Wednesday, December 31, 2014


The last few hours of 2014 are upon us. 

I am sneaking in a few minutes to blog because it is Thane's night to put P down. So lets be real...I have like 30-40 minutes to blog. 

A LOT has happened this year. Parker turned one. Tanya got married. We sold our duplex..that we have been trying to sell forever. I was able to live with my in-laws and get to know them better...and have my son spend more time with them. Bought a house. Katie got married. A few people I know got knocked up..and I'm ecstatic for them. Parker got a big boy bed, because you know..we need the crib.

For whenever the next kid comes along. HA! You thought for like 3 seconds I was going to say I'm pregnant didn't you? Heehee. Nope.

Thinking about getting pregnant for the second time is terrifying. Almost as scary as the first time around. It's amazing how many things change, and how quickly. I know people say you are never fully ready for the first one. Well, are you ever ready for the second one? 

Not that we don't want more. My second kid is going to read this blog in like 11 years and be bawling thinking we didn't want them. We do! We do! You are just really really scary hunny. Mommy loves you. 

So anyways. 2015 should be interesting. Already have some great things on the books. 

Parker turns 2. TWO. What? 

I have my first Pinterest Saturday coming up. Stoked.

A little thing called....SARA AND DOUG'S WEDDING!  Also stoked. 

You may be wondering how or why I am blogging at 10:03 on NYE. Well. Let me tell you. We have already had our excitement for the night. 

We went to US Bank Eve at the Terrace. My lovely coworker went to the one at KEVA but I was skeptical and said "no no..the one downtown will be WAY better Amanda."

Man I hate when she is right. (said with love.)

We should have gone to KEVA. While the one we were at was great, I feel like it was for older kids. 

We did try the bouncy house. P was pretty jacked up to go in. Jumping and laughing while we waited in line. He stepped foot inside...aaaaaaaaaaaaand lost it. Terrified. Screaming. Sobbing. 

So, that ruled out the other 5 bouncey houses they had. 

The train! They had a train. This kid loves trains. 

Ya. "Children Only." 

Oh ok....guess not. 

There was a Bubble Show. This is what I was excited for! In my head I pictured like 70 bubble makers in a room just blasting bubbles. Parker was going to LOOOOVE it. Hell, I was going to love it.

Sadly, it was nothing like my imagination. It was a man. With some bubbles. Who talked. A lot. 

There was a DJ..who I loved. He played "What Does the Fox Say?" and then "Shake it Off." right in a row! If I got married again...he'd be my guy. 

Parker? Not so much. This is where he hung out the whole time...

All about the water. I picture him being that kid at a school dance who spikes the punch. Sigh. 

We even had to have a picture with the water glass. 

So after we danced...I danced to a few songs we decided to go. 

but then Parker decided he need a few more rides and booked it for the escalators. 

and we rode them up and down about 10 times. At least.

Then we did a lot of this...

We figured, Hey..if he is happy riding the escalators and running down the empty hallways..shit. It's New Years Eve...let's go crazy!

So to recap. There is a lot of room to run at the terrace. The water coolers are fantastic. The escalators are thrilling. And bouncy houses are scary.

P's favorite parts:

Hope you all had/are having a fantastic night!!! 

Happy 2015 to you and yours. Hope this year is great too you!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Adventures of the Big Boy Bed

We got P a big boy bed for Christmas. He is almost 2, we felt it was time. No we are not pregnant. Yes, we think he is ready for it. No, it's not too early.

I had talked to another mom at work and she wished me luck. She said the first 2 weeks were easy, and then they figure out they can get out..then it's downhill.

Great. I was banking on him getting out of bed right away, while I was off of work and could lose sleep, and us teaching him he has to stay in it. 

Christmas morning he opened some sheets for his bed on Christmas morning and I said, "They are for your big boy bed!!!!" Which I pointed to and apparently he hadn't seen it because he squealed and ran over to it.

Ya....I can see how he missed it.

So fast forward to the 26th at night. After 2 days of crazy Christmas time, and going to be at like midnight the night before, we decide its the perfect night for his first night in the big boy bed!

Well, first he had a nap in his bed and nailed it. Weird. He was exhausted. he barely made it to 2 before he passed out. High hopes for bedtime.

Well, he napped for like 4 hours.

Ya...that was dumb on our part. 

So we read a story in bed, kiss him goodnight, and walk out.

We walk to the couch and minutes tick by. Maybe we will make it! Maybe he will just be a natural!

All of a sudden he shows up in the living room. Obviously I knew he would get it, but it was still a shock to see him standing in front of us with a *gigantic* grin on his face.


So I walked him back. Tucked him in bed. Told him he had to stay. Gave him a kiss and walked out.

3 minutes later. He is standing in front of us...grinning.

So I walked him back. Tucked him in bed. Told him he had to stay. Gave him a kiss and walked out.

*repeat like 25 times*

Then I gave up. I laid next to him. Don't start. I know. I know.

I laid next to him for about 20 minutes. He was out. I slowly got out of bed and snuck out.

2 minutes later he is standing in the living room grinning.

He punked me.

Now when we went to get him, he dodged us and ran to the play room.

So I stayed with him longer this time.

Next night, repeat everything from the first night but now its a game. 

I would take him in, do all the stuff, walk to my room and watch part of netflix. When I heard him get up, I would go in right way and put him back in bed. Except for the time that he was in stealth mode.

I didn't hear him until he was standing in his doorway, poking his head in to see if I was looking. We locked eyes, he started to squeal and took off to his playroom. 

Which wouldn't be funny, but he runs so fast and then he tries to turn the corner. It's like watching a cartoon. He kind of bobbles on one leg on the corner but then catches and takes off...only to do it again in the kitchen. Which about 80% of the time, he wipes out in the kitchen. Oiy. 

He is also waking up at night. He has been for a while now. Just once, but he usually ends up in bed with us. So just to make sure that I don't miss him getting up I have created an obstacle outside out room in the form of a laundry basket. I figure if he runs into it I will hear it and wake up, or it will stop him and he will come in our room. 

Ya, I was awake last night to see him disprove my theory.

He ran out of his room...stopped just before he hit the basket..skirted around it and booked it for his playroom. At 1:30 in the morning. 

Sweet life. 

It is getting better. It only took me 20 minutes to get him to sleep for nap today. And bedtime last night only took 30 minutes vs 2 hours. Yes. 

2 hours. Thank god....well hopefully...that is over! 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

20 Minutes in the Snow

that is all we made it.

It took us 30 to get ready.

Was it worth it? Sure..of course. P had a blast.

Was it insanely annoying to get him ready? Oh man.....

It all comes down to be me being unprepared to go. I should have had his boots ready, his gloves out of the package, the layers of clothes ready. Rookie mistake.

This is the first time we have really gone out to play in the snow. Last year, he still wasn't really walking so we couldn't go sit in the snow and get cold. Well, we probably could have, but no. We used the sled, but this time he got to walk in the snow. 

So let's start. 

First, 2 layers of pants and 2 layers of shirt. Easy right? No. I had to dodge stinkies and toy tractors that Parker somehow manifested on his changing pad and was throwing at me. Ya...we are in that stage of life. 

Step 2. Snowpants. Have you tried to put snowpants on a wiggling toddler? He won't sit still....makes it a little difficult to put snowpants on. But as soon as I got them up and the zipper up he was in awe. He loves zippers right now. 

Step 3. Boots. I HATE snowboots. I can't get them on him! We tried his boots on the other day and I can't get his heels down. (So if anyone has any tips please share) I swear, on our snow day, I tried everything...I worked up a sweat. 6  minutes later I think I have them on. 

Step 4. Mittens. Seriously...its so difficult to get stuff on a kid that he has never worn before. "Push your hand in there Parker....No.;..push. Parker..PUSH!" Oh have no idea what that means. Great. 

Get his mittens fall off because they weren't really on to start. Insert a mini tantrum on my part. 

Step 5. Find his old boots...I know I saw one in the playroom. I'm in the playroom looking for them when I hear Parker going "Oh!! SEE?!" I look. Ya. I see him throwing off his gloves that just took 2 minutes to put on and unzipping his snowpants that I wrestled him into. I say screw it to worrying about that and keep searching for the other boots. Found 1. Good enough

Step 6. Find where Parker has wondered off to and redress him. Find him in his room, snow pants around his ankles, reading a book. K. Start over. Put one old boot worked. Crammed him in the other new boot..stood him up. He smelled like poop.

Really? Really????

So what did I do? What every mom of the year does.....ignores it. Which luckily I did because he had just farted....I would have been so mad if I tried to change him! 

So anyways, lesson finally learned. I threw him in his new awesome Packer coat, threw on his hat, shoved myself into my snowpants and boots (all while he is screaming) find a random coat and rush outside. 

Outside was awesome. I showed him how to push his hands into the snow. He thought that was the coolest thing ever. 

Our new neighbors dog was outside, Lobo the beagle. He hates Bernie. So we watched the dogs run back and forth for a while and watched while Bernie tried to pee on him. Parker thought that was funny, 

We lasted 20 minutes before his boots started to fall off and my hands were numb and mommy called it. 

Lesson learned. Get my shit together before I start. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Day 2.

Today I am grateful for:

1. Having a job where I can still enjoy the magic of the First Day of School! I may not currently be using my degree, but I am doing a job that I love AND it gives me a chance to still have that First Day of School excitement because I get to hear about it from all the kids after school. I get to see a whole bunch of new kiddos moving up in the preschool world. I get to share in their excitement...and then I get to leave it and be home with my family....and my couch. That is the one thing I don't think I could do anymore when it comes to teaching: bring it home with me. I really enjoy my nights at home with Parker and Thane and Bernie. I barely have time (or energy) to clean my house at night, so I can't imagine having to grade papers or lesson plan. Kuddos to my friends who are doing it! I'm not that far removed that I don't remember how stressful and rewarding it is. You guys are amazing people and you are often not given enough credit for the things you do. I wish you all the best of luck tomorrow and the rest of the school year!

This is amazing. 

2. On that note, I am grateful for my job. For obvious reasons, we have bills, but for much more than that. I'm grateful that KJ gave me the chance to see what office work has in store for me. They had enough faith in me to let me try something new..and I love it. I still don't have it down, and that bothers me...I don't like making mistakes. I learn something new every day...and something new stresses me out everyday...but I'm good with that!

3. My coworkers...who I consider to be my friends. I love you guys! Without them I couldn't get through the stressful days...and there seem to be quite a few of those lately. I can talk to them about anything going on...and often cry to them. We all share in each other's excitement about life..the downsides of life..and all the sides of life in between. 

I tried to find a good Pinterest thing for coworkers...apparently everyone hates their coworkers. Guess I'm lucky!

Good luck at school tomorrow everyone...especially YOU Cassie!!!! Congrats on the new job. You're going to nail your first first day of school!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Thanks Kristy...Day One

I was nominated by my lovely sister Kristy to do the gratitude challenge. I need to list three things I'm grateful for each day... And nominate two people per day for five days. This is supposed to be done on Facebook, but I thought that if I am putting some thought into this I may as well blog about it. 

So here we go...( in no particular order)

1. I am thankful for my husband. We have been through a lot in the past 2 years and he has been my rock. The one person I can really just open up to and let it all out. He usually just nods and agrees with the words coming out of my mouth, because lets be real, half the stuff I'm complaining about or I'm upset about he is probably thinking "Thank God I'm not a woman." I'm glad he keeps that to himself. He may drive me nuts sometimes, I'm sure I have driven him crazy once or twice, but man do I love him. I know that with him by my side, I can accomplish anything. 

2. My son. He continues to amaze me every day. If you see me in public with him right now, I may not look super happy...but I promise I am. He is so full of life, energy, and love...and every day is a new adventure. Hearing his vocabulary grow is amazing. Belly Button...that's his newest one. He makes my day brighter when its gray. Watching him grow and learn new things is so fun, and its amazing to think that we created him. What a crazy concept. I m trying to slow down, not care what others think, and be a better mom. Parker deserves all of me...and I am learning to slow down and enjoy every minute we have together. 

3. My mom and dad. They are amazing people. They will do anything to help someone out and love to do it. I have no idea what Thane, I or Parker would do without them. I have had great role models for marriage from them and I thank them for does Thane. I have a lot to learn from them yet, but if I can strive to be half as compassionate and helpful as they are then I think I'll be a pretty great person. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Rain Storm or Hurricane?

I learned this morning that a torrential rain downpour is a lot more badass at the Sutter Farm. 

So here was the start to my day. 

6:50- look out window and think, "Shit, it looks really bad out. I hope it holds off."

6:52- Walk past patio door on the way to get Parker, "Hmm...those clouds appear to be death like...maybe I should bring in some toys." I open the door and walk into eeriness. Yes, walked into it. It was crazy outside. SO windy, so sticky, wet but no rain, thunder and lightning in the clouds. Scary shit. Of course I grab my phone. If I had more time I would have grabbed my real camera. I currently have no idea where I put it though.

6:57- Thane texts me, "It looks pretty bad out, be careful."

6:57:37- I am holding my sleeping angel, cause you can't throw a tantrum while he was being an angel, and I thought, "Sigh..who cares if I'm wasting valuable time against the storm. I'm pretty happy here."

7:07- I reluctantly wake P all the way up and start to get him dressed. We just may make it out the door before the rain. 

7:16- T-Minus 4 minutes to leave......downpour. Hurricane style. 

So here I am, with a toddler and an arm full of things to get in my car, and its a hurricane outside. I open the garage door and pray to God my father-in-law took his truck this morning. Open the door....empty spot!! Jackpot!!! 

Open the garage door......truck. Shit. 

So I decided if I could just get my car kinda close, that would be good enough...and do it fast enough that Parker wouldn't escape outside. I grabbed a towel, put Parker on his Lightning McQueen car, and ran out the door. Stepped into the rain...towel went flying off me and in 1 second I'm totally soaked. Make it to my car, jump in, turn on the wipers and still can't see. 

I pulled up the car and jump out, towel still didn't work, just in time to see Parker throw open the door and look at me. He was about to come running out when the loudest crack of thunder I have ever heard hit. We both jumped but only one of us screamed. I won't say which one. 

I scoop him up, look outside, and call work to say I'm going to be late. There is no way I'm taking my son out in that if I can help it. Not safe.

I then assess the car situation and decide I can squeeze it all the way in the garage. So I quickly shut P back inside and run back out into the raid. (This experience has made me really really happy we didn't buy the house with no garage.) Ok, now I get Parker in and we are off. 

Driving in the country with this kind of storm..insane. So many divots in the road you didn't realize were there until they are full of water. So many gravel driveways washed out. 

Fast-forward like 45 minutes into my normal 25 minute drive....we are at work and I find the most amazing parking spot ever. EVER.  Now I needed to formulate a plan on how to get us inside without ending up like drowned rats. 

I crawl in the backseat, get him unbuckled and standing next to me, turn and gather my bags and umbrella, turn back to grab P......aaaaaaaaaaaaand he is back in his carseat jumping around just loving life. 

Start over. Put down the bags, get him out and standing next to me so I could scoop him up, gather bags, turn to scoop and he is back in his carseat.

ok.....round 3. repeat everything. Everything......back in his seat. I then calmly said "GET OUT OF YOUR CARSEAT!!!!!!"  and scooped him with one arm.. and meltdown number one of the day ensued. He screamed like I just popped his balloon. (This kid loves balloons.) 

Then I just laughed. 

Really? What a great Monday. 

So then, I kept my arm around him, grabbed all my crap, threw a blanket on him, opened the door, put up my totally broken umbrella and we walked in the rain. 

He was so amazed by the water running off said broken umbrella I didn't even care I was getting wet, or that I stepped in a huge puddle with my flip flop and splashed so much water on my shorts that it appeared I peed myself.

 Nope, my kid was laughing...I was fine. 

The rest of my day? Well it sucked. 

Did I mention I pretty much dressed my kid in a dress today? Ugh..sorry buddy. Don't worry, your shirt tomorrow has a shark on it. Sharks are really manly. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014


It's officially.

Parker is 1.

What a crazy year it has been.

I learned a few things today.

1.) I don't like having his party on his birthday.

I don't think I saw him more than 15 minutes today. Ok, thats a lie. We hung out while I opened his presents. But between people lovin on him, me doing stuff for the party, and mingling I pretty much caught glimpses of him. But...those glimpses showed me he was having an awesome time. He was laughing and playing the whole time. I call that a success.

I'm aware that this is mostly my fault. I let myself get caught up in hosting the party...but that is what I do. It's how I roll. Anyways, next time his birthday is on a Saturday...we are not having his party then. I'd like to spend some time with him.

2.) We need to deep clean our high chair more.

We took the padding off....ya. Eww. Don't act like you clean yours...but I suggest you do it tomorrow.

3.) My kid is amazing.

I already knew this, but today confirmed it. He didn't freak out once. He napped the perfect amount before the party. He needed his other nap after everything was done. and in between he was a ham. He's amazing.

4.) I have taught him to cheese it up to the camera.

FINALLY!! So many times today he would be looking the other way and as soon as he saw the flash of my camera, he would whip his head around and give me a cheeseball smile.

It's about time kid.

The party was perfect. Everything went really well.

Ohhh Universe....We Finally Win.

The past 3 weeks, I think its been 3 weeks, it has seemed like a year, have been miserable.

Although, I will say it right now, every time I thought I was just at the lowest of the low....I would hear from someone else about whats going on in their life. It really is true. Sadly, no matter how bad you think you life it...someone always has it worse. Just horrible things have been happening to people this month :(

But...for this blog post, I'm just going to pretend that my life was the worst. Why do I even want to document this? I feel like it was the closest I have ever been to being depressed. Well, what I imagine being depressed feels like. Because once again, I am lucky enough to have not ever really experienced that.

Apparently when you may be stuck with a house that you no longer want because it is a money really begins to suck.

Here we go. Inspection Day of the beautiful home we found. The week before it, I had a knot in my stomach. Its an old house, what if something was really wrong?? I had a habit of telling people that we had a house....contingent of home inspection. That is how worried I was. The day of...the knot went away. I had faith that our house would be just fine. We already knew the roof was shit, what else could be wrong?

I pull up to the house about 5 minutes late and Thane is walking to his van with a grimace on his face, shaking his head. Great. Just great. I get out ask ask him what's wrong and he simply says, "The driveway. It's washed out."

I'm sorry what?

So when we had visited the house both times, the basement was a little damp. We,and their Realtor, chalked it up to that its a limestone basement and it absorbs the water more than usual. Livable because it wasn't that much water, and we would just put our stuff on pallets.

Well, we went to the basement that Wednesday, and it was bad. SO much water. A steady stream from the wall where the driveway was to this drain area. Luckily, it had down poured on Tuesday for like 10 we got to see the results. Bullshit to the homeowner that they didn't know why the basement was wet during their open house. Ugh. So Thane is like, well there is a drain here. Moves the weight that was on top of it, FULL of water. He looks confused and sticks his hand in...much to my dismay. Who knows what is clogging that drain!

Oh was ok. It wasn't a drain? It was a hole that looked like a drain about wrist deep..and ended with a pile of dirt. Seriously?

So....the driveway being washed out? Ya. It was hollow under it. HOLLOW. Our inspector could stick his finger under the cement and feel..nothing. The dripping rain from the gutters that should have been replaced about 8 years ago, has slowly eroded the dirt under the driveway away. So when it rained the water would go right through the concrete and into the basement.  The basement that had no drain. Well, it has a drain, it just on the other side of the room.

Ok so BIG flaw. Like $8,000 flaw I'm told. We would want the entire thing redone to make sure it was done right, and the problem would stop.

So moving on. Here we go. The furnace and AC? 25 years old. The stairs to the basement? "Death trap." The drainage thing on the furnace that is apparently a big deal? Not there. Need a new panel. Need a new water softener. Water leakage. That's just the basement.

We get upstairs. No insulation in the walls or attic. Perfect. The fan in the bathroom purrs like a baby kitten, aka barely works, which I'm sure with our luck meant that there was probably mold in the walls. Nob and tube wiring that Thane would have to fix, along with the roof being totally shot.

I was in tears. It is such a great house, with major flaws. We had to get out.

It may not sound like a lot of work, but with the things in our contract, it was a LOT of work and a lot of money. Too many unknowns for my taste.

So we told our Realtor to get us out.

and so begins the nightmare. Their Realtor wasn't letting us out. We had given them the right to cure....apparently a big mistake.

This home has been on the market forever. We had put in an accepted offer and now we wanted out....but they didn't want to let us out. I was terrified that we were going to get sued or worse, stuck with a house that would constantly need money...a lot of money. Which I can happen.

I was so worried about this that I ate like non stop every day, yet somehow didn't gain 40 pounds. My stomach hurt constantly. I didn't want to be around people, but forced myself last Saturday which proved to be the best thing for me.

We got the "list of crap to fix" list back from them and they didn't want to do anything we wanted done for the driveway. Thank god...a way out. We rejected it..and then they sent back an even worse one. WHAT?! Ugh. Finally our Realtor sent them the notice that everyone signs to be released from the house...and 2 days later at 9 they finally signed it AND we got our earnest money back.

To add to my ulcer that I'm sure was forming. I got some absolutely terrible news on Thursday about a friend I love dearly. Talk about walking around in a haze on Friday while waiting to hear news.

BUT! Friday night. Ohhh Friday night. I was told my friend would be fine. Well not fine, we still didn't know, but it wasn't as bad as thought to be. Then about 30 minutes later we got the call about being freed from the house. I call that a pretty fantastic win.

In case you're wondering, "Pam, the house thing doesn't sound that bad." Our Realtor told us that in the past 17 years she has never seen anything like what we were going through. If all house transaction were like the one we went one would ever buy a house.

So to my loves that the Universe is currently kicking and/or punching in the face. It WILL work out.

 It has to.

 If it's not perfect's not the end.

Temper Tantrums

are ridiculous. 

What happened to my sweet little boy? He has been replaced with a ticking time bomb. 

Thane brought him in our room yesterday after his marathon nap and he had the biggest smile on his face. The first 10 minutes after his naps or sleeping are my favorite. He is my sweet baby again. Full of smiles and giggles. 

Then after 10 on. 

The Terrible Twos have hit the Sutter Household. How nice that my in-laws get to experience it with us. (Sorry guys)

My favorite examples: 

Sigh,"Thane...what was that one about?"
T- "He was mad that there wasn't any more dreamsicle left...because he ate it all."

Or, he was walking upstairs and passed a gigantic flower vase full of fake flowers that he never pays attention to. Well, this day he decided he wanted to swat at it, because looks like fun. Well, it fell over and then so did Parker. Screaming, kicking, crying. 

We were at a friend's birthday party yesterday, and their son got the coolest Planes riding car. It has lights that go on the propellers and everything. P loved it so much he was pushing it around the room and sitting on top of the box so he could pretend he was riding it. I was dreading cake. I would have to take P off the plane in front of 20 people I didn't know and then deal with the screaming that ensued. 

I prepped him. "Ok Parker, we have to go upstairs for cupcakes soon." "Ok P, we have to go upstairs to eat a CUPCAKE! You love cupcakes!" Then it was D Day....time for cake. I picked him up....and shit hit the fan. Screaming, thrashing his body around in my arms, kicking his feet (I put a stop to that one right away). Then we got to the stairs and his body went limp, I guess he thought I'd put him down then? I don't know. so now I have a noodle for a kid, a screaming noodle. Luckily, only the people downstairs got to witness my child at his finest, upstairs I got him to calm down and sing to his friend. 

We had another birthday party last night. I give him one of those Gerber pouches to hold him over for a few minutes before we get food. Well, apparently he forgot how to use it and he just walked around with it open. which means that any second he would squirt it on someone. So I took it from him and tried to show him how to eat it. Whats he do?

Does a lap around the room giving me the stink eye. No joke. 

This kid came back up to me with the the best grumpy cat face I have ever seen him do. Then what? Lays on the ground to throw a silent temper tantrum. (at least it was silent?)

The couple we were talking to don't have I was mortified. Luckily she was like, "Well hey! At least he isn't screaming!" 

Now that I am thinking about it, this whole throw myself on the floor....but gently lay my head down.....such an act. Well, the silent ones I mean. The ones where he screams? That shit is real.  He probably things to himself. "Hmm...I am actually really tired, but I really want to keep playing. What if I pretend to throw a tantrum, I bet I will get my way then. They will totally let me never go to bed." or "hmm...I bet that my friend at school would get upset about this. I think I'll gently lay myself down and kick my feet and see what happens." Those are the best, because he looks at you to see your reaction...and then usually ends up laughing when we tickle him. 

I posted about the terrible twos on Facebook and this is my favorite response, "And the 4's-5's, when their strong enough to stand screaming in front of the shopping cart at walmart because you won't buy them everything they want and you can't just run them over, because they're your beloved offspring forcing you to abandon your cart, toss said offspring over your shoulder and carry that kicking and screaming offspring through the store. Ahhhh yes. Good news is, if you don't give in, and they don't get their way, or the attention they're looking for the tantrums will be few and far between. Hang in there mama."  - Craig

I underlined my favorite part. I'm sure that runs through every parent's head. "What if..."

and then these two, "They stop? News to me" and "Not sure if my kids are out of their terrible twos." Sigh.....

and for the record. We will not be giving in when his tantrums are about real things. I once saw a women at Walgreens who had a cart FULL. Overflowing even. Her 2 kids were with her and one was just losing it. The mom calmly asked them to stop a few times, while still shopping. Finally, she took her child's hand and the other one followed and they left the store. I heard her say she would come back later to shop, they had to go home if she was going to act like that. I wanted to clap. I mean, sucks for the Walgreens people, but what a parenting win. 

I am going to start writing down all his temper tantrums...I think it would make a great blog. Stay tuned for that one. 

This shirt is amazing. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Adult Panties---Part 2

All our options in town and in Barneveld in our budget are gone. Creepy. or too small. or no closets. or squatters live in the basement. or it will forever smell like weed.

Time to expand our search to Black Earth.

We found 2 or 3 in Black Earth that we were really interested in. Asked Beth to set up a showing...and yup.
"accepted offer" "closing this week."


There was 1 I kept going to on accident and every time I opened it I would get annoyed. I think on one website I even hid it from my search. The kitchen was horrible, straight from the 70s with bad tile. The walls in the living room were stripes. I didn't know if it was paint or wallpaper, but either way it looked like a lot of work to fix. No thank you. 

I showed Thane a few choices in New Glarus and the bad kitchen one and he shrugged and say, "Mehh..may as well go see them!" Just so happens the bad kitchen had an open house on Sunday and so did a good one in New Glarus.

Even better, we had to go get Parker from Spring Green, so we could swing into the Open House in Black Earth on the way back, and then hit up New Glarus after. 

I didn't expect a lot. House Hunting is so hard. You are spending a LOT of money of it...and you have to put all your crap in it for years! It could be the perfect house and then boom....something little pops up that totally sucks. Its a big deal people, and so far our price range has blown.

So we walk in to the stripes/bad kitchen house....and I'm blown away.

The dining room is amazing. The woodwork is beautiful. The kitchen looks WAY better in person than it does online. The stripes in the living room are just paint, not wallpaper like I was dreading. The staircase? My god....beautiful. already has a Pinterest coat area. You know..the lockers? Ya, it kind of has that but an old school version.

Another bonus? It has a shed out back from the 1800s...that isn't gross. At the open house Thane said it could be my scrapbook shed to quote "get all my crap out of the house." Done. I'll take it!

The backyard is all fenced in. Perfect for a toddler and a teenage dog.

It's a block away from a great friend...and Parker's cousin. ;)

It literally is our perfect home.

4 bedrooms. We could be there a while. Not that we are going to fill all these rooms. Cause we aren't.

We wanted it. 

Now talk about a stressful, anxiety ridden, ulcer inducing ride. He told us that we were the 3rd group through. One other group was looking for a ranch, but he didn't say anything about the other group. What if they wanted it? What if they got to it first?!?? We HAD to place an offer...stat!!

We put in an offer and over the course of the busiest and best weekend of the summer we managed to get an accepted offer!!!

I will be a lot happier on Wednesday after inspection. I'll be able to breathe. Its a really old house, who knows what could be wrong with it. Good thing I already have every aspect of this house planned out. I am not going to be very happy if things don't go well.

Yesterday during my daily nap at work (don't judge....I'm not used to being up this much with P at night.) I dreamed that I was awake planing out the paint in the house. That's when you know your obsessed. 

Going to that Open House was fate. I don't know what finally made me show it to Thane, but I did...2 days before their open house. If he had said, "pass" we never would have gone. Good work babe. 

So that's cross your fingers that Wednesday goes well!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Adult Panties

I have figured out there are a few times in life when putting on the "big girl panties" isn't enough. Some things require the "adult panties."

Is the saying "big girl panties" real? or did I just make that up? I'm real sleep deprived right now. P has Hand, Foot, and Mouth...and is miserable at night. I got a karate chop to the throat last night....with a foot. So ya...we haven't been sleeping well here. 

Anyways, some of those times in life....well so far I think I've only had 2. 
1. First night home from the hospital with a new baby. Scratch that...first day home alone with a new baby. 
2. Buying a house. 

We are currently tackling number 2. 

As you may know, we sold our house in June. I believe closing was almost exactly a week from it being on the market for a year. Lucky for our Realtor. So now, we live in my in-laws basement.

Luckily for me, I have the best in-laws you could as for. 

So our plan....well our plan. You know what they say about plans. One day Thane and I were talking and we both decided our plan wasn't going to work. Too much time, too many unknowns, too much money. All things we don't have or don't like...or both. 

We decided we should look into buying a house. So that Saturday I text my friend Beth and said "Hey, I have a list of houses I want to see...can you make that happen?" and on Wednesday she did. 

You know what is annoying about house hunting online? When you really like a house and then hear there is already an accepted offer in on it. Why don't they post online!? I get that a sale isn't final until closing day..but come on. Way to get my hopes up, like 8 times, and then stomp on them. 

There were two houses I really liked, one here in town and Barneveld. Wednesday night were the houses in town. Both were old, both were in our budget,. one for sure had promise....and then you walked in. Sigh. 

The first one, was charming. It had a great living room, master bedroom, and kitchen. But, I wasn't quite ready to look past the cement closets that you couldn't really get your arm in. Or the "third bedroom" which was part of the attic and had been thrown together, clearly staged. When we walked up the steep stair, the sweltering heat hit you and you couldn't breath....and it wasn't even that hot out! This house also had a creepy basement. Like so creepy I thought someone was still living in it and using the carpeted dry bar and were going to jump out at us at any moment...and eat our faces. 

Crossed it off the list. No go. I didn't want to have to kick out the squater in the basement, or worry about my face. 

Next house. There was a shower in the closet. A shower. In the closet. In a bedroom. 


We set up times for Saturday to look at houses in Barneveld. There was one house there that I was in love with. Just in love. If you had to buy houses without going to see them, I would have bought this one.

Well, thank god they don't make you do that. How dumb would that be?

So my dream house, let's check off all the things I've always wanted that this house had...

  • colored front door...check.
  • cute swing on the front porch that would have been written in the offer...check
  • cute little alcove closet...check
  • dining room with super cool window seat windows...check (I was in love.)
  • kitchen with under cabinet lights, an island, and a backsplash...check.
  • huge deck....oh the deck....check, check, check
  • surround sound speakers on said deck...check!!
Then we got upstairs. Our closet was too small for both of us so we would have to build one, one bedroom didn't' have a closet...and the bathroom was the size of a closet. 

Then we go back downstairs and look around, this time without the rose colored glasses and I realize something. We are a growing family, (NO..not yet), where the hell were the toys going to go??? No room. At all. Anywhere. #heartbroken We left trying to think of ways to make the house work, but in reality...if you have to think that hard its not the right fit for your family. 

Next house.....was super scary. The kitchen cabinets had no doors. The spiral staircase to the basement, yes..spiral staircase, barely had a railing. and the porch smelled like weed. The house after, which was diagonal from the scary house, had a garage that neither of our cars could fit in and the neighborhood was sketch. When you have to turn and ask your husband if he locked the car, maybe you shouldn't live there. 

The last house, I walked in and gasped. 

It was beautiful and old. Such character. There was a room off the dining room that would make the perfect playroom. This was promising. We walked into the kitchen and I loved it. My dream of having a beautiful house was coming true...until Thane says..."So you will enjoy doing laundry in the kitchen?" Ugh...what?!?! Yup, laundry hookup in the kitchen. Problem solver that I am, we could get front loads and put a counter top on top! Nope...they had to be stacked on top of each other. In the kitchen. 

This house also boasted 3 room being my playroom. and the rooms upstairs...well they sucked. 

House hunting is SO stressful. Although, I did learn something. I don't like newer houses. While they are beautiful, I like older places with character. Dark wood trim, beautiful wood staircase..stuff like that. Luckily, Thane feels the same way :)

None of these houses had everything. 

Let the search part 2. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Everybody Poops

So my day sucked. Big time. Talk about anxiety. Ugh.

It's my early day on Wednesdays, so I was looking forward to coming home to hang out with Parker.

Why wasn't I looking forward to hanging out with Thane? He's gone all night :( I probably won't see him until at least June of 2015. He's got a lot on his plate and I totally appreciate all the hard work he is putting into our dreams coming true. :)

Moving on. P and I had dinner together and I was beyond anxious to go somewhere. I couldn't sit inside for the next 3 hours. I had to do something besides pack! I decided we would walk to the park. 

Walking with a 1 year old to the park is an experience in itself. I took the stroller because I knew he wouldn't walk back..and 30 lbs is a lot to carry uphill for 3 blocks. We stopped to look and dandelions, play with a for sale sign, look at car rims, walk up random people's driveways. I love my kid. At one point during our walk, I'm running up a driveway to stop him from pulling someones plant from a planter...and then the stroller rolls into the road. 

I bet I could have given someone a heart attack. I panicked. because well...those things are expensive! 

We finally make it to the park and it's packed. I didn't want to go because there were so many people there but I looked at P who looked SO excited, he looked back at me and said, "YA!" I realized I can't hold him back just because I didn't want to hang out with 10 of my neighbors kids. So I sucked it up and he had an awesome time. :) 

As we were playing I noticed how much of a hot mess my child was. Chocolate frosting on his shirt, little bits of ketchup still on his face, chocolate on his neck. Can you say mom of the year?

Yup...leaving for a bath. 

Fast forward to bath time. P is standing in the tub scream talking at me. Nothing new here. Then he squats down and keeps playing. I look at him joking...."Parker Pants are you pooping?"

"Blah blah!!"

I just laughed and handed him a toy....he reached for it and then stopped mid-air. 


Literally. All of a sudden I look and there are rabbit turds....everywhere. 

Come on kid! 

I try to get him out and he is about to grab a nugget. Luckily I'm faster. 

So now, I have a naked kid prancing around my bathroom, gabbing happily, and all I can picture is him peeing on the cabinets. The cabinets hat are only ours for like 3 more weeks. He is too busy playing with absolutely everything in the drawer to have time to stop and pee so I am quickly trying to clean the tub.

He then runs to the kitchen. Then back in the bathroom. I quickly look on the kitchen poop. Thank god. I reach for him and he books it back into the kitchen....

and steps in poop. 

Of course.

Tonight....being a single mom really sucked. 

On a brighter note. My butt fit down the slide tonight.