Tuesday, September 11, 2012

There is an ecard for EVERYTHING.

I don't feel like writing tonight....but wanted to post.

so Pinterest Wednesday it is!!

I won't name names, but this one is perfect for a certain friend of mine. I say this with love. :)

I hope you find your Christian Grey day. I just don't want to hear about it...

This one is perfect for me right now. As I have posted before, the inner bitch in me is taking over. I sometimes can not control the things that come out of my mouth. This seem to be getting better as I get farther along...but still. I'm a bitch. Little things piss me off. Please deal with it. We all hope it will go away soon. Thanks. :)

This one is perfect for a friend of mine as well. T repinned it..so props to you for finding it.
 I will not pretend to be winning any spelling bees, not by a long shot, but damnit...if you are going to talk smack about someone make sure you spell your smack talk correctly! Or you just end up looking like an even bigger ass. Ass.
This one goes out to Erika. That girl has a friggin steal trap as a mind. You ask her what you did together for Labor Day 3 years ago and she will probably tell you everything. Literally down to what I had on my plate for food. She reminded me of the year Thane and I started dating..I knew the age, but she got the year dead on. You tell her once that you like her salt n pepper shakers, and she buys one you for each of your seasons. (I only have 3 seasons. Flip flops, Halloween, and Christmas.) Just another reason why she is a great friend. I love those shakers by the way. Currently on season Halloween :)
This one is for me. I LOVE Lucky Charms, but there is entirely WAY too much cereal in that box. Everyone knows the marshmallows are the best part. Get it together General Mills, or whoever the hell makes you...
These are not ecards, but they made me laugh really really hard.
If you know me, or read the blog, I have a ghetto side. So will my child. This is just a sneak peak of what is to come...
This. This is just hilarious.

Ha..Thin Mints...
It took me until now, like 20 minutes later to realize it's only Tuesday.

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