Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Kid...

never stops amazing me. 

It was the Frolic this weekend and we hit up the carnival with him for the first time. 

My goal: win a goldfish. 

We went to the goldfish game very last just in case we actually won a fish. We bought a whole pitcher full of pong balls to try to reach this goal. (side note...I am sad to inform everyone that the Fish Game is where the Frolic has apparently retired the beer pitchers. Very, very sad.)

Parker and I threw pong balls like champs but everyone single one bounced a bit...and then fell in between. Once, P threw it across the table, it bounced off a few bowls, and smoked a girl in the belly. Luckily she also thought it was hilarious..cause I was laughing. 

He had one ball left, took aim..and nailed it! We are now proud owners of a strapping young goldfish named Fish.

I wanted him to try some rides but once we actually saw them I got nervous for him. What if he got on and just freaked out because he was by himself?

We tried a super easy one first, spinning berries, and Thane was able to go with him. Minor freak out to start but once the ride started...he was ok. He was a little unsure of it, but he didn't hate it. 

Right next to that ride was an airplane ride that I thought he might like...until I saw that it went up high and spun around. Ya....then we were unsure. P saw them in the air and it was game over. He wanted on. 

Thane went to buy tickets and I asked him one more time if he wanted to try it. "Yes mommy." Then what one did he want to fly in? "Blue one!" Thane came back, P gave the guy his tickets, and he happily hopped in an airplane. 

He looked a little nervous when Thane walked away but as soon as the ride started he was pumped. 

Of course as soon as the ride broke. Which was part of my fear.

My fear: Parker will be on the ride, that is God knows how old, when all of a sudden it is in the air and the plane flies off and P and the plane go flying. 

Reality: The planes went around once, the guy tried to make them go up and the hydraulics gave out and only half of them went in the air. 

Whatever. Technically my fear still came true...the ride broke. 

We came back later when it was fixed and P looooved it. He got off and he was all like "I did it!!!!!"

The same with a car ride that I knew he would be stoked about, but then I saw how fast it was going and how bumpy it was and I was nervous he would spaz out. He saw it going and he did spaz out...because he had to ride it. 

We put him in a sweet car and he was in heaven. 

It's so hard to override that over protective mom gene I apparently have..and that rubs off on Thane. I'm so glad we did though. P had a blast at his first carnival. 

He was pretty interested in a flying carpet ride, that goes really fast and high and is for big kids...ya we drew the line there.