Monday, December 31, 2012

Things That Suck Right Now...

As I was sweeping half of our kitchen I couldn't help but think, God my back hurts right now. Really? I am literally bending over the tinest bit and I had to finally sit down because it was just so annoying.

So this got me thinking, what is it hard to do right now? So I'll make a list for you guys.

Things that are either totally hard or really suck to do at 33 weeks pregnant:

-Sweep the kitchen floor.

-Walk a 110lb dog on snowy sidewalks, with shitty traction boots, on a path where 700 other dogs have marked their territory. (Ya, this one hurt a bit.)

-Roll over at night. (Which I have to do about every hour because of the pinched nerve in my leg.)

-Get off the couch. (Thane is now a pro, as soon as he sees me rolling to get momentum he just sticks
out his arm so I can use it as a pulling up point.)


-Walk without thinking, "I have to pee. Even though I just did 5 minutes ago."

-Get up off the floor. (I had wondered why people a few months ago kept telling me to get off the floor...well now I understand.)

-Hold other people's kids. Which totally makes me sad.

-Get past cravings. (I have craved a Mt Dew every day lately, and I have only made it one day without having one.)

- To not worry. (We are SO close, only 7 more weeks. It's hard not to worry about the little things. Yesterday I realized I hadn't felt him kick all day, so I laid down to do the kick count. I had some Pepsi and chocolate..and nothing. 2 faint kicks. So of course I freak out and lay by Thane crying. Apparently, B Sutts just wanted to be by his dad because then he started to play soccer.)

-Pick things up off the floor. (Once again, the whole bending over thing. It sucks. This gigantic balloon I have goin on up front makes it a little difficult.)

-Sitting in a chair. (At the bank today I had to sit in the most uncomfortable chair known to man. 2 different ones actually.)

Ok I think that is a good enough list. :)

New Years Resolutions...I need one. or 7.

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Have a great night guys! Stay safe! Hope you ring in the New Year with people you love!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tis the Season!

In case you live in a cave, we just had a blizzard.

So due to said blizzard I had two...TWO...snow days.

Knowing how bad the storm was going to be, I planned ahead for Thursday and brought home a ton of stuff from work to work on while I sat inside.

Did I get any of it done? No. I honestly thought of it...buuuut then my couch? Ya, my couch...she was totally upset that I even thought about getting up. So as to make everyone in the house happy, I just stayed there.

Friday, ya it was just as bad. Thane got stuck at the end of our driveway, pretty much in the road...sooo we didn't go to work that day either, due to the fact that our subdivision was not plowed out at all. Did I get anything done? Nope.

Saturday, well I slept in til about noon? and then I......went to Erika's! (So that was productive!!)

Side note, I am watching The Middle right now. What is Sue Heck thinking!? Her sweater has 3D butterflies on it. What kinda kid in High School wears 3D butterflies on their shirt? oiy.

Anyways, today I vowed I'd get something done. SO, I wrapped for um.....4 to 5 hours. By the end, my OCDness was gone. My back hurt. and I was just throwing presents under the tree.

Now, I am confined to our bedroom with Bernie for probably an hour because Thane is wrapping our presents. :)

Maybe when he is done, if I feel like it, I'm going to go finish our Ornament book. Which I really want to finish, but can I find the motivation?

Wish me luck guys.

OH!!! I know what I wanted to blog about!!

So Thursday morning we woke up at 5:20 with a horrible LOUD noise and a bright white light. SO scary. I knew we were supposed to get thunder I was wondering if that comes with snow lightening?

So we got up and checked our dish, made sure the TV was still working, checked the Christmas lights, I even went to the basement to make sure that nothing outside was on fire.

Nothing, Nada. So I went back to bed and Thane was in the kitchen...when another huge boom and even brighter light went off. I of course, fire phobia lady that I am, scream for Thane. When an electircian tells you that it sounds like an electrical boom and is confused as to where it's coming gets scary.

So now we are both looking out the window when I see the POWER LINE across the highway literally blows up. We saw lightning hit a power line at Lake Wisconsin, which was like right across the road, and how it blew up..well this was worse and really scary.  Thane didn't see it of course, but good thing it literally happened again 5 seconds later.

Literally, a horrible way to wake up. I am just thankful the power didn't go out.

Ok, that's it!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

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Friday, December 14, 2012

My God.

I honestly don't know what is wrong with people.

How can one human shoot another human...let alone a child? 20 children? HOW?

Obviously we have all heard about the horrible tragedy in CT by now...but no one understands it.

Why did a grown man walk into his mother's school, when apparently she was dead at his home?, and kill 26 people?

26 people.

I can't wrap my head around that. Think about it...could you honestly even take one person's life? (if they weren't trying to hurt you or someone you love...)

26!?!? and 20 of this kids?!?! AAHH!!!! I am so upset about this I am rambling.

I work with kids every day...and the thought of this happening at one of their schools makes me want to vomit.

It's one horrible event when this kind of thing happens, especially in a school...but an elementary school? What kinda person do you have to be?

What went wrong in your life that led you down that path?

Worst part...they always kill themselves.

Clearly you are a messed up individual...if your life is that bad that you feel the need to harm innocent people and then yourself....skip that other people part. Seriously.

If you are going to do something so unthinkable, at least have the balls to keep yourself alive and face what happens to you. Not that you'd live long anyways...

People have pointed out that it is so close to Christmas, but it didn't really hit me until I read a FB friend's status...."I don't have kids and I'm not sure if I ever will, however I have been in a funk all day long. I can't stop thinking about the parents of the children that were killed today. I'm so utterly disgusted and I just don't understand who could kill innocent children. My thoughts are with the families that will have unwrapped Christmas presents this holiday."

My god..what a horrible reminder on such a joyous holiday.

Bottom line- Tell your family you love them. Tell your kids you love them. Tell your friends you love them. Tell your friend's kids you love them. and hug them all. You never know when a senseless act by someone crazy can change your entire life.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Is It So Much to Ask...

for some comfy PJs that actually fit?! I mean seriously.

All I'm askin for here are some thick warm pajamas that my gigantic stomach doesn't hang out from under like I'm some sort of redneck who has had waaaaay too much beer in her life. Ugh.

But now. I have resorted to Thane's work sweatshirt, which while it is pretty is almost to the point where it doesn't fit either.


I was driving home tonight jammin out to The Band Perry's Better Dig Two.

Don't act like you don't.

That song has a major beat to it. I love it.

The words however? I can't help feeling weird singing about how this crazy chick is SOOOO "in love" with her man that she will want to be buried next to him ASAP because she can't possibly live one day without him.

My god women..what do you do when he away hunting for the weekend? Do you curl up in a ball the entire time and cry?

Don't you have something better to do with your time than cry your life away?

Girl you be crazy.

With that being's a damn good song. I love the beat and it gets stuck in my head every time I hear it. I even woke up with it in my head this morning....which made me nervous because if you know what has been going on with the love of my life made me worry that it was the theme song of my day.

My man is the most accident prone person I have ever known, thankfully he took the day off from getting hurt.

I still feel like poop..and I have a feeling tomorrow is going to suck. So I'm off to bed!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

30 down...10 to go.

I am 30 weeks pregnant.

If you would have asked me a year ago what I would be doing right now, I would not have said, "Oh probably about to push a living human being out of me."

30 weeks guys. Which if all goes perfect..means that in less than 10 weeks I will have a baby.


We finished baby class and I am SO glad we took it.

I'm not going to lie, I hated going every Monday. Mondays suck enough. Who wants to add watching random ladies give birth and see huge needles to the end of you day? Well not me, but I'm glad we did.

I probably could have skipped 2 of the 6 classes because it was way too much info, but the other 4 were really useful. :)

I can happily say though...that now I am officially mentally ready for B Sutts to be here. I will admit it has taken me a while to get here. Its a LOT to grasp. In the next 10 weeks I may still sound like I am freaking out, but honestly I am just excited now.

I have even gotten past focusing on how hard labor is going to be. I said focusing...not understanding. I know its going to blow big time...but now its not the only thing I think about. Thank god, I am thinking past that, to when he is actually here.

I had my family shower on Sunday. It was amazing. So many people were there and it was great to see everyone.

My sister found some sweet games I had never played.
I made Thane come, we had already planned on it, but then it snowed so Thank God he came!!

Anyways, she blindfolded us and we had to put a diaper on a baby. Of course I won, which could be due to the fact that Thane has never changed a diaper in his life. (So of course being the awesome wife I am, I want him to get as much practice as possible at this. So I am thinking he is on diaper duty unless he is asleep. I rock.) It was super funny though..and I'm glad he played along.

Then Kristy had everyone make a baby out of play dough. Funniest thing I have ever seen. They were all awesome!! I'd say about a good 90% of them had a weenis as well. Gotta be accurate right?

Thane even helped me open presents, which was a huge help. It was nice to have help opening baby stuff! Especially the heavy ones. :) to bed. I'm exhausted, even though I slept more than I was awake today.

I hate being sick.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ohhhhh Pinterest.

Oiy I've had a busy day.

We woke up around 9, but didn't get out of bed until around 9:45. Why? Because I wanted to soak up every minute of our alone time.

In 11 weeks....we won't be so alone anymore. Our Sunday morning routine will totally change.

So I guess I will enjoy our solo time together while I can get it. :)

I finally started my Pinterest projects today!!

1.) Make a book of the cards from my friend baby shower. Easy peasy.
2.) Make a book of each ornament I have collected over the years with Thane, and why they are special to us. Not so easy. It took all day, and I'm still not done.
It all goes back to this blog...Christmas Ornaments Blog and this Pinterest find: The Blog
I am all about memories...and having something for our children to look at in 10 years, so why not make a book?!
It's driving me nuts that its not done though. I may be up all night to finish it.
So to start I found a acid free photo album at Target. It's one of those old school ones where there is plastic on top that you peel up and put pictures underneath.
Then I took pictures of each ornament on the tree that was important to us..and printed them at Target. BIG mistake. I now understand why Target was a little cheaper. Their picture quality sucks...and they crop them stupid.
Thanks Target.
Here is what I have so far.
The cover:
I found some stickers at JoAnne's that I thought would be perfect for the cover. :)
One ornament page:
I used my Cricut to cut out the year and I made a template for the border around the 5x7 picture. It is exactly a 1 cm border. ;)
The description page is a little trickier. At this point I have this page's description printed out to be 5x7 as well. But it depends on each ornament I think. Some I may have more to say, or less to say so the size will change.
Sigh. Seems like a lot of work...but it's worth it to me. :)
Back to work!!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When I Win the Powerball...

I will pass out...and maybe pee myself?

I was thinking about it today...can you honestly imagine if you won? Even a million dollars?

My life would change.

I would:

1.) Pay off my student loans.
2.) Pay off our house.
3.) Pay off my car.
4.) Buy Thane a new truck.
5.) Build my dream house on our dream plot of land. :)
6.) Maybe put some money aside for B Sutt's college...maybe. (I paid for my own college....just sayin. Maybe I'm bitter?)
7.) I'm sure Thane wants something I guess I'd let him pick something?

Honestly...can you imagine how your life would change?!

You would have "friends" come out of the woodwork.

Now that I am thinking about others, I'm sure we would pay off our parent's mortgage also. But when it comes to the rest of your friends and family...where do you draw the line?

I'm not saying I wouldn't want to help everyone out, but can't. Except for you. Of course I'd give you something. Let's be're great. :)

If you saw my status today...I plan to have a Pinterest weekend. Here is what I plan to do. :)

1.) the Christmas Ornament book. I bought some paper today for it. I took pictures and Walgreens happens to have a coupon for enlargements. Jackpoooooot!!!!

2.) A card book from my friend baby shower. I want to have them all in one spot, but don't want to scrapbook them...sooooo I like this idea. :)

3.) I wanna make a budget. I found a pin today that looks useful. Ya...don't judge. I know I've said it before....but here's hopin this year I will do it. :)

That's all I have in the books for right now. But who knows...I have 2 more days of Pinning ahead of me....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

I know this is early, I shouldn't even be thinking about it in November, but I am..

My 2013 is going to probably be the most crazy amazing year of my life yet....and yes I'm scared. ;) I already know that I will have to set time aside for me. Everyone does right? Even Super Mom. Right? Well if not...I'm going to be Selfish Mom..and I am setting aside time for me. Damnit.

I don't want to go crazy.

So anyways, one of them is to run at least 2 5Ks.

What a time to get preggo. I was just getting on track with my weight loss. All my friends are just melting weight off...and I have just gained a butt load.

I am well aware that it is totally worth it. It will come off. Yada yada, but the fact still stands. I have NEVER seen the number on the scale I saw today. it's a lot to swallow.

Training for a 5K will help me get back out there in the working out world. I won't have an excuse. I need to run..and I can take B Sutts with me...or leave him at home with dad and get Bernie back in shape too.

I know that if I don't get back at it asap, I will totally hate my body. Ugh body image issues. You suck.

Bonus: As I said, all my friends are melting their extra weight off and now love to do 5Ks. So I will have people pushing me to be at my best. I'm looking forward to that. Yes...I just said I'm looking forward to running. Who would have ever thought I'd say (type) that.

(excuse me while I go shovel and enchilada in my face. I'm starving..,)


I had another resolution, but of course I forgot it.

I would love to say I will keep my house clean..but come on. Let's be real. There is no way that is realistic.

Oh I know!!

Keep my email cleaned up. MAN I have a LOT of emails. Mostly junk of course.

I wouldn't care, but its so easy to miss or lose those 3 emails that are actually important because I have so much other stuff just sitting there. The problem is I mostly check it on my phone and don't delete crap emails.

so thats all I have for now. I think its a good start.

I need another enchilada.

Smell ya.

OH!!! Today I was on Pinterest and I saw this:

Basically the idea is that you take a picture of your ornaments that mean something to you, and you write why in this book. Totally makes sense because in 10 years am I going to remember why I got all the ornaments? Probably not. This book is right up my alley.
I am all about anything that I can pass onto my kids, and this is one of them.:)
I have already gotten the book, but I am going to Archivers tomorrow to look around and see if I like anything better.
Here is the link if you want to check it out: Christmas Ornament Memories

Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's The Most Wonderful Tiiiiiime

offfff the year!!!!!!!!

Thanksgiving was early this year which only means one thing......MORE TIME for the Christmas season!!!

I love Christmas. It may top my birthday? Maybe.

I started putting up our Christmas lights outside the other weekend when it was beautiful out. It may have been kinda early, but I hate putting them up when its so cold out. Especially when I zip my coat and lift my arms and my belly falls out. It makes for a cold and embarrassing time.

Of course, I ran out of light clips about halfway and had to stop. Ugh. So then on Saturday I put up the rest...and froze my fingers and my belly. Not fun.

I talked Thane into getting our tree on Saturday.

We used to get our tree from Menards or Home Depot or something, but the other year I got sick of that. It's hard to tell if they are nice because they are all jammed up and pressed against each other.

Last year I talked him into going to a tree farm. Man..some of them are SO expensive! So no. We shopped around. I pass one every day on the way to work that has a big sign out saying that their trees are $25-$45. That is more in our range.

Bonus- at this farm we get to walk around and cut it down. Something we didn't know last year..SURPRISE! :)

Now I love it.

Thane groans a little bit because I am pretty picky about our tree. It has to be perfect. It just so happens that he was the one who spotted it this year. :) Yaaaaa Thane!!!

I think I posted about it last year, but every year I buy a new ornament for our tree. I try to make it something that means a lot to what happened that year. I also try to buy one if we go somewhere on vacation.

Last year I failed at it. It was just one that said "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas."

Which thinking about it now...maybe I didn't fail. It was our first year of cutting down our tree, something new. It was a great Christmas. So maybe it worked out. :)

This year we went to Arizona again so I got this ornament:

As you may or may not know...we are expecting ;) So I found an ornament for this event at Target:

I have almost all my Christmas shopping done.

Yaaaaaaaa me!!

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Sunday, November 18, 2012


Holy Weekend Batman.

I can't believe the things we got done this weekend, but let me share because I'm pretty stoked about it.

Friday we celebrated Thane's birthday again. I won't get into it, but he had a rough birthday. I really really hope its not an indication of how his year will be going. Nothing went right.

Saturday was my work baby shower and it was great. So many people came out and were beyond generous with their gifts. My friends who threw the shower had the book thing goin on (bring a book instead of a card), so B Sutts has officially gotten his library started. :) Thank you everyone for the great gifts and for just coming to hang out outside of work! :)

Then my mom and I went shopping. Talk about intense.

We got the fabric for the curtains, the crib, and a gift from my mom. We were all over Madison..and then stopped at Red Robin. YUUUUMMMM!!!!!

How did Thane spend his Saturday? Doing some sidework, and painting a dresser white. Fun day for him. :)

Today...we were both nonstop doing stuff.

My house has been a disaster. Beyond disaster. I can't stand it anymore.

So I got shit done.

I took down all the Halloween decorations, got a bunch of stuff done on the computer, cleaned up our house in general, cooked dinner, made the floor in the baby room visible again, and did laundry. Oiy.

Thane painted the last dresser he will ever have ot do Chevron on. He was pretty happy when done.

Oh! and I put up the Christmas lights outside too! Well, most of them. I ran out of the clips I off to Target tomorrow to get more. Thank goodness it's going to be nice all week. It was amazing out today!

So I got my goals done today. So now I need some for this weekend.

Well first, shopping.

That is a must. Black Friday...I will own you.

Then I want to make a book of all the cards from my friend shower. I did it with our Christmas cards from last I think I shall do that with a lot of cards I get from now on.

Next- get a Christmas tree and decorate it!!!! annnd the house. I LOVE Christmas. It makes me happy that Thanksgiving is so early this year, because it means that many more days of the Christmas season. :)

I should probably finish the lights outside too huh?

Oiy...I'm tired just thinking about all this, but if at the end of the weekend my house is decorated for Christmas...well then being tired is TOTALLY worth it. :)

I should check out my Pinterest board to see what I want to make for decorations this year. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Have Goals. Who knew?

I set some goals last night.

Goal 1- Clean my bedroom up...tonight.

It is a mess. Two baskets full of clean clothes...from 3 different loads. I can't find any of my work pants..that actually fit. (I don't have many of those lately.) Bernie has about 5 gigantic toys laying like land mines just waiting for me to have to pee at 3am to go off. I think he is secretly trying to hurt me. He probably wants me to twist my ankle so I can hang out at home with him. Sorry doesn't work that way.

So hows that goal doing?

Well, its 7:21 and so far I have napped. Caught up on Facebook. Eaten some Oreos, WHICH I woke up to Thane eating. I think he was trying to eat them without me waking up, so he could have more. Sneaky sneaky. So now I am laying in bed, catching up on shows, waiting to close a Thirty-One party. Sooooooooooo I'd say that goals not going so hot? but the night is still young.

Goal 2- Clean my house and decorate for Christmas this weekend.

It was my plan to clean a little bit every night this week. See above as to how that is going.

Goal 3- Make dinner at least twice next week.

I am so sick of eating random crap we can dig out. Tonight I just ate some english muffin pizzas at work and had Thane fend for himself. Next week will be easy with Thanksgiving being on starting out small as to not fail is a  good idea.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I just saw Target's Black Friday ad. LAME.

Bring back the lady who works by lifting Target baskets and is super crazy. God she is funny. Ugh...another one!! They are dumb...stop singing like Aerosmith. Bring back the Target lady.

Here she is!!!!

Goal 4- Let's be serious. I don't want to over do things.....I think 3 goals is more than enough.

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This always happens. No matter how clean my room is...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All Those Years of Being Fat...

were for nothing!!

I tried my damnest to gain weight, and then lose it, and then gain it, and then lose it JUST so I wouldn't get stretch marks when I was pregnant.

I swear, that's why I was always gaining and losing. Not because I can't control what I shove in my face. I swear I was conditioning my skin to stretch so when the time came it wouldnt' have a problem.

Now I just noticed I have them. I maaay have freaked out a little bit. Just a little though. Thane said he still loved me. ;) So we are all good.

I did a search on Pinterest to find this:

and I had every intention to write, "Ya I've seen this...and I still don't like them." but then I read it again.....and now that I have a couple....this stupid poem got to me.  I may have teared up.


I'm so emotional lately.

When I think about it this way, I feel a lot better about those damn marks. I may not love em...but I guess I'm ok with them. At least I know I am getting something pretty amazing out of it. ;)

Rant over. Thanks Pinterest.

On a brighter note:

I had my first baby shower this weekend, my friend shower.

All I can say is that I have some pretty amazing friends. '

The friends that planned it put a lot of effort into it, and I loved every minute of it. All your hard work showed guys. You're the best. :)

It was a sports theme, which was perfect. Thane is an avid sports fan, I love sports and I fully intend to be "that mom" at every one of B Sutts' football or soccer (we will see who wins between Thane and I), wrestling, and baseball games. If he is anything like his mom and dad, he will be in love with sports too.

So good theme choice friends...good choice!

So many friends came to the shower too. I know I've already said it, but we already have one loved baby.

I can't thank you guys enough. Those of you who had a hand in planning or attended. It was a great day. I love you all. :)

Ok NON baby talk.

I plan on decorating for Christmas this weekend!!

That means I have to clean my house we will see if this actually happens.

I know its pretty early, but I LOVE Christmas decorations. They are so homey. (Like sitting in front of a fireplace while drinking hot chocolate...not like ghetto home boy.)

I am going to talk Thane into getting our tree next weekend, since then it will officially be the Christmas season. Usually he goes for it....well last year he did. Maybe I'll just make him some kind of dessert and then bring it up.

That usually works :)

Ugh....I'm over this blogging thing for the night. Peace out.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

What I am Thankful For

Everyone is doing it.

It's all over Facebook. Don't act like you haven't seen it.

I always think, aw man..what a good idea. But then I remember that I don't EVER update my why would I start now? ;)

Obviously I am thankful for all the things I have in my life. Husband, baby, Bernie, Friends, Family, house, health, etc.......but let's get down to business...what else am I thankful for??

1. Oreos.
Let's be real. I don't know what I would do if I woke up tomorrow and there weren't any Oreos left. Anywhere. Like the plant shut down...and I would never taste one again. It would be the first sign of the Apocalypse. No doubt. *shudder*

2. Miracle Whip.
Yuuummmm. A big glob of it on your bread with a great turkey and salami sandwich on a good bun. Oh man......I miss lunch meat.

3. Guys Night.
I texted Tanya tonight and told her "you never know what you have until it's gone." While I love my husband beyond words.....I LOVE Thursday nights to myself. I had big plans tonight. Turn on the heated mattress pad, make some Russian Tea, jump in bed and spend my night catching up on shows and Pinterest, while Bernie hogged most the bed. Now I am laying on the couch, while Thane watches his shows, eating Girl Scout cookies for dinner. While I admit..this is pretty good too :) it's no Russian Tea night.

4.) My Car.
It has air. I have NEVER had a car that has air. If you have had a car without understand this one.

5. Facebook.
I really think this goes without saying. You are all my FB know how often I am on that damn site.  I do love it though. How else would I keep in touch with people from college, high school, and family...besides the phone or in person. ;)

6.) Pinterest
MAN am I thankful for Pinterest. Without it I wouldn't have had any idea how I wanted to do B Sutts' room, had a cool way to display my Christmas cards, have any cool projects for work. It really covers my whole world. I thank the 8lb 4oz, blue eyed, baby Jesus every day for Pinterest.

7. Chocolate.
It is the perfect ending to every meal. I keep eating until I find some chocolate to put in my mouth. Its a horrible thing.

Even decaf, it is still amazing. I can be having some kinda shitty day...and I go get a Starbucks and BOOM. Day has turned around! Now that Peppermint Mocha is back? Shiiiiiiiiiit. I'm going to have a great holiday season!!

Ugh...I'm done. I haven't been feeling well the last 2 days. I woke up this morning praying I didn't have strep, turned on the TV and the first news story: "bad viral sore throat going around. It is NOT strep." read between the lines: All of you need to stop being wimps...STOP coming to the hospital. So now I think I just may have that. I'm exhausted.

I'm going to go watch New Girl...and sleep.

Peace out.

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Caption..."That's my girl"
Toooo funny.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Have NO Hope for Wisconsin...

when it really does snow.

(You thought I was going the political route didn't you? HA! Nope..)

It snowed today, I thought I'd tell you in case you live in a cave or a basement and have no access to FB.

Did it stick? No.

Were the roads wet? Sure.

Was it freezing out? NO.

Did people still only drive 40mph? YES?!?!!?


It literally never fails on PD. I may have even blogged about it before. Someone always drives drives me up the wall.

Today though...there were TWO.

I may have tailgated one, without realizing it,....and they may have pulled over? or they turned into a driveway. I have a table in the back of my car...I couldn't tell. Whatever...I was in hurry. Get out of my way.

This incident has left my utterly hopeless for winter.

I can't imagine the stupid people I will have to drive behind, and what my 20 minute commute will turn into.


I voted today.

I may have well not have. Thane and I cancel each other out. ;)

I was voter 1,697.

I am really pissed I wasn't 1,700.

I bet that person got a special prize. Maybe even chocolate? or balloons?


I was so close...and yet I fail again.

Hope you voted.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

My Birth Plan..

We just had our first birth class.

It was horrible.

The visuals. Oh the visuals.

I am a very squeamish they didn't sit well with me.

I could handle the shot of the ugly lady literally pushing the head out....literally...TMI lady. Your husband should have positioned himself a liiiiittle better so we didn't have to see too..

However, I couldn't handle watching our teacher put her fist through a stuffed pelvis to show us how the babies head moves. The space between her fist and the "bones" wasn't a lot...and she had small hands.

 I also couldn't handle the cartoon of the baby coming out.

Some things are better left alone.

I know it has to happen, and I know I will seriously rock at it...but come on. No more visuals.
PLEASE. K, done.

I promise I'm fine. I'm not freaking out as much as it seems....I just think my thoughts are ridiculous so I like to share them. and I'm sure all you who have already gone through the big "Slide of Life" (as my chiropractor calls it) think its humorous..

I made a rough draft of our birth plan tonight. It goes like this:

1.) Eric Church will be there. Not in person though..eww. I will dig out my ipad, upload his CDs on it...along with Jason's new one...and some good Luke Bryan songs...and push this kid out while rocking out. I also might put some Enya on there too....who knows. She will be on a separate play list though. Maybe titled "Holy shit.....I'm going to die....."

2.) I will poop before I get to stage 3 of labor. In the toilet. Just saying. (Funny that ALL the ladies at class were super worried about this too...)

3.) I will pop this kid out...with only a few F bombs...and Thane will still know I love him...and have all the bones in his hand intact.  ( He apparently thinks his bones will not be....but I'll prove him wrong!)

That is all I have for now. Stay tuned for more. :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Back to Reality...

Ugh. Tomorrow is the end of the longest vacation I have ever taken.

It was magical.

We were in Arizona for a week, and it was awesome. It was nice to just chill with some fantastic people and just relax! I don't feel like people do that enough.

We got home and my birthday was on was our annual HalloBirthday ParTAY!

I love Halloween. It is in my top 2 favorite holidays. The other is Chirstmas. How can you not love Christmas? It's not even really fair to compare the two really. So let's not. They are both fantastic. Done.

Saturday Thane and I were able to sleep til noon. NOON. (Ya ya I know..."don't get used to it.") Saturday was my "Part 2" of my birthday..and we had some big plans.

Menards and dinner.

Watch out!

I was actually pretty excited about Menards because we had to buy the paint for the baby's room.

MAN that was stressful.

I have had the color picked out for at least a month. It was called Sheet Metal. So, easy right? Run in...pick it up and go.


Thankfully Menards now has one of those computer things that you can pick your paint and then "apply" it to a room to see what it looks like. Those things are SUPER helpful....if the monitor is calibrated correctly.

On screen it looked perfect. The exact color in my mind, but then I caught sight of another gray...Honest Abe if you must know, and tried that.

It didn't quite seem right, so after 15 minutes of going between the two and using different room set-ups they had, I told Thane we were good to go! Get the original color.

So while the guy was getting the stuff together I remembered that my mom wanted me to get her some gray samples for my room at her house. So I grab 2, which happen to be the 2 I had been going back and forth between for the last 15 minutes...only to discover that....

I had picked the wrong one.

On the actual sample, the Sheet Metal was NOT at all what I wanted. It didn't match my vision...but the Honest Abe was perfect. Not good.

Apparently Thane now knows my "Oh Shit." face very well and he told the guy to stop what he was doing...and then asked me what's up.

That's love. :)

So anyways, thankfully I remembered at the last second that mom needed samples too...or B Sutt's room would NOT be perfect.

Phew. Close call. ;)

(Disclaimer: Yes I know that he is a baby...he will be happy as long as I feed him, change his poopy diapers, and love him endlessly....but damnit. I want a nice room! I'm the one, well and Thane, who has to look at it at 3:30 in the morning...I better damn well enjoy it! I'm sure that he will look back one day at the pictures and say "Wow Mom..thanks for putting so much thought into my nursery. What a lucky baby I really was.")

My mom and sister came over today to paint...and man did they do a great job! I will forever be thankful that they were willing to come help. I couldn't have gotten it done on my own!

Thane wants me to mention that he taped off the stripes last night. At 11. We were both very tired....and crabby...but the end result was totally worth it. Right darling?

I don't know how many of you pay attention to me on FB, but if you saw the status the other day about the prints I really wanted being too worries. I got them!!

Not for the outrageous price though. I got the hook up.

Aron Meudt-Thering does some amazing work. Check her out at her Facebook page. She does a little of everything from photography to graphic design work. If you need family pictures done for Christmas...hit her up. Or if you're looking to do some boudoir for your hubs, and don't've thought about it...she is having a mini-session soon! Check out her page for more info. ;)

I wonder how many of you actually made it this far....what a rambling post...sorry!! I have to get back in the groove of blogging.

I'm going to go eat some Oreos.

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Anyone else die after reading this? No.....awkward...

This will totally happen. Good thing "Peeta" is at the top of our list of names for B Sutts.