Friday, October 30, 2015

Hungry Hungry Hippo


When does the extra hunger kick in?

I am hungry...but I think the amount and how often I'm hungry is all in my head. There is no reason a baby as big as a poppyseed wants an egg, a bagel and then is still thinking about what is for lunch.

No, I think that is all in my head.

I should probably be careful because I'd like to actually show with this baby. I hate that awkward "Is she fat? or pregnant?" stage. I have a fear that may be my whole pregnancy.

I forgot that I stutter big time while pregnant.

Being tired is already a trigger of my stuttering, so as you can imagine it is pretty prevalent during pregnancy.

I had to give a tour today and it took everything in me to spit out every word...and stand up straight. No more coffee is slowly taking at tole on me.

Obviously its for a fantastic reason, but man. A stutter and no coffee? Ugh. But I guess it is better than getting sick every morning for 5 months.

Naps are quickly becoming my favorite thing in the world again. Today I had to stay late at work and instead of going to do my errands before I got P...I took a nap in the back. If it was warmer I would just go sleep in my car like I did when I was pregnant before...but no way today. It was bitter cold out!

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