Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Nights are Long...

The other night was night 2 of Thane staying up for a final feeding while I go to bed around 10. This way I get a few solid hours of sleep, and he helps out but gets to sleep through the rest of the night because he has to work. 

Well...its the idea that I'd get to sleep a solid few hours. 

Of course at this point, we were on night 2 of the awesomeness known as cluster feeding. 

I crawled into bed, exhausted while Thane stayed up with J watching TV.

I woke up to J screaming during a diaper change...and ya know, stayed in bed for a while. Thane could handle it. 

I woke up again to him crying and I checked the time. 


I realized Thane needed to be up in 5 hours to go to work. I needed to get my ass out of bed and take his spot. 

He was finishing up feeding Jensen so I just sat with him. I was going to let him burp him..and most likely get puked on. It was too early in my night to have that happen.

He sighed, looked at me and said "He can smell fear."

I shook my head. "No babe, that was Parker. Jensen can smell sleep. The second you lay down, get comfy, and close your eyes he wakes you back up." 

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