Thursday, September 29, 2011


As I was sitting on my couch watching The Middle while Katie sat making a book I realized that one day we will have teenagers. What if they turn out like Axel? or god....Sue? Seriously, take a second. Can you really picture us all old and having teenagers!? When you think about having kids you really only think about them as babies, toddlers, and maybe elementary school...never as teenagers. Why? I think it is because we want to fool ourselves into thinking that having kids is a really good idea, so we block out the times when they will suck the most. 

Anyways, bad news. I got the dress today. There is no way in hell it will be fitting. FML. Seriously, I used to be skinny. I swear you guys. I used to be not this bad. How in the hell did I let this happen? Stupid Oreos. I will say that I am proud of myself that I have started to workout again and I have been fairly consistent with it. I did not go today because when my break came, all I could think about was sitting down and getting off my feet for just 10 minutes. God my feet hurt today. We were supposed to go for a walk tonight...buuuuut the ridiculous winds and pelting rain kind of put a damper on that one. Ugg. So anways, now I have to try to find a new dress. Super sad part: I love this one. It is adorable. :( I told TT I'd keep it until we go and see if I can squeeze my ass into it without busting the zipper out. 

Brighter note: 19 days of Halloween starts soon!!!!! I love me some Halloween movies. Not the super scary ones, but ya know. Speaking of! American Horror Society starts next week!! On FX I think? Every preview I see of it makes it look even better. I can't wait. Maybe I should google it and make sure I didn't miss it. Ugg that would make my night. 

I'm going to head over to pintrest now. Check ya all later :)


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Fat Girl Struggle...

My head hurts. A lot. I think its because I didn't have coffee this morning? Ugg fml. I'm going to bed at like 9. For real guys...for real. I would go to bed right now, but lets be real...New Girl and Raising Hope are on right now. I'm not going to bed. 

HA! Is she really washing her shirt in the beday!? However you spell it? That is awesome. Looove this show. Ok, Steph is right. I'm not giving up this show.

New fat girl struggle: I have to fit into a dress that I may have ordered a size too small. By Nov 9th. Whoops. I would love to understand why clothing people all think that "plus size" dresses have to be ugly black drapes? I do NOT want to wear a black drape. I would go buy a friggin curtain and wear it like a toga for a LOT cheaper. Sttt. Even though I'm fat....I still kinda have a figure. Figure it out designers. UGGG. Just because I'm not a 10 anymore, doesn't mean I'm ready to wear a mumu in public. At home maybe...but in public no.

Good news though: The tooth sticker chart is working :) Good idea Katie!! I changed my workout up today. 30 min on the elliptical and then 15 on the treadmill. I rock at life.'s 9. I am getting worse at what I blog about. Sorry guys. I'll get better soon. I promise. I'm just trying to get back into blogging everyday :)

Love you guys!


Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Friday!!!! Let's Get Crazy!!!!!

WWWOOOO!! Pull up a blanket and join me on the couch!! I got my frozen orange beer...and my RedBox movie that I never ended up watching. I didn't check the TV guide, bc if I had I would have saved a dollar and watched the Criminal Minds mini marathon.Stupid me. It has been a pretty good night thought. I am doing absolutely nothing..and lovin it!! 

I am fighting falling has been a very long week. When I get home I don't want to do anything so our house is once again a mess..but not as bad as usual. Ugg..and my left nostril is stuffed up. It drives me NUTS when only one is stuffed up. It's even worse because when I get sick from the kids at work..I am sick for months. Literally. Months. Thane always tells me to drug up, but I don't really like to. I'm not like all "herbal medicine duuuuuude" but I don't know...I just don't like to take it. I should though. When he drugs up he feels great. If worse comes to worst...we still have some oxy from Thane's hand surgery ;) hee hee....kidding. Kinda.

I have a busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow is a big apple day. I am getting together with 2 friends to make as many apple dishes as possible. For sure apple crisp..mmmmm. God I love apple crisp. Oh wait, did I mention that I get to sleep in tomorrow!??!?! WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOO!! Thank god you guys. I love sleeping in. It is in my top 10 things that I love to do. Anyway, apple day. It is going to rock. We are going to an apple orchard and I plan to get a caramel apple AND apple cider.

Sunday is Eric's BIG 7th birthday party!!!! I can't believe he is 7 already. Kids these days, they grow up so fast. I should prooooobably go get his birthday present :)

Is it sad that I have nothing going on in my life that is interesting enough to blog about? (besides apple day and Eric's bday that is!!) Are you guys still reading? Sorry!!

Did I even write that I am finally reading Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult? Finally. I borrowed it from my sister in law. It is amazing. She is so talented. It is about how a couple was infertile and they tried everything, including freezing embryos. They end up getting a divorce because he can't handle another miscarriage, and yada yada......the wife turns into a lesbian. She wants the embryos for her and her new wife. he doesn't want ensues a court case. I'm almost done. I can't wait to see how it ends. She usually has some sort of a twist in it. After I finish it..its on to The Help. If I ever finish it. :)

Have a good Friday night ya'all!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lamest Post Ever

I may possible have the most immature husband ever. Literally ever. HA! Man I wish I could share ;) 

I just bought our Halloween costumes!! I changed my mind and went with the easy route, but whatever. I like it. now I just have to find what Bernie is going to be. he is going to win the trophy this year so it has to be good. Suggestions? 

I weighed myself to day..I've lost 2 pounds! boom. Maybe I will look even better in my Halloween costume than I thought :) I was going to do a big blog tonight about the "confessions of a chubby girl" buuuuut I have lost motivation and energy. Maybe I will on Friday since Thane won't be home..or Saturday since Thane won't be home. Oh whats that? "Pam are you seeing your immature husband at all this weekend?!" No. I'm not. He is working. :/ Which sucks..buuuut is also good because I have dropped a lot of money lately. Thanks Erika and Tanya.

So thanks to all of you who are telling me I'm perfect as I am...but lets be serious. As I said on FB, tell that to my jeans! I am on Day THREE of working out in a ROW! BOOM! I may literally rock at life. 

Ok, well. I'm exhausted. I'm going to go finish watching Modern Family in bed and then fall asleep. At 9pm. Old? Yes. I'm ok with that.

PS. Title= I'm super tired but I had to post so I don't give up again! sorry guys :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wendesday is Going to be a Rough Night..

So it is premiere week people and I have already missed one!!!!!! UGGGGG. Mike and Molly was on last night and I recently, literally on Sunday, just deleted my recording schedule for it. FML.

Tonight was New Girl and Raising Hope. New Girl is HILARIOUS. If you didn't watch so next week. The girl from Elf is the main character and she plays the perfect character for her look. I love it. Raising Hope is pretty may be one of the shows I give up this year though. I have SO many shows right now!!

Tomorrow will be a problem. Modern Family AND Criminal Minds are on at the same time. With my awesome DVR you can only record one and you have to watch that one. What's the point!? Maybe I should give up Criminal Minds thought. Have you guys seen it? My God it's messed up. It literally has made me so leery of other people. I thought I lost my drivers license the other day and for a second I was seriously worried that someone was going to find it at Millers and come murder me is some insane serial killer way. The next second, I found it buried in my purse. Still..lesson learned. Take a break from Criminal Minds. 

haaha..see I think I'll give up Raising Hope and then it ends like that. Epic.

Anyways, there is no way I'm giving up Modern Family!

Ok wait. Side note. Thane has been home for an hour now. Hasn't noticed my hair cut. It's not like I just trimmed it...I cut off like an inch or 2 and put a lot of layers in it. Ok wait. I'm going to go in the hall and just stare at him. Be right back. Ugg. I forgot. Ok I can't type what just happened.haha. Bottom line. He didn't notice. 

Back to the shows. On Thursday there is Bones, but that seems to be it. Why can't they move Criminal Minds to Thursday!? Oh and on Wednesday, there is a new show called "I hate my teenage daughter" or something like that. That just sounds like good tv!

Ok. Time to relax. Day 2 of working out!! Yaaa me :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Antwone Calling Ms Pam!!!

hey hey hey!!! Look at me! Two days in a row! I'm BACK! far at least. 

I just started the 365 day Photo Challenge again. I had to stop after day 19 last time because I realized how boring my life was. Like today, I put up a picture of a tooth sticker. Really Pam? That is your life? BUT that tooth sticker meant that I worked out today, and I am super proud of that. I actually looked forward to working out. I'm not sure if it is because I wanted to get on that treadmill and just rock out ooorrr if I just needed a break from work. Either way, it got me in the gym! So I guess it's not that bad of a picture..right?

I debated between the tooth picture and this one...

this was our craft today at work: Cell Phone Photo Frames. It was pretty funny because I'm trying to explain to them where the buttons go and I just sighed and was like "ok..its a Blackberry." I heard some OHHHHs!!!!! I have never seen my kids SO into a stupid craft. They all had it done within like 10 minutes and then proceed to call people. I heard "ANTWONE CALLING MS PAM. ANTWONE CALLING MS PAM!!!!!!!! ANTWONE CALLING MS PAM." Now I'm laughing...I was not laughing at that point (only because he was literally yelling it and his table was so loud, but whatever.) I had kids "playing" Angry Birds and other kids playing some other random games. Someone tried to text me. I love it. I had kids walking around the room talking on their phone. I'm surprised they didn't run into each other they were so absorbed. 

I've started to really plan Staci's baby shower. Man I wish I had more money..and a bigger house. We are going to be kinda crammed in our little house..but I have plan. Let's hope its ok :)

That is all for tonight. See you all tomorrow!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

6 Weeks til Halloween!!!

Ahhhhhh lazy Sundays. how I love you. Let me count the ways...
1. I can sleep til 11.
2. I can spend all day going between cleaning, doing laundry, and taking naps.
3. There is always some sort of a tv marathon on. (Today was Storage Wars. Sweet life.)
4. well that is kinda it I guess....

So I'm going to start blogging again. For real this time. I have no excuse not to anymore...I don't have much going on until October hits.

I have decided that Thane and I are going to start bidding on storage lockers. What a great idea. You go buy someone else's shit and then turn it for a profit! HA! Smart people. I think if we were to buy a storage locker in Mount Horeb, I'm sure it would be full of small gnomes and little trolls. So maybe we would have to travel a bit, but oh well!! Let's do it Thane!!

Speaking of travel...we are going to Arizona!!!! We are taking a vacation in November with some fantastic friends. I am beyond excited. 4 whole days off of work?!!? Yes please. I am even more excited because this is our second trip in our marriage and here I was worried we would never go anywhere! First Vegas, now Phoenix, next is Ireland!! haha..probably not but whatever. 

I decorated today for Halloween and decided that I need a lot more decorations! I'm going to try to hit up St Vinneys and Savers this week to see what they have out. I may check n see if they have their ugly sweaters out yet too ;) Tis the Season!! 

I am too lazy to write anymore. I'll be back tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Whats That?! Can it Be?!

a blog from Pam?!?! WHAT?! It has been forever!!! I am so sorry my loyal followers! All 3 of you!! I'm back! For today at least.

I had so many thoughts on the way home today and I kept thinking "Oh, I should change my status to that!" After the 10th time of that thought I decided maaaaybe I should blog tonight.

I have so much going on in my head right now I am not quite sure how I am sleeping at night, except that maybe pure exhaustion helps. For the life of me..I can't think about any of those 10 things I wanted to upgrade my status to now..ugg.

I did have a fantastic shopping experiene today though. I was really tired after work so I decided against doing my errands. I was just going to come home and veg, until I talked to Thane. Turns out he wasn't going to be home til 8, so whatver...I'll go shop!!

I go to the Hospice Thrift Store to look for books for my classroom and I find a Hootie CD for 1.99!! Background: Everytime I am at my moms and I close my bedroom door I see the cd rack behind it..the very CD rack that holds a Hootie case and an Alanis Morissette case- both that are empty. It drives me nuts! They are such good CDs!! So needless to say..I saw Hootie and I got pretty pumped. It isn't even scratched!!

Next stop: Old Navy to return some pants and a coat that are too big :) So I return them and the guys all like "Oh! Good thing you're here. We give an extra 10% on Tuesdays!" I NEVER shop on a Tuesday. Cha-ching! I end up getting a way better coat and 2 pairs of pants for work.

Next stop: Target: I literally needed 3 things. Well, I needed 1 thing and then I found 2 more that were just perfect. So anyways...grab a Mt Dew bc I am falling asleep on my feet and I look at the lines. Literally 6 checkouts open, all with at least 4 people in them. FML. I am about to go search for the shortest line with his man appears out of no where (or the stationary aisle..who knows) and goes "I can take who is next here!" He is in MY aisle where I JUST got a Mt Dew!! BOOM!!!!

So lesson learned today? Fate has a way of making things even. My day may have been super hectic and way stressful...but at least it gave me a great shopping trip!

So anyways..I have been crazy busy. So many things going on. Erika's wedding is this weekend!!!! WOOO!! Finally!! I am so pumped...I can't wait til Thursday night when it all begins. Is it normal to be pumped for a rehearsal dinner? I don't know..but I am!

I am going on a vacation! Auntie TT's parents have a house in AZ and we are headed there in November. I need a vacation in the worst way. Not just a day off of work. A full-blown, out of state out of mind, vacation. I am beyond excited for it. Besides the fact that I am leaving...I'm going with some fantastic people!!

Ok...gunna go eat and have some Ms Pam time.

Peace out Peeps.