Monday, February 27, 2012

We Are Officially Adults

WOOO!!!! We just bought a new bedroom set. 14 pieces. Boom.

Ashely's Furniture is having a 14 piece bedroom set sale for $999.

I have been wanting a new bedroom set for a few weeks now....Thane always just nods and humors me. So this Sunday he looks at the paper and sees this sale...and brings it up to me. Well, I'm not stupid. If he wants to drop some cash I'm ready to support him. :)

So we went to "just look" and walked out with a new bed set...that we won't get til April :(

So I guess we didn't literally "walk out" with it. Fail.

Here is a link to the set we got!!!
Our Badass New Bedroom
(Our bed is the last one)

So anyways. I have taken a break from blogging...if you hadn't noticed. I can't even believe how busy we have been. Ugh. I'm so tired. Actually- my excuse is that I wanted my next blog to be about the 3 amazing concerts I have been to in the last month, and I never have enough time/energy/ambition to do so. Well, I'll save that because tonight is not the night either.

Ok...ADD kicked in. Mike n Molly is on. I'm out.

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Country Boy shake it for me now....
mmm....yaaaaa...shake it Luke...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

What a Week!

I have had so many things to blog about this last week...but I've been to sick to do anything about it! 

My Monday-Friday literally looked like this. Make it through my day, Tuesday I didn't even make it, come home, last about 30 minutes on the couch..and in bed by 7 or 8 at the latest. Ugh. Horrible week.

But actually it was a great week!!! Thane and I got good news all around especially when we learned that our dog doesn't have cancer. That was huge. He has had a gross growth on his elbow, on the leg where he was shot, and our vet thought it may be cancerous. He finally got it removed and we found it was just a skin tag. Thank god. I don't know what I'd do without Bernie...not this soon. He is only 4!

Luckily I was feeling well enough to get out of the house on Friday and see some great friends! We had a game night/chili night at a friend's house and got to hang out with a group of friends that usually doesn't spend a lot of time together. It was a nice change :) The chili was amazing....and my elf cookies were a huge hit. 

Saturday I had a baby shower for one of my oldest and dearest friends, Fergy Ferg. We have known eachother since 1st grade and even went to college together- for the most part. :) Here we are during one of our few nights out in Milwaukee. Steph and I rarely ever indulged in this is a rare treat. ;)

Ha! So this is 2006. and in 8ish weeks she is going to be a mommy! So crazy, I am still trying to wrap my head around it :) I do know that baby Keagen (did I spell that right?) is one lucky little guy to have this fantastic lady for a mommy. She is a natural...which helps by having like 16 nieces and nephews...or something like that. She has always been good with kids...I can't wait to see her with her own! 

So Saturday night we went to the Sandrock Saloon. Don't know what it is? Never been there? You're missin out. It was just a few of us..but it was a great night :)

Today.....ohhh today was a great waste of a day. We went to breakfast with our Sandrock Saloon patrons...and man was it not good. Eww. Then the rest of our day consisted of laying on the couch, doing laundry, and eating a Sprinkles cupcake. (Thank you ERIKA!!!!)

So now.....I'm going to read some more Hunger Games, for like 2 hours. No biggie. Hope you all had a great weekend!!!!

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Enough said.

Have a good Monday!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Do the Army Wives check Facebook?

So first things first. I am sick. I feel like a man. I feel like I'm dying. My head may explode?

So I try to go to work, because I hate to put other people in a bind. I made it 30 minutes. And 14 of those were preping the person who was taking my spot. 

I was walking to my car and happened to run into one of my kiddos, who was all like jumping up and down waving and shouting "MS PAM!!!!!!!" Ugh. I had to tell her that I was going home bc I didn't feel well, but her teacher for the day was really fun. Her face proceed to crumple. She was not happy. Looked like she was going to cry. Oh I hope they didn't for the sake of Bev. I almost turned around. Then....I got a surge of my fever...and almost fell over. So I continued to my car. 

Anyways. The point of this story is that Bernie is awesome when I'm sick. He hasn't left my side at all since I got home. At one point he was laying on the couch next to me, paw on my arm to make sure I wasn't moving anywhere, and staring out the door. I think he was making sure no one walked in while I snoozed. I wake up. Paw is still there, can't find his head though. He had buried it behind a pillow on the couch. Man I have a cute dog. 

Then I moved to nap in the bedroom. He followed me, climbed up in bed and stayed on watch until...well until he fell asleep too. Dogs are the best when you are sick.

So onto my title.. I was working out the other day watching Army Wives when I couldn't help but wonder.....why doesn't Pamela ever come home after a hard day of being a cop and just sit on the couch going back and forth between Facebook and Pinterest like the rest of the world?

I bet Claudia Joy would have to be really careful with her status updates. With being so high up and all. I bet she'd be one of those Facebookers who doesn't ever update her status...she would just creep on all the other post wives. Then she'd go try to fix their problems...

They did mention Facebook in the last episode I watched. One of Pamela's old partners made fun of her bc she hadn't checked his Facebook page lately. He was in a relationship. So I guess that right there tells me that they DO check Facebook. 

Roxy should at least have a Hump Bar business page. I bet it would get her a lot of business! 

Here are the Army Wives in case you're lost.


army wives- facebook?

dogs are great whenyou're sick

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Best Typo Ever...

go tit.

ya know...when you type "got it" too fast? and it turns into go tit!

GO TIT!!!!!!!!


Makes me giggle every time.


Hope you enjoyed :)

We just bought a snowblower of CraigsList. I told Thane before he left that I loved him and have really enjoyed being married to him. Then I told Bernie to call me if this guy kills Thane because he is the next craigslist killer.....

No worries. Thane called me. He is on his way home with the snowblower. 

I can rest easy.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Looking Forward to Valentine's Day?

Me too. Cept...not as much as I was about 5 or 6 years ago.

Let's face it. Valentine's Day is for newlyweds and newly datings. I totally agree that it is just one day in Feb. 

Doesn't mean I don't want flowers.

Or a card.

Or a nice meal....that I'll have to cook. 

It's true though....Valentine's Day changes after you have been together a while. When you is just a fantastic/stressful excuse to buy each other that PERFECT present. (I think one year I got fog lights for my car. That are still sitting in my garage....and were for a car that I have since sold..)

Let's be honest for a minute. This year it is on a Tuesday. 

Who the hell wants to get home from work, for me at 5:45. Get ready. Drive to Madison. Wait for a table for 2 hours. And then eat a shit ton of food because you are SO hungry you almost started to gnaw on your own arm while you were waiting. End up being drunk from the 2 beers you had while waiting to be seated because you hadn't eaten since lunch. Then go home. Go to bed late. Be tired and hungover for work the next day. 

Nooooo thank you. 

I bet there will even be a wait at McDonalds on Valentine's day. Now that is romance. I love me a good McChicken.

So ya....I will come home at 5:45. Make a nice meal. Pull out some fab dessert that I found on Pinterest. And then sit on the couch and bask in the love that my husband shows me everyday. Which is usually shown by him randomly playing with my hair while I snooze on his stomach. And don't forget the love of my pooch. Which is shown daily by a wet nose to the face while snoozing.

So in honor of my Valentine's Day post.......Pinterest find of the day....

Loooooooove it....and I would die if my coworkers were doing this. I would never do it! :)

and this one. I laughed so hard I was crying.

HA! Right in the FACE! 

Night loves.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

One Minute...

I'm stealing this from another blog I read...well the title at least. Her blog was about how long her son could spin a bball on his finger. 

Mine is about things you can do in 1 minute. Most of these things I am just guessing you can do in a minute. I don't really time myself. Feel free to add some!

In one minute you can.....

1.) Shotgun a beer. 
2.) Eat a cookie...or 3? 5 if they are Oreos.
3.) Take a shot. (sensing a theme?)
4.) Wash 5 coffee cups.
5.) Check for Facebook updates on your phone.
6.) Defriend 10 people you don't even know on Facebook.
7.) Text 3 people. Using real words..not text language.  ok wait....text 1 person 7 words if you are over the age of 45.
8.) Make out. (if you are married. Otherwise this would take much longer.)
9.) Pick up 3 days worth of dog poop.
10.) "Glance" at Pinterest. Ha.
11.) 500 pushups. What? You can't?

Man...I love Skinny Cow. Ummm soooo good. (I just got ADD and I'm done with that list.) I just bought their mint sandwich things. Omg dude. Beyond good. just sayin. Go spend the $5 and get them. 

Pinterest find of today:

Sad, but true. 

Peace out. Have volleyball when all I wanna do is go to sleep...