Thursday, July 24, 2014

Adult Panties---Part 2

All our options in town and in Barneveld in our budget are gone. Creepy. or too small. or no closets. or squatters live in the basement. or it will forever smell like weed.

Time to expand our search to Black Earth.

We found 2 or 3 in Black Earth that we were really interested in. Asked Beth to set up a showing...and yup.
"accepted offer" "closing this week."


There was 1 I kept going to on accident and every time I opened it I would get annoyed. I think on one website I even hid it from my search. The kitchen was horrible, straight from the 70s with bad tile. The walls in the living room were stripes. I didn't know if it was paint or wallpaper, but either way it looked like a lot of work to fix. No thank you. 

I showed Thane a few choices in New Glarus and the bad kitchen one and he shrugged and say, "Mehh..may as well go see them!" Just so happens the bad kitchen had an open house on Sunday and so did a good one in New Glarus.

Even better, we had to go get Parker from Spring Green, so we could swing into the Open House in Black Earth on the way back, and then hit up New Glarus after. 

I didn't expect a lot. House Hunting is so hard. You are spending a LOT of money of it...and you have to put all your crap in it for years! It could be the perfect house and then boom....something little pops up that totally sucks. Its a big deal people, and so far our price range has blown.

So we walk in to the stripes/bad kitchen house....and I'm blown away.

The dining room is amazing. The woodwork is beautiful. The kitchen looks WAY better in person than it does online. The stripes in the living room are just paint, not wallpaper like I was dreading. The staircase? My god....beautiful. already has a Pinterest coat area. You know..the lockers? Ya, it kind of has that but an old school version.

Another bonus? It has a shed out back from the 1800s...that isn't gross. At the open house Thane said it could be my scrapbook shed to quote "get all my crap out of the house." Done. I'll take it!

The backyard is all fenced in. Perfect for a toddler and a teenage dog.

It's a block away from a great friend...and Parker's cousin. ;)

It literally is our perfect home.

4 bedrooms. We could be there a while. Not that we are going to fill all these rooms. Cause we aren't.

We wanted it. 

Now talk about a stressful, anxiety ridden, ulcer inducing ride. He told us that we were the 3rd group through. One other group was looking for a ranch, but he didn't say anything about the other group. What if they wanted it? What if they got to it first?!?? We HAD to place an offer...stat!!

We put in an offer and over the course of the busiest and best weekend of the summer we managed to get an accepted offer!!!

I will be a lot happier on Wednesday after inspection. I'll be able to breathe. Its a really old house, who knows what could be wrong with it. Good thing I already have every aspect of this house planned out. I am not going to be very happy if things don't go well.

Yesterday during my daily nap at work (don't judge....I'm not used to being up this much with P at night.) I dreamed that I was awake planing out the paint in the house. That's when you know your obsessed. 

Going to that Open House was fate. I don't know what finally made me show it to Thane, but I did...2 days before their open house. If he had said, "pass" we never would have gone. Good work babe. 

So that's cross your fingers that Wednesday goes well!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Adult Panties

I have figured out there are a few times in life when putting on the "big girl panties" isn't enough. Some things require the "adult panties."

Is the saying "big girl panties" real? or did I just make that up? I'm real sleep deprived right now. P has Hand, Foot, and Mouth...and is miserable at night. I got a karate chop to the throat last night....with a foot. So ya...we haven't been sleeping well here. 

Anyways, some of those times in life....well so far I think I've only had 2. 
1. First night home from the hospital with a new baby. Scratch that...first day home alone with a new baby. 
2. Buying a house. 

We are currently tackling number 2. 

As you may know, we sold our house in June. I believe closing was almost exactly a week from it being on the market for a year. Lucky for our Realtor. So now, we live in my in-laws basement.

Luckily for me, I have the best in-laws you could as for. 

So our plan....well our plan. You know what they say about plans. One day Thane and I were talking and we both decided our plan wasn't going to work. Too much time, too many unknowns, too much money. All things we don't have or don't like...or both. 

We decided we should look into buying a house. So that Saturday I text my friend Beth and said "Hey, I have a list of houses I want to see...can you make that happen?" and on Wednesday she did. 

You know what is annoying about house hunting online? When you really like a house and then hear there is already an accepted offer in on it. Why don't they post online!? I get that a sale isn't final until closing day..but come on. Way to get my hopes up, like 8 times, and then stomp on them. 

There were two houses I really liked, one here in town and Barneveld. Wednesday night were the houses in town. Both were old, both were in our budget,. one for sure had promise....and then you walked in. Sigh. 

The first one, was charming. It had a great living room, master bedroom, and kitchen. But, I wasn't quite ready to look past the cement closets that you couldn't really get your arm in. Or the "third bedroom" which was part of the attic and had been thrown together, clearly staged. When we walked up the steep stair, the sweltering heat hit you and you couldn't breath....and it wasn't even that hot out! This house also had a creepy basement. Like so creepy I thought someone was still living in it and using the carpeted dry bar and were going to jump out at us at any moment...and eat our faces. 

Crossed it off the list. No go. I didn't want to have to kick out the squater in the basement, or worry about my face. 

Next house. There was a shower in the closet. A shower. In the closet. In a bedroom. 


We set up times for Saturday to look at houses in Barneveld. There was one house there that I was in love with. Just in love. If you had to buy houses without going to see them, I would have bought this one.

Well, thank god they don't make you do that. How dumb would that be?

So my dream house, let's check off all the things I've always wanted that this house had...

  • colored front door...check.
  • cute swing on the front porch that would have been written in the offer...check
  • cute little alcove closet...check
  • dining room with super cool window seat windows...check (I was in love.)
  • kitchen with under cabinet lights, an island, and a backsplash...check.
  • huge deck....oh the deck....check, check, check
  • surround sound speakers on said deck...check!!
Then we got upstairs. Our closet was too small for both of us so we would have to build one, one bedroom didn't' have a closet...and the bathroom was the size of a closet. 

Then we go back downstairs and look around, this time without the rose colored glasses and I realize something. We are a growing family, (NO..not yet), where the hell were the toys going to go??? No room. At all. Anywhere. #heartbroken We left trying to think of ways to make the house work, but in reality...if you have to think that hard its not the right fit for your family. 

Next house.....was super scary. The kitchen cabinets had no doors. The spiral staircase to the basement, yes..spiral staircase, barely had a railing. and the porch smelled like weed. The house after, which was diagonal from the scary house, had a garage that neither of our cars could fit in and the neighborhood was sketch. When you have to turn and ask your husband if he locked the car, maybe you shouldn't live there. 

The last house, I walked in and gasped. 

It was beautiful and old. Such character. There was a room off the dining room that would make the perfect playroom. This was promising. We walked into the kitchen and I loved it. My dream of having a beautiful house was coming true...until Thane says..."So you will enjoy doing laundry in the kitchen?" Ugh...what?!?! Yup, laundry hookup in the kitchen. Problem solver that I am, we could get front loads and put a counter top on top! Nope...they had to be stacked on top of each other. In the kitchen. 

This house also boasted 3 room being my playroom. and the rooms upstairs...well they sucked. 

House hunting is SO stressful. Although, I did learn something. I don't like newer houses. While they are beautiful, I like older places with character. Dark wood trim, beautiful wood staircase..stuff like that. Luckily, Thane feels the same way :)

None of these houses had everything. 

Let the search part 2.