it. I try so hard not to read it, but I always do!" We don't sugar coat things for each other :) I don't even care....she is obviously addicted.That makes me happy. I am aware that I write about stupid shit...but I like it. I'm not going to try to publish my blogs. Wait....could I make money doing that? I'm always trying to figure out how to make more money...naw. F that. I'd have to grammar check it all then. That would suck.

My poll this week is to help me decide if I want to attempt an ETSY account. Please vote, I have no idea who votes what so be honest. If you seriously wouldn't buy a card like I make then tell me. Speaking of that. I just bought a Cricut cartridge for 22.50! Usually they are $89 or the lowest I have seen in store on sale is $36. So not bad! On Ebay by the way. Sweet life. 

We won volleyball tonight! With only 4 people :D So basically we rock at life. We hardly ever win bc we suck. Not tonight! Ugg I don't feel like writing anymore. 

Thane has surgery tomorrow. Cross your fingers that he heals faster than 6 weeks....

<3 you all.

the font color looks like baby poop. You're welcome.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tramp Stamps

I want a new tattoo. I just feel guilty spending money on it when we should be saving money, especially now with Thane laid up. We totally have the money to do it, but I guess at this point I'd rather have new clothes or scrapbook organizers. ;)

It took me forever to decide on what I want for my newest, and I'm saying my last, (we will see about that). thane and I almost got tattoos in Vegas for our honeymoon, but it would have cost $400 for both so that didn't happen. You may not think that is much, but for what we wanted and the size we way. Overpriced. I'm glad we didn't do it though. We randomly picked some Celtic symbol in a store that we both thought was maybe it is a sign that it was out of our price range! 

I want it on the top middle of my foot, so that you can see it when I wear flip flops. My coworker has it and I love it. For the longest time I wanted a 4 leaf clover, to give me luck finding a job after college. HA! Look how that went...guess I should have gotten it. So because I didn't get that one, I changed my mind. (Thank god I haven't gotten one yet!) I have been up in the air about it until one day...

One of my kids at work was drawing and I happened to glance at it..and it literally like jumped out at me. I love it. It was so random, but it is the tattoo...and it will look awesome on my foot. :)

Obviously I would have a professional redraw it and make it better, but the idea is great :)

I have 3 other tats, none of which that my father knows about :) I got the first one, a "tramp stamp" when I was 18. I am obsessed with aztec suns, so the one on my lower back is a pretty large sun with a spiral in the middle. 8 yrs later I still love it. One of my favorite. On my ribs I have my zodiac sign, Scorpio. My most recent one is on my hip, a sun with a peace sign in the middle. (If you know me, you know that I sometimes embrace my inner hippie.) 

I got the last one with Thane and Erika. Thane and I had just been drinking the night before and apparently it was still in our blood. Thane bled through his gauze pad, and it was running down his back. Gross. That is also the day we bought Bernie. SUCH an expensive day!

If you care: Thane has surgery on Friday. He may be laid up for a very long 6 weeks. :/

Take care all. <3 Pam.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ETSY Bound.

Today is an important day. Today...I made 3 of the same cards. My cousin got me all pumped up to start an ETSY site so tonight I had to make a bridal shower card, and I though..why not make as many as I can? I ran out of the main paper, so I could only make 3, but whatever. They turned out way better than I thought they would. :) Maybe I won't be too bad at this!

The idea is to sell the cards in bundles of 5 and the buyers can decide what 5 they want. Customization is totally an option (colors, dates, graphic, etc.). I have found something I really enjoy doing and I hope I can find time to keep doing it! If I can make some side money doing it..why not?! I decided to turn our spare room into my "scrapbook room." I have so much crap and right now it is sprawled out all over a table..super annoying.

The plan: first off..have Thane hook up the TV in that room so I don't go crazy in the silence. That is the big plan...I need a TV. I will try to figure out how to store my stuff easily and inexpensively. There are some amazing rooms that people have, but I can't imagine how much they have spent to get it that way. :/ I'd have to be super serious and making a little bit of money to have rooms like them. 

Woah. Look at this woman's room. scroll over drawers, it shows you what is in them! Insane. what does she do with all of this!? I bet she is that super annoying kind of person who randomly makes people frames that they will never use. At least you can throw a card away if you want to and not feel bad about it!

So Thane has a consultation tomorrow. X-Rays before hand..and then talk to the hand guy. Ugg...I really hope he isn't laid up for long. I hear it can be a long recovery when you cut your tendon. He can't be laid up long. He got up at 8 today....and was going crazy by 11. I'm pretty sure he even read my blog. A sure sign he is bored!

Sorry guys..I know this is short :) Blog more later! I think I'm going to check ETSY out!

<3 Pam

Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Wooooaaaahhhhhhhh. Ugg. What a day. I told myself I would be in a good mood all day, because I promised my kids on Friday that I would be. I told them how stressed I was and apologized for being grumpy, but I'd be better on Monday. And I was!! I had a great morning!

During circle time we decided on our performance on Friday, space blob comes to Earth on Christmas and gets excited about presents. It will be an epic performance by East. Since it is too dang hot to go anywhere I was excited bc I actually had time to spend with my kids getting ready for it. Ha. Shoulda known. 

9:30 rolls around and my coworker comes in. Break already? No. Lice check. The next 2 hours of my life were spent checking children's hair for the most disgusting thing possible. Lice. Eww...shudder. . No big deal.  Only one in my class.....all in my room though. I'm going to make my kids shave their heads if they ever get lice. Gross. 

So whatever. That's done. I go on break and get supplies ready to make our props. I cut out the Christmas tree and 10 blobs and get my kids going on painting. Come back from break and 10 min later I get a phone call from Thane. Missed call. I call him back and all he says is, "I need you to come get me. I need stitches." 

um what?! He is in Fox Lake. Over an hour away. Awesome. I start to freak out because he *never* calls me when he gets hurt at work. He usually just electrical tapes it up and is good. Not I knew it was bad. Of course the one day I leave my GPS on the kitchen counter I have to drive to Fox Lake. Where the hell is Fox Lake you ask? Past Columbus apparently. Thankfully, my coworker let me borrow hers, which helped big time bc if you know me you know how easily I get lost. 

Off I go! Freaking out and have to drive over an hour to get him. So ok, get him..go to Urgent Care. He went in and I finished up some paperwork and I walk in to "I'll contact the surgeon about fixing that tendon." .....?????? Yup. He got 6 stitches and cut through a tendon, so he can't lift his middle finger. 

Bright side? I discovered that the Urgent Care in Columbus is not a busy place. It may be faster to drive all the way there when we need it than trying to get in to the ones in Madison!! No lie.

So he has to have a consultation on Wednesday to see if he has to have surgery, but I am pretty sure he has to.  Ugg......he is going to go crazy being at home even one day. Oh did I mention it is his right hand? :/ Whatever. I am just glad that it wasn't his wrist, as he pointed out it totally could have been. Now I don't have to worry about him getting heat stroke! 

Hope your day was better....

<3 Pam

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Mother's Daughter

It's Sunday. Again. It always comes SO fast. What a great weekend. I saw Harry Potter on Thursday, the midnight show, with some fantastic ladies. Awesome movie by the way...great effects. Friday I was in bed by 9:15 which was amazing, especially after only getting about 4 hours of sleep on Thursday night. Saturday was Erika's shower!! 

If I have learned anything from throwing Erika's shower it is that I am my mother's daughter. My mother loves to have parties, but they stress the shit out of her. She plans everything to the last detail to make sure that it is perfect. Apparently, I have inherited this from her. I also love having parties, which I have posted about before. I stress out about them. I plan everything to the last detail. I may come off to people as being a little OCD...but it works for me. We pulled the shower off. :) I loved planning it and I'm sad its over. Thankfully, I have a baby shower to plan in October. This is going to be at my house so I will have the opportunity to stress out about it even more!

I have actually called my mom several times to "thank" her for making me into the OCD party planning person that I am today. I have yet to go so far to put post-it notes where I want to put my dishes during the party..but its not far away. :/ I just bought a banana hammock bc I hate how they just lay on the counter. Seriously? Do people actually get bothered by that stuff? Some of the presents that got shipped to my house for the shower were ripped open on the sides. It took everything in me to not rewrap all 5 presents. I didn't wrap them again, well ok I did one of them. It was pretty much unwrapped anyways...but the other ones I didn't! Part of the reason was that I didn't have enough paper to wrap them with, but that is besides the point. The point is, I didn't wrap them all again! I pushed past the "everything has to be perfect." Ya me!!!!!!!

Today we went to the Art Fair in MH. God it is hot as shit out right now. Not cool that we didn't find anything worth while, but oh well. 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Hope your Monday doesn't suck.

Don't forget to vote!

<3 Pam

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Everybody Poops

Winner winner chicken dinner!!!!! A mug won the survey about "If you HAD to collect something everywhere you traveled to what would you want?" A mug guys? Really...where the hell are you going to store ALL those mugs?! You can't put a mug on the wall. All 5 of you obviously didn't think that out....

The question this week made me laugh out loud. I don't know what I would rather do...I think the farting one because I don't fart. Ladies don't. Thane once told me that he thinks I don't poop...bc girls don't do his wife doesn't either. Then I read him "Everybody Poops" and he understood. Silly guy.

A friend of mine called me out on my non-blogging this week. I think I have said it before but if not..I am SO swamped right now with life. I literally go to work, do things for this weekend, and crash. I am promising myself that I will get back on track with this blog next week bc I love doing it. These past 2 weeks I have decided to pick sleep over blogging. My bad. :) Next week...I will be back. 5 days a week! Maybe 6 or 7  if you're lucky!!

Um gross. I'm still on that Amazon site..and saw a book called Everybody Poops 410 Pounds a Year. GROSS. I didn't want to know that. If I have to know it then so do you. Oh is full of "Fecal facts, stats, and Trivia" Someone has to buy it. It is only $8. Huh. Who would have thought that when I sat down to write this I would be writing about many times have I written the word "poop?" Too many for one blog.

New topic. I'm going to see Harry Potter tomorrow at midnight! I am going to be such a bitch at work on Friday. Opps. I would be totally lost, but Andrea came over to decorate cookies and gave me the full recap of what will be happening in the last movie. Literally. A full recap. This girl has the most amazing memory ever. She was like spewing quotes at me! If there were a show where you had to retell movie story lines..Andrea would rock at it. <3.

K..I'm good. Love you all!

Thanks Alicia for fb chat yelling at me ;)

<3 Pam

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"You can't be that bridesmaid...."

"Unless you start drinking before the reception starts." -me at Trena's wedding. Have you ever been "that guy" or "That girl" at a gathering? I often am that person. Trena's wedding for example. I decided that I was going to get the title of "That Bridesmaid"..and I did exactly that. She still holds it against me that I didn't make it through her "whole" dance. In my defense...usually wedding dances get done at midnight, her's got over at 1. NOT my fault!

I used to often be "that girl" at weddings (I have grown up a little so now I am sometimes "that girl"). Something about the free beer just gets to me. Weddings and keg parties. It's just too hard to keep track of how much beer you consume when you're just refilling your cup. "Never let it touch the bottom!!!" -Docken @Frolic '09

So why am I posting about this? Ohhhh ya baptism party..and my husband becomes "that guy." He just can't understand how he got so drunk off of vodka lemonade. "Well don't drink vodka and you were drinking New Glarus beer instead of Bud Light. I think that is self-explanatory."  " I just don't get life right am I so drunk?" Sigh..whatever. I tried. He is passed out now..and will be super unhappy when he has to get up early. No big deal. :) I just told him he was lucky that it was his family and not mine. At least I can say that when I am that drunk I just pass out...probably face down on the bathroom floor, but still.

Speaking of his family. I love them. Such a huge, loud, fantastic group of people. There is never a dull moment and I'm really happy they are my family now too. :) I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to be married into. We have a wedding coming up on his side. It may be epic. Each wedding in my new family gets a little more crazy than the next. Instead of there just being "that guy" it will be "those Sutters." How could I not love them?! was your weekend? Mine was pretty fantastic. Spent some time with my valley loves last night, BW3s and X-Men. I got up early today to get a lot of stuff done and I ran out of the things I needed. Ugg. I suck at life.

Have a great Monday guys!!

Thanks for reading...don't judge me. :) (you know you have all been there at some point!)

<3 Pam

Saturday, July 9, 2011

"I Just Had Sex..."

is a really awkward ringtone. I first heard this video from Erika and think it is the funniest song literally ever made. Wait.....woah. did you guys think I would literally post that I just had sex? I am married....we don't do that anymore. Geesh you guys. 

Anyways, I found the ringtone and instantly set it as Thane's ringtone thinking it would be really funny when he called me. Well it is...unless you're in the grocery store. The first time it went off I was in an aisle behind a lady and her like 8 yr old daughter. Dirty looks all around. I have never answered my phone that quickly in my life.

Heehee...I am listening to it right now.. ha! 

When I first got the ringtone something went wrong with my phone and it got set it for all my calls and couldn't figure out how to fix it. NOT cool when your phone starts blaring "I just had seeeeeeexxxxxx" and it is your mom. Shudder.

I obsessively check my phone at work to make sure it is on vibrate bc that is exactly what I need my kids to hear. Not that Thane calls me during the day, unless it is an emergency, but still. That ONE time my phone won't be on silent I am sure the entire camp will be by my phone and I will be on the opposite side of the room. Ugg.

Maybe I should just change his ringtone? Maybe I'll do that..good idea. Here is the video. I love Akon...Akon SNL skit

So I know I haven't been blogging a lot lately. Not ok with me, but weird how sometimes sleep take priority over writing my thoughts for the whole world to read. Sigh. I am clearly working too much. I don't know how I am going to handle having a 40/hr a week job...if I ever get a job. Moral of this paragraph? I need to blog more. I need to not quit on something....I have been quitting a lot lately. Opps.

Peace out every one...hope you're weekend is awesome so far :)

<3 Pam

shut up...

i can blog from my phone but i cant use punctuation


should i keep typing or just wait til i get home bc i could just push enter aafter each sentence

why cant i put a question mark


ill write when i get home i guess


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One Step Closer to Being an Millionaire!!

Look what I did today!!!!!!!!!

My first invitation!!! It looks way better in person. I am well on my way to becoming an expert card maker. Lauren told me to go to a class at Archivers...I just may do that:) I will become a fantastic card maker...and make lots of money off of ETSY. Damnit.

If you don't know me very well you don't know that I am in love with having parties. I loooooove them. I am definitely my mother's daughter here. I am co-hosting my friend Erika's bridal shower, "hosting" Laura's shower (which is at Olive Garden so not much hosting), my friend Staci's baby shower. (which I am ecstatic about!!) I love having any kind of party. I am lame enough to call my parties "pot lucks," but you do what you gotta do. I love having people in our tiny house and trying to find new ways to make our parties not suck. Usually they do anyways...but I do really try.

I also realized today that I am my own worst enemy. I come home from work exhausted and hmm wonder why. I stress myself out. I put so much on my plate and have tight time restraints. I should probably work on that. Simplify my life.

Probably not. I saw that Archivers is hiring! and so is Joannes. It would be amazing to work there...minus I would have to work more hours and I probably wouldn't make much money there. I wonder what the discount is. It may be worth it to help fun the card business. Hmm...I'll think about it guys...I'll think about it :) What do you think? Another add to my 2/3 that I currently have?

Ok...I am really really rambling now..I don't feel like blogging. Talk to you guys later. If you made it this far...thanks!!!!

<3 Pam

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sooooooo Tell Me What You Want!

So I was just eating my dinner, a bowl of Fruity Pebbles..the best cereal ever made, and I instantly thought about the time in middle school when we all thought it would be sweet if we made emails that were named after our fav. cereal. Mine was fruitypebbles84@something..probably Hotmail bc that was beyond cool at the time. Really? How lame were we? Literally thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. So thinking about that makes me think about all the other dumb shit we did...

Like the time I bought Spice World the movie and it made me love them even more. I talked my friends into signing our notes by our new "Pen Names" which were of course the Spice Girl names. I know Andrea was Baby Spice and I have NO idea who I was. Sad life. I am thinking I was Sporty Spice? guys!!

We also went though a phase where we were too cool for names. We were like Prince and only had a symbol. In reality this is a fantastic idea bc if we accidentally dropped a note that was super private (ie had the name of the boy we liked that day in it) no one would know who wrote it bc it was only signed with a symbol. Guinness. I am pretty sure I was a peace sign. I was a major hippie wannabe back in the day. Someone else was a ying yang, maybe a heart? I don't remember the rest.

To go along with the "just in case you drop it" idea...we also had code names for the boys we liked. We were so inventive..its a wonder I barely passed math class! This paragraph would be a lot better if I remembered who we named them after? I wish someone was on FB so I could ask them right now. I wanna say Backstreet Boys? Don't quote me on that though...

A friend of mine posted on FB the other day all her notes she saved from HS. I have also saved them..they could actually be blog topics! I could blog for over a year and probably never talk about the same thing...I mean person. I'm sure every topic would include how cute someone was.  :) My friend Katie and I would have competitions on who could write the longer note. Everything was fair game...magazine ads, random quotes from teachers, "MOoOO"!! Seriously had a note that was 20 pages once. I still have it. My children will be impressed.

Have you ever played the "Moo" game? God it is horrible. Katie and I used to play it on the way to volleyball games. When you see a cow you have to be the first to yell out "MOOOO!!!!" first to get points. I mean yell. Loud. I'd like to point out that we live in Wisconsin...and went to a D3 school. There were a lot of cows on the way to volleyball games. I coached two seasons of volleyball and if my middle schoolers had done that I probably would have benched them.

So anyways, I'm going to go make my lunch for tomorrow. A bowl of Fruity Pebbles. We have to go to the park and I swear if I have to eat one more brat from work I will vomit over all my kids. I can't stomach brats right now...I think I overloaded on them at the start of summer. Barf.

Peace out!

<3 Pam

PS..If you didn't know the title is a reference to the best Spice Girl song EVER.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stay Safe this Weekend...

The polls are closed!!! The one food the majority of you would be ok with eating for an entire week was.....drum!!!!! Mac n Cheese was a close second, with spaghetti coming in third. My friend Doug is the inspiration behind this weeks question. He has moved into his grandparent's home and has since inherited her extensive plate collection. Grandma Doug has plates everywhere..and this is after Doug has taken some down. I plan to collect Christmas ornaments from wherever we go..mostly bc I love Christmas and this way...the random thing we collect won't always be on display. Only on a special day.

So this blog may be a little more serious than I intend any of my blogs to be, but a guy I know from MH got into a car accident last night and booze was a factor. Someone crossed the center line and the 2 cars hit head on. Everyone was saying he crossed the line, but after listening to the guys talk tonight it could have very well been the other car who crossed. Who knows. Anyways. He is in the ICU and has already had brain surgery. This scares the crap out of me. He is younger than us..doing what we on any given weekend. Who doesn't drive a little buzzed? (I'm not saying he was buzzed, but you know.) I'm not going to stay at someones house after having 4 beers over the course of 3 hours. I worry about our friends more than I do about us. How many of them have driven when they shouldn't have and are lucky enough to get home. I know I have tried several times to get them to stay, and many times I am successful, but sometimes they are just too damn stubborn.

I saw that damn "buzzed driving is still drunk driving" commercial like 8 times tonight. Ugg.

 I know for sure that bc of this guy..I put my seat belt on when driving Thane's truck. (This guy wasn't wearing his and he got ejected from his car.) For some dumb reason I feel much safer in the truck than I do in my car and I tend to not buckle up. Dumb. I can still easily be thrown out of truck if we got into an accident. It is not a friggin army tank. So long story short. Sometimes I guess it takes someone elses' bad luck to make you realize you need to get your shit together and be more careful. We aren't Superman..although I wonder if has ever been drinking and flying?

So...if you have a spare second..think about JT and say a little prayer..send some good thoughts..whatever you do, to him and his family.

I am already rambling. I just really wanted to blog tonight. So far it has been a great weekend. Lots of time spent with friends just hanging out. Those are my favorite nights..when we just get to hang out and it is low key. Ugg...I'm dong with this. I need to check Facebook. Priorities people...priorities. I have to get up early to go to the Brewer game!!!!!!!

Peace out homefries. Stay safe.

<3 Pam.

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Few Signs You're Old..

First off..I'm sad I didn't get a chance to write last night. I was at volleyball waaaay too late and had to come home and crash. I hate getting up at 5am...

Anyways. It's Friday!! WOOO!!! Get Crazy!! How did I spend my Friday night you ask? How sweet of you. I cleaned my house. Yes. Cleaned my house. I am currently still doing laundry...and the house isn't totally clean yet. I'm saving the rest of it for tomorrow. I know...I know...pretty rowdy. I should probably take a second to calm my excitement down. .......nope. Not possible. It is just TOO exciting!! Ugg...getting old sucks.

Friday nights have become my least favorite nights. I used to love them, until I got old. They used to be the night that I headed home from Milwaukee to see my boys (Thane and Bernie) and the start to an awesome weekend. Now they are the night that I try to stay awake after 10 because it is the weekend and if I go to bed before 1030 I feel like I wasted part of it. It used to be the night that I would get pumped to go out with my drinking boots on. Now it is the night where I dread having plans because I know I'm going to be tired from the work week. I am old!!!

My cousins and I used to sit at family gatherings and listen to our moms and laugh at them. "Are they seriously talking about that?! God you guys...let's never talk about that!!" Well sure as shit, we started to talk about those things. (Ok Side note. "Sure as shit." What a gross f'in statement. I say it all the time, but today I thought about it...and I grossed myself out. Who started this disgusting saying?! Probably Thane.)

Anywho. Sign Number One you're getting old: You talk about cleaning products.
   This is a big one. Our parents used to talk about cleaning all the time and what products worked the best yada yada. We were appalled. Who the hell talks about cleaning products? Well. Now I do. Mom was just telling me about some product her friend sells that makes your stainless steel sink look brand new again and I was totally interested in it. If it weren't like $50 a bottle I would buy it. Mom says it is worth it I may get it sometime, or just borrow hers. ;)

Sign Number Two: You talk about pine cones.
    Ok, so not necessarily pine cones, but if my cousins read this they will get it. My mom once started a converstaion at a gathering about how she went pine cone collecting and how she was going to arrange them in a basket for decoration. This was at least at 30 minute conversation with my aunts because then they all started talking about random things they decorate with. We vowed we would never talk about pine cones. So, one day I made my FB status about where I could find pine trees to line our fence line with and of course I get made fun of almost instantly. "Oh why Pam? Are you going to decorate with the pine cones?" If I am here long enough for these trees not to die...I just may decorate with pine cones! *Fun Fact: Bernie loves to eat pine cones. He ate several of mom's decorative pine cones.*

Sign Number Three: You go to a craft fair, on your own free will, and buy something with berries on it.
   I swore I would never buy anything that had anything to do with Americana shit. Well...I just bought a "love long, laugh often, love much" sign with...gasp...berries on the top of it. Even worse? I like it.  It is super sweet. So not only did I buy this berry thing, I also went to this craft fair alone..and I liked it. I am also very excited about the Mount Horeb Art Fair. Enough said.

Sign Number Four: You think staying out late is staying out past midnight...and are still hungover the next day.
      We used to be able to go out and stay out til bar time and maybe do an after party, like all the time. Best part: you could do it all again the next night. Nope. Now I have one good night of partying and then I need the whole next day to recover. If I am hungover I like to sleep the entire day so I don't feel like shit. You can't be sick if you're sleeping! At least that is my theory. I plan to stick to it. I like sleeping. Hangovers. Ohh hangovers. I don't have them much anymore, but man when I do....yuck. They are worse than ever. :)

I think I'm done for now. I have to go start my photobook so I can use a sweet Picaboo coupon I just got. (Another sign you're old. Using coupons all the time.)

Hope your Friday night was more exciting than mine!!

<3 Pam