Saturday, January 19, 2013

Here He Comes! Ready or Not! Part I

So here we go. Parker's birth story. It's not gross...I promise. part might be?

So all along my mom has been telling me that I will probably get this "burst of energy" right before he is about to come. Some people may think my huge 5 day cleaning spree was it..but I don't feel like that was even close to when he came...sooo I'm not counting it.

Thursday I came home from work. Exhausted. Beyond exhausted. Art days kicked my ass the last month and it was no different that day. I came home and did my best not to nap on the couch.

Thane went to guys night and I snuggled in bed with Bernie trying to make it til 9. As I laid there I thought to myself, "huh...I should really pack that hospital bag. It will take like 10 minutes and then I have done something productive tonight!" I got so far as to uncover myself..buuut then I thought, "Mehh, I'll do it this weekend." and snuggled back into bed.

Thane came home from guy's night and I was finally able to go to sleep.

I woke up at 3:30 and had to pee and was crampy. I tried to ignore that I had to pee, because usually I could. I had only gotten up a handful of times during my pregnancy to go to the bathroom in the night..but this time I couldn't.

So pee.....and go back to bed.

This is where it may get gross? I dunno...

4:30 I wake up and I'm wet. I was super annoyed and got up to go to the bathroom and as I walked...more liquid came out down my leg. My first thought?

I'm 28 years old and I'm literally peeing my pants as I walk to the bathroom...and I'm sober. Wtf?

I literally get to the bathroom and boom.....I pee everywhere. Except, zero on that bodily fluid. I looked at the floor and it looked like I had just spilled water everywhere.

Not good.

I instantly thought I was just leaking fluid, like they ask you EVERY time you have an appointment, so I didn't panic. I sat down on the toilet and just waited for it to stop..aaannnnd it didn't.

I yelled for Thane. Like 3 times, until I get a "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?" to which I responded..."get up..I think my water broke? or something? I have no idea...something is happening."

He got out of bed and came to the door. I didn't even care that I was sitting on the toilet. Something he has NEVER seen me do, because let's be real. You love someone...but you don't want to see them sitting on the toilet.

He asked if he should call in..and then got on the phone.

The nurse wanted to talk to me, so I took the phone and told him to go get a suitcase. I should have packed that damn bag.

The nurse was telling me that she thinks my water broke, and to do prelabor at home. Then I informed her that we had just found out he was breech. She goes, "Ohh...ya well that changes things. Um, so don't break any traffic rules or regulations..buuuut you need to get in here asap."

Done. Enough said.

We threw our bag together, and only forgot about 10 things...took Bernie out...and left.

Did I mention I had yet to feel one contraction? Ya...none.

Ok..this is long. I'll finish in another post. :)

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