Wednesday, December 31, 2014


The last few hours of 2014 are upon us. 

I am sneaking in a few minutes to blog because it is Thane's night to put P down. So lets be real...I have like 30-40 minutes to blog. 

A LOT has happened this year. Parker turned one. Tanya got married. We sold our duplex..that we have been trying to sell forever. I was able to live with my in-laws and get to know them better...and have my son spend more time with them. Bought a house. Katie got married. A few people I know got knocked up..and I'm ecstatic for them. Parker got a big boy bed, because you know..we need the crib.

For whenever the next kid comes along. HA! You thought for like 3 seconds I was going to say I'm pregnant didn't you? Heehee. Nope.

Thinking about getting pregnant for the second time is terrifying. Almost as scary as the first time around. It's amazing how many things change, and how quickly. I know people say you are never fully ready for the first one. Well, are you ever ready for the second one? 

Not that we don't want more. My second kid is going to read this blog in like 11 years and be bawling thinking we didn't want them. We do! We do! You are just really really scary hunny. Mommy loves you. 

So anyways. 2015 should be interesting. Already have some great things on the books. 

Parker turns 2. TWO. What? 

I have my first Pinterest Saturday coming up. Stoked.

A little thing called....SARA AND DOUG'S WEDDING!  Also stoked. 

You may be wondering how or why I am blogging at 10:03 on NYE. Well. Let me tell you. We have already had our excitement for the night. 

We went to US Bank Eve at the Terrace. My lovely coworker went to the one at KEVA but I was skeptical and said "no no..the one downtown will be WAY better Amanda."

Man I hate when she is right. (said with love.)

We should have gone to KEVA. While the one we were at was great, I feel like it was for older kids. 

We did try the bouncy house. P was pretty jacked up to go in. Jumping and laughing while we waited in line. He stepped foot inside...aaaaaaaaaaaaand lost it. Terrified. Screaming. Sobbing. 

So, that ruled out the other 5 bouncey houses they had. 

The train! They had a train. This kid loves trains. 

Ya. "Children Only." 

Oh ok....guess not. 

There was a Bubble Show. This is what I was excited for! In my head I pictured like 70 bubble makers in a room just blasting bubbles. Parker was going to LOOOOVE it. Hell, I was going to love it.

Sadly, it was nothing like my imagination. It was a man. With some bubbles. Who talked. A lot. 

There was a DJ..who I loved. He played "What Does the Fox Say?" and then "Shake it Off." right in a row! If I got married again...he'd be my guy. 

Parker? Not so much. This is where he hung out the whole time...

All about the water. I picture him being that kid at a school dance who spikes the punch. Sigh. 

We even had to have a picture with the water glass. 

So after we danced...I danced to a few songs we decided to go. 

but then Parker decided he need a few more rides and booked it for the escalators. 

and we rode them up and down about 10 times. At least.

Then we did a lot of this...

We figured, Hey..if he is happy riding the escalators and running down the empty hallways..shit. It's New Years Eve...let's go crazy!

So to recap. There is a lot of room to run at the terrace. The water coolers are fantastic. The escalators are thrilling. And bouncy houses are scary.

P's favorite parts:

Hope you all had/are having a fantastic night!!! 

Happy 2015 to you and yours. Hope this year is great too you!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Adventures of the Big Boy Bed

We got P a big boy bed for Christmas. He is almost 2, we felt it was time. No we are not pregnant. Yes, we think he is ready for it. No, it's not too early.

I had talked to another mom at work and she wished me luck. She said the first 2 weeks were easy, and then they figure out they can get out..then it's downhill.

Great. I was banking on him getting out of bed right away, while I was off of work and could lose sleep, and us teaching him he has to stay in it. 

Christmas morning he opened some sheets for his bed on Christmas morning and I said, "They are for your big boy bed!!!!" Which I pointed to and apparently he hadn't seen it because he squealed and ran over to it.

Ya....I can see how he missed it.

So fast forward to the 26th at night. After 2 days of crazy Christmas time, and going to be at like midnight the night before, we decide its the perfect night for his first night in the big boy bed!

Well, first he had a nap in his bed and nailed it. Weird. He was exhausted. he barely made it to 2 before he passed out. High hopes for bedtime.

Well, he napped for like 4 hours.

Ya...that was dumb on our part. 

So we read a story in bed, kiss him goodnight, and walk out.

We walk to the couch and minutes tick by. Maybe we will make it! Maybe he will just be a natural!

All of a sudden he shows up in the living room. Obviously I knew he would get it, but it was still a shock to see him standing in front of us with a *gigantic* grin on his face.


So I walked him back. Tucked him in bed. Told him he had to stay. Gave him a kiss and walked out.

3 minutes later. He is standing in front of us...grinning.

So I walked him back. Tucked him in bed. Told him he had to stay. Gave him a kiss and walked out.

*repeat like 25 times*

Then I gave up. I laid next to him. Don't start. I know. I know.

I laid next to him for about 20 minutes. He was out. I slowly got out of bed and snuck out.

2 minutes later he is standing in the living room grinning.

He punked me.

Now when we went to get him, he dodged us and ran to the play room.

So I stayed with him longer this time.

Next night, repeat everything from the first night but now its a game. 

I would take him in, do all the stuff, walk to my room and watch part of netflix. When I heard him get up, I would go in right way and put him back in bed. Except for the time that he was in stealth mode.

I didn't hear him until he was standing in his doorway, poking his head in to see if I was looking. We locked eyes, he started to squeal and took off to his playroom. 

Which wouldn't be funny, but he runs so fast and then he tries to turn the corner. It's like watching a cartoon. He kind of bobbles on one leg on the corner but then catches and takes off...only to do it again in the kitchen. Which about 80% of the time, he wipes out in the kitchen. Oiy. 

He is also waking up at night. He has been for a while now. Just once, but he usually ends up in bed with us. So just to make sure that I don't miss him getting up I have created an obstacle outside out room in the form of a laundry basket. I figure if he runs into it I will hear it and wake up, or it will stop him and he will come in our room. 

Ya, I was awake last night to see him disprove my theory.

He ran out of his room...stopped just before he hit the basket..skirted around it and booked it for his playroom. At 1:30 in the morning. 

Sweet life. 

It is getting better. It only took me 20 minutes to get him to sleep for nap today. And bedtime last night only took 30 minutes vs 2 hours. Yes. 

2 hours. Thank god....well hopefully...that is over!