Friday, October 30, 2015

Sympathy Pregnancy


I have heard about them and always wondered if they were possible. Thane didn't have one with Parker, but this time....who knows?

The other day we were talking about his work and he randomly mentions how hungry he has been. "Ya, I eat my breakfast and then I'm starving around like 930. I barely make it to lunch and then around 2:30 I need to eat again...and then by time I get home I'm SO hungry."

Sounds an awful lot like my life right exactly. So I teased him about having a sympathy pregnancy, when in reality it is probably because he climbs 8 flights of stairs like 70 times a day right now.

Then I gave into my jelly bean craving and bought two bags. I open them, have a few and put them away. A few minutes later Thane wanders into the kitchen and takes the bag with him back to the living room...and proceeds to eat like half of it. 

I just stood tehre with my mouth open watching him devour my pregnancy craving and being pissed because now when I "needed" them at 1:30 in the morning..they would all be in his damn belly. He finally looks at me and stops mid-hand shovel, "What?"

"Well, I didn't realize I was needing to feed your craving for jelly beans as well..."

He just shrugged and said, "Ya; either!"

To top it off, we had a Pi Day bridal shower so I was able to come home with some pie. Some amazing pie. 4 slices of it. 

I eat one...and it was delicious. I forgot to mention to Thane that if he ate the rest I would hurt him. 

So a few nights ago I am sitting in bed at 10:30 watching TV when suddenly I'm all like, "I NEED toast. Right now." I crawl out of bed and walk to the kitchen, and what do I find?

My husband. Bent over our kitchen table. Reading the paper, shoveling my pie in his pie hole, with the fridge door WIDE open. 

I just stopped and stared. Once again...mid face shovel, "What?" 

"Well why the F is the fridge door open?!!? and is that my pie!?" I look closer and there is 1.5 pieces left. 

He closes the door and goes "Um..I thought it was our pie?"

I looked at it, "How many pieces have you had??"

He grins..."This is my second?"

"And you would have eaten that 3rd if I hadn't just come out...don't you touch that 3rd piece."

"Well...I mean I wouldn't have eaten it tonight....but ya. I would have had it for breakfast."

UGH! I find it very interesting that at the exact moment I had a craving...he was already filling his. 

For the record. I ate my pie the next 2am. 

Stop judging. 

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