Friday, October 30, 2015

1st Trimester Screening


We opted out out of this for Parker because it didn't matter. No matter what happened during that test it wouldn't change our minds. So what was the point?

This time we decided to do the screening.

Honestly, I really just wanted the ultrasound because our first 2 really sucked. We also thought it might be a good idea to just have a heads up in case anything were wrong with B Sutts II.

We did decide that we wouldn't take it past the ultrasound. If anything abnormal showed up we would deal with it and see what happens. At least we would know beforehand and not find out at birth.

Today was said test. Thane couldn't come with me because he had already gone into work late this week and he was going to try to be at P's program, so I went alone.

Bad idea.

Woke up this morning and rushed around getting ready. I had to be downtown by 8:00. Great time to try to get downtown. Dummy.

I go out to my car and notice that P's car seat isn't put back in my car. The car seat that I have *never* put in. I grumble and walk over to Thane's truck to put my stuff in when I realize I'm about to take his gigantic truck downtown Madison. No. Dumb idea.

So now I'm pissed. Beyond pissed. I have 4 minutes to figure out how to put a car seat in that I have never put in before. Great. Just great.

I call Thane and surprisingly hold back from swearing....and I manage to get the car seat in.

We head into work and of course I get stuck behind every slow person in the world. In. The.World.

Get to school and I try to rush Parker in. Ya.....that was smart. I pretty much had to leave him at the front door while I punched him in for the day. Then I had to go back and drag him away from the door because he was silently protesting walking into school. He is getting really good at that.

I rush him into his room, rush him to wash his hands, but I don't rush my goodbye. I never rush that. I hate saying goodbye to him in the morning. I gave him a million kisses and a pep talk for his concert, set him by his BFF and left.

I pull in the garage at 8:02...I was supposed to be there at 8 to check in. I am starving. So starving I'm drooling over the thought of a banana.

I walk in, stressed out about the time, and am hit with the most amazing coffee smell EVER. I miss coffee. So much.

I walk to the front desk...and then turn around. I need some food or I may pass out at this 2 hour appointment. I stand in line to by a yogurt parfait and when it is my turn she takes my card...and the guy who was in front of me broke the coffee pot handle.....

Seriously? I have 3 minutes to make it to my appointment and now everyone's attention is on the fricking coffee pot. "How could this happen!?" "Oh my gosh! How do we fix it!?" "I'm so's been a morning!"

Come on..can I have my card back? I really need to go....

I finally get my card and walk to the elevator while reading my directions...its not feeling right. I turn around to the front desk. They ask me if I have which I reply, "No...I'm a wreck right now."

Apparently, I was registered and I almost got on an elevator to the wrong place. Sweet life Pam.

After I did my paperwork I was left to my thoughts...and I got nervous. What if the tests showed something? I wished Thane had come. This was a lot to deal with on my own.

The genetic counselor came to get me and she was amazing. Sweetest person ever and put me at ease right away.

We went back to her office to talk things over and get some information on our family. I was fine up until the point where she gave me some paperwork on the illnesses they could find and we started to talk about it.

Obviously I knew what they were looking for, but when you actually hear a medical person tell you that they could find life threatening issues with your's a whole new ballgame.

I held back my tears as long as I could. It wasn't that long.

After that emotional meeting, I got to sit on a hard bench and wait to see my baby. This was the point where I really really wish Thane was with me.

The ultra sound tech came and got me and we headed back. She had the driest personality I have ever had the pleasure of taking too for about an hour too long.

So began the most uncomfortable and emotional ultrasound I have ever had.

First of all, she had to push so hard to get the type of pictures that she needed for her measurements. It really took away from the experience and the joy of seeing my child. When you have to breath through her rolling over your belly. Ugh.

When she got to the part where she measured the thickness of our babies neck to see the chances of our baby having down syndrome were, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. I think it is if it measures over 4cm, the chances are higher for down syndrome. So I held my breath with each measurement she took..and tried to keep it together.

At one point, the baby wasn't cooperating and I had to get up and walk around. Hey..anything to prolong this wonderful experience.

Thankfully, in the end, every image showed that he was ok. No awful life threatening disease and from what she could tell no down syndrome.

If we decide to have a 3rd...we will *not* be doing this test.

Although, when I was telling another ultra sound tech that I wouldn't do this test again she did make a good point. "Wouldn't you want to know if your child wasn't going to make it very long after they were born? Wouldn't it change the way you parent for that short time?"

She told me that some of the diseases they can catch during that screening, they wouldn't catch right away when the baby was born without the screening. So, when you put it that way..maybe we would do the screening again...

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