Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What Book Are You Reading Tonight?

So usually when stations have those radioathons I change the channel. I don't want to cry and feel horrible before I start my work day.

Which now that I type that, man how hypacritical? Parents who have children at St Judes or the American Family Children's Hospital cry and feel horrible I'm guessing every work day. :/

So this morning, Q106 is having a radioathon for the Children's Hospital, somewhere we have been, so I kept it on to listen.

Our 2 visits there were for a very minor reason but P had to see a specialist and that is where you go, but those 2 times made a huge impression on me. I realized just how lucky we really are.

So many sick children, really sick children. Kids in wheel chairs, with bald heads, with obvious illnesses. God that waiting room was packed. All I could do was hug Parker a little tighter and pray to God that we would never have to go back there for anything.

If you have never been to this hospital, it is amazing. So many cool little details that I'm sure kids just eat up. They just redid their concession stand area to offer families and staff healthier options.

I heard on the radio that they are raising money to keeping adding fun things to a play area. An area where the children who are sick, and their siblings, can go and play for a bit and just forget why they are there. They are also funding a program that helps the children who are sick to understand what is going on with their body and what could happen to them.

The radio always has a family on to share their story and one dad's words make me lose my breath. "You just never expect to think "My daughter is going to die."

Candy said something else that did me in..."What book are you going to read your child tonight? If it's not called, "I have cancer" then you should donate. If you have the option to read a book that doesn't explain how sick you need to donate."

Here is where your money is going...
  • Support the “Kids Can’t Wait” campaign, which will build a 14-bed surgical NICU for the youngest babies needing surgery.
  • Equip two more operating rooms.
  • Provide supplies for the Positive Image Center which offers wigs, hats and salon services to patients free of charge.
  • Provide gas cards and transportation resources for families who need help getting to and from the hospital.
  • Support Tyler’s Place sibling care so parents can stay with their hospitalized child while the siblings are taken care of in a nurturing and therapeutic environment.

    So on that note....Donate

    Tuesday, May 21, 2013

    When Is It Not Acceptable

    to keep using the " I just had a baby" excuse?

    Parker is over 4 months now.

    I have been back with the living for about 3 months now.

    Still have at least 12 pounds of baby weight to lose.

    It may not sound like a lot, but if you've had a kid you know.

    My body shape seems to have changed, and even though I am only about 12 pounds heavier than I was before I got pregnant...I seem to be carrying an extra 20 pounds still in my belly.

    So, obviously you would say, "well Fatty...stop eating shitty food and it will just drop off!!!"

    Yes. That will work.

    As soon as I find the willpower to turn down a free bagel.

    Seriously people, I can't believe how little self control I have. It is quite embarrassing. I see a free bagel and I'm like my 3 yr olds impulsively grabbing at it even though my WW leader just told me not to.

    "Oh what's that cute old teacher lady vest wearing WW leader....don't eat this bagel...????" Oh you looked away for a second? Let me shove it in my mouth and then hum when you look back at me and act like nothing happened.

    Literally my life.

    I bought the WW Active Link last week and I LOVE it. It has already pushed me to do a little extra moving, and its only assessment week. I have high hopes that this will keep me motivated, especially when the challenges start.

    I did have a WIN tonight. I usually fall asleep in the chair with P baby around 8:15, and tonight was on par to be the same thing. Except I would have been on the couch alone because it's Thane's night to put him down. I decided that Bernie has been a little neglected lately, so I would take just him for a walk.

    1.12 miles later we were back and I didn't waste an hour of my night sleeping!

    I had previously downloaded Map My Walk and I actually used it tonight. It is also super motivating.

    So...wish me luck that I can at least keep up moving more. Every bit counts right?


    I am also doing this this month. Day one done. If you see me and I can't walk....this is why.

    Monday, May 20, 2013


    I probably shouldn't publicly complain about this...I may be struck by lightening...but whatever. It's on my I shall.

    We are trying to plan a date for P's baptism. A date.

    Simple right?


    My old church, where Thane and I got married, is where I would like him to be baptised. We don't officially belong to a church and it would mean a lot to me if P got his first sacrament in the church that performed the sacrament that helped him be created.

    Ok...well let's be real. He wasn't created because of the sacrament..we all know where babies come from. Move on.

    Well, said church only does it the 3rd weekend of the month. K, well that doesn't work for us so I assumed they would be flexible. I wanted it during the mass, so it would add what? an extra 10 minutes to mass.

    Nope. Can't do one weekend because of a missionary coming, and the other weekend is my hometown's weekend festival. Understandable why they may be hesitant to do it then, but really? And I could probably call the sister back and persuade her to have it when the missionary is in town...but I don't think I will.

    I think what I am most annoyed with is the fact that at the end of the voicemail she said, "And we need to discuss you becoming a member of the church."

    Really?? Let's get real here for a second. That church is 45ish minutes away from where we live. There is no way we are getting there every weekend. Can you just say what you mean? "We need to discuss how much money you are willing to give us."

    I am so frustrated because when we got married, we had to "join" the church. We "joined" in like June or something, but my mom didn't slip in a $5 bill until about October with our names on it.

    Crazy how in the next bulletin Thane and I were welcomed into the church.

    The weekend after we gave them money.

    I feel like it is always about the money. And I guess it is like that with anything, and maybe it is even like that in all religions. So maybe I shouldn't be annoyed? but I am.

    And maybe its just this church? Who knows..maybe another one would be better and fit my needs and beliefs better.

    So bottom line. I think we are going to suck it up and join the church in town. Whatever I may think of the current priest...we will have to deal with him eventually. Might as well start now.

    Disclaimer: Please don't try to get me to come to your church. I, no matter how much I complain, will always be Catholic. It is how I was is all I know. Complain as I is part of me and I don't think I will ever change that.

    Thanks for listening to me complain.:)

    We will be these parents. No doubt.

    Sunday, May 19, 2013

    Mother's Day

    I keep meaning to write about my first Mother's Day...and obviously I keep forgetting.

    So now, while I am sitting here trying to plan our meals for the week....I am giving into my ADD and blogging instead.

    My first Mother's Day...of course I hype it up in my head like it's going to be this amazing day full of things I want to do. Ha.

    Reality check.

    I realized on Saturday as I was making my dish to pass, that I am making the dish to pass for Mother's Day. I can guarantee Thane won't be making his dish to pass for Father's Day.  But here I the kitchen slaving away over some Pinterest thing I found. (Let's be real...I wasn't slaving away...I'm exaggerating a little bit.)

    So then this idea came to me. Since we spending all day Sunday traveling to see our moms...Saturday will be our day to do Father's Day and Mother's Day. A day to celebrate with just our family.

    Good idea right? Well, it didn't really work for Mother's Day...but I will make sure it does for Father's Day!

    So my Mother's Day consisted of going to Spring Green to see my mama. We had a brunch and she even set Parker's spot at the table. A bottle and a container of Similac on his plate. :) We hung out there for a while and then headed to Cross Plains for Thane's family get together.

    Parker got to meet his 2nd cousin Ella and man did he like her! Her mama Carrie came to sit by us after I fed Parker and he was ALL smiles at her. Total flirt. Ella however must already think that boys have cooties because she was not all about Parker. ;) It was too cute.

    Parker got me a Kuerig and he even had it all set up for me when I got up! Such a thoughtful baby. :)

    And I have some pretty thoughtful friends. I got a few cards in the mail, including one from Parker, and a lot of texts on Sunday. Thank you to everyone who thought of me. It made the day even better!!

    Hope you all had a great Mother's Day!


    Wednesday, May 8, 2013

    Pity Party

    So I am kinda down in the dumps right now.

    I really think my weight has a lot to do with it. Yes, yes I know..."it took you 8 months to put it on it will take you that long to take it off."

    Just let me complain..

    If I could control the amounts of food I put in my mouth I'd be a lot farther along right now.

    I am uncomfortable in my skin.

    The thought of wearing my Ranger Jane uniform this summer makes me want to vomit. (Don't ask what that is...) The thought of having to get in my swimsuit twice a week.....double vomit.

    So starting Monday, you have to be real...Mother's Day? Ya....I'm not a martyr.

    Starting Monday I am doing the cleanse minus the pills. (Thane and I both need new tennis shoes...I can't drop money on pills.) Usually I have NO will power at work, but luckily my Lunch Bunch Buddy and I are doing it together.

    So probably about half of you are saying, "Oh Pam, stop bitching and just do it already!" Well...shut up. It's harder than it sounds.

    But...yes...I'll stop bitching and do it.

    Next week I will be hopefully getting my PC Membership back. If not...guess it is walks outside for me on my breaks and hopefully after work.

    So there we go. Pity party.

    Time to move on, after Sunday, and actually do something about it.

    Tan fat still ain't pretty.

    Sorry Aron. ;)