Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I'm the Only One Who Napped Today...

 I am exhausted. 

I had this great plan to get up at like 630, shower, drink a cup of coffee and get dinner started. Nope.

I was up from like 3 to 5 last night thinking about the job I no longer had to get up to go to on Monday morning. Stressing about if I put in all of the after school schedules I got before I left. Then about the 5 files I didn't put away that I didn't get back until Friday morning. (Let's be real. That one annoyed me..so I'm not that upset about it.)

I finally fell asleep and my alarm was going off. I hit snooze like 8 times like I did for the last 10 years...I kept telling myself all we *really* had to do was eat a quick breakfast of waffles and head out the door to 4K camp! 

Jokes on me. 

Breakfast is not a quick thing for my babies I guess. The boys spent the entire time laughing and making noises to make each other laugh. Lesson learned. Get up earlier and enjoy their giggles. Don't push it on the first day of 4K camp. The first day of school...we will probably get up at 5 just so we can enjoy our morning and get to school on time. 

I pulled into Parker's new school, the town library, and my heart sank. There was *ONE* other car there...4 minutes before the session started. 

I have been known to mess things up. 

Arrive at the zoo, a huge jaunt from our house, 30 minutes before they close. Plan a family trip to the pumpkin patch..on a day they were closed. So it would be right up my alley to mess up where the 4K camp that we had hyped up so much was located. and of course I couldn't find my folder will all the info. 

Long story short....if I had just driven past the door I would have seen the sign that said "Go to the back door dummy"

We walked into the classroom and are greeted by a screaming child and a teaching giving him the biggest hug ever. P's new teacher smiled and greeted us while patting this friend's back and her eyes darted to her assistant to instruct her to go sooth another child who was having a moment. I knew she was a pro before this..but this encounter put me at ease. Parker was in excellent hands. I could breathe easier leaving him. 

P was such a big kid. I could tell he was nervous, but he was doing his best to not show. The second he found the trucks..game over. He ran over, searched and found a monster truck, and came running back to show me. I sensed this was a moment that would either make or break his morning so I quickly knelt down to catch the names of the two little boys playing with the train tracks. One happened to have played tball with P this summer so that was a bonus. I urged him to play with them, grabbed Jensen (who was pissed that I took him away from a concrete mixer and began screaming), told P I loved him and bolted.

I got in my car with a mixed sense of pride and sadness..and then I cried. 

This was the first time I have left him in the care of someone I don't know. I have had that luxury to know every person that has P has spent his day with since he was born. Now I get what other parents go through every fall. It's scary!! Oiy. 

Jensen and I headed home and began our day. We read about 15 books and then it was chore time. 

Yup. He just knows what needs to be done. He read my mind...our pantry door has needed a good scrub down for some time now. 

Then we busted out the sensory table Thane made. 

The bottom end is missing so the table is a little lopsided. Before Thane made it, Jensen walked around with the huge pvc pipes acting like he was a Ninja. It was pretty cute so I let it happen. If I had known the couplings fell off that easy..I would have actually made him stop. It's lost somewhere in the abyss that is our playroom. Let's not tell Thane I could have stopped that one. Whoops. 

We got cleaned up in time to go pick up Parker. I was anxious to see how his first day went. 

I don't think I will ever forget the look on his face when he made it out the door in their little line and he saw me and Jensen. He had the *biggest* grin. He came running up to me and J so excited to show us the frog he made. My heart melted.

I am SO thankful I got to have that moment. 

We had to hurry through lunch and get our naps started because we were going to meet Molly at the pool at 2. You know what happens when you try to rush nap time?

No one naps. 

I decided to lay down on the couch and 15 minutes later I open one eye and see Parker sneaking into the living room. He came over to me and whispered, "Um  mommy...I think my body is re-energized now. I don't need to nap anymore."

Then I heard Jensen crying in his room. Seriously? 

Pretty sure I was the only one who got any sort of a nap. Which is probably a good thing I guess. 

So we headed to the pool and had a great afternoon! 

The other moment I won't forget about that happened  today...watching Parker make a new friend at the pool. 

I haven't had the chance to just sit back and watch my baby be social. It was awesome. Hearing him yell "Dude!!! DUDE!! This is awesome! Look at the dam now!!" He kept using words like "SO awesome!!! and DUDE!!!" He's growing up :( 

Anyways, this is super long. First day on the new job was a success. 

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